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Venice: Pure City

Venice: Pure City

Everything is here: the merchants on the Rialto and the Jews in the ghetto; the mosaics of St Mark's and the glass blowers of Murano; the carnival masks and the sad colonies of lepers; the doges and the destitute and the artists with their passion for colour and form - Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto, Tiepolo. There are wars and sieges, scandals and seductions, fountains playing in deserted squares and crowds thronging the markets.And there is a dark undertone too, of shadowy corners and dead ends, prisons and punishment.

I - City from the Sea

Chapter 1: Origins

Chapter 2: Water, Water Everywhere

Chapter 3: Mirror, Mirror

II - The City of Saint Mark

Chapter 4: The Saint Comes

Chapter 5: Refuge

Chapter 6: Against Nature

Chapter 7: Stones of Venice

III - Ship of State

Chapter 8: “Let it be everlasting”

Chapter 9: The Chosen People

Chapter 10: The Prison House

Chapter 11: Secrets

Chapter 12: Chronicles

IV - Republic of Commerce

Chapter 13: The Merchants of Venice

Chapter 14: The Endless Drama

Chapter 15: Wheels within Wheels

V - Empire of Trade

Chapter 16: The Lion City

Chapter 17: Cities in Collision

Chapter 18: A Call to Arms

VI - Timeless City

Chapter 19: Bells and Gondolas

Chapter 20: Iustitia

Chapter 21: Against the Turks

VII - The Living City

Chapter 22: The Body and the Building

Chapter 23: Learning and Language

Chapter 24: Colour and Light

Chapter 25: Pilgrims and Tourists

VIII - The Art of Life

Chapter 26: Hurrah for Carnival

Chapter 27: A Divine Art

Chapter 28: The Eternal Feminine

Chapter 29: What to Eat?

IX - Sacred City

Chapter 30: Divine and Infernal

Chapter 31: Of Belief

X - The Shadows of History

Chapter 32: Decline and Fall?

Chapter 33: Death in Venice

XI - City of Myth

Chapter 34: The Map Unrolls

Chapter 35: The Huddled Family

Chapter 36: Moon and Night

Chapter 37: While the Music Lasts

A Venetian Chronology


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