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The Great Turning Points of British History: The 20 Events That Made the Nation

The Great Turning Points of British History: The 20 Events That Made the Nation

Twenty of the most crucial moments in Britain's history. BBC History Magazine asked a selection of leading historians to choose and describe the twenty most important turning points in British history from AD 1000 to 2000. Collected together, their choices present a new way of looking at our nation's story. From the Danish invasion of Britain in 1016, to the Suez crisis in 1956, the key moments include victories (or defeats) both at home and abroad, plague, reform and even revolutions that have reshaped the British way of life. Each contribution brings the past to life, offering new perspectives and food for debate: did the Battle of Agincourt change England's role in Europe? What was the impact of American independence on Britain? Was 1916 more important than 1939? Thought-provoking and inspiring accounts.



1016: The Danish Conquest of England

1066: William and the Normans arrive

1141: Stephen and Matilda fight a civil war

1171: Henry II invades Ireland

1215: Magna Carta is forced on John

1295: Edward I goes on the warpath

1348: The Black Death hits Britain

1381: Peasants rise in revolt

1415: Henry V takes the field at Agincourt

1483: Richard III snatches the crown

1534: Henry VIII tries to take control of Britain

1588: The Armada is repelled

1638: Scots revolt against Charles I

1662: Charles II pays a heavy price for his Restoration

1745: The Jacobites rebel

1776: America declares independence from the motherland

1832: The Reform Bill is passed

1851: The Great Exhibition transforms Britain

1916: The Somme, and Lloyd George founds his coalition

1956: Suez signals the dying days of empire

AFTERWORD: Evolution of the nation