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Higher Secondary Textbook - Indian history

Higher Secondary Textbook - Indian history

This book has been prepared by The Directorate of School Education on behalf of the Government of Tamilnadu.

Chapter 1. India - Geographical Features and their Impact on History

Chapter 2. Pre-Historic India and the Harappan Culture

Chapter 3. The Vedic Culture

Chapter 4. Jainism and Buddhism

Chapter 5. The Rise of Magadha and Alexander's Invasion

Chapter 6. The Mauryan Empire

Chapter 7. Post - Mauryan India

Chapter 8. Sangam Age

Chapter 9. Gupta Empire

Chapter 10. Harshavardhana (606-647 A.D.)

Chapter 11. South Indian Kingdoms - I. Pallavas

Chapter 12. South Indian Kingdoms - II. Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas

Chapter 13. Imperial Cholas

Chapter 14. The Spread of lndian Culture in other Asian Countries

Chapter 15. Early Medieval India

Chapter 16. Delhi Sultanate

Chapter 17. India under the Delhi Sultanate

Chapter 18. Bhakti Movement in Medieval India

Chapter 19. Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms

Chapter 20. The Mughal Empire

Chapter 21. India under the Mughals

Chapter 22. The Marathas

Chapter 23. The Coming of Europeans

Time Line - From: 1500 A.D. to 1700 A.D.

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