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The Super Summary of World History Revised

The Super Summary of World History Revised

The Super Summary of World History is a very compact history of the world emphasizing western culture and political processes. The Super Summary is for the thinking person. This new history raises exciting questions and puts events into new perspectives to stimulate real thinking about history rather than accepting that the past as set in stone. History isn’t just names and dates, but a range of decisions and actions that often turn on the smallest circumstance. The Super Summary analyzes a few events in depth but most are put into their historical framework so the reader discern where and how all of this action escorts us to the present day. If history seems dull, pick up The Super Summary to discover that Western History is alive with controversy and consequence.

Time Line of World History


Chapter 1: Prehistory 150,000 BC to 3,500 BC (approximate)

Chapter 2: Ancient History 8000 BC to AD 455

Chapter 3: The Dark Ages 455 to 1400

Chapter 4: The Renaissance 1300 to 1500

Chapter 5: The Age of Discovery 1463 to 1522

Chapter 6: The EAST

Chapter 7: Africa

Chapter 8: The Middle East and the Fall of Byzantium (The Eastern Roman Empire) 500 to 1453

Chapter 9: The New World and the Rise of America

Chapter 10: Europe from the Renaissance to 1900

Chapter 11: America and the Americas

Chapter 12: 1900: The Dividing Line to the Modern World

Chapter 13: The First World War 1914 to 1918

Chapter 14: The Interwar Years 1919 to 1939

Chapter 15: World War II 1939 to 1945

Chapter 16: The Cold War 1945 to 1989

Chapter 17: The Korean War

Chapter 18: The Vietnam War

Chapter 19: The Postmodern World . . . or Not?

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