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The Greek and Latin Roots of English

The Greek and Latin Roots of English

The fourth edition of The Greek and Latin Roots of English approaches the study of Latin and Greek thematically: vocabulary is organized into various topics, including politics and government, psychology, medicine and the biological sciences, literature, ancient culture, and religion and philosophy. Each chapter of the text concludes with expanded notes, vocabulary, and exercises to help students learn the pleasures (and pitfalls) of language study.

Chapter 1. A Polyglot Stew (Or Food for Thought)

Chapter 2. Language and History

Chapter 3. How Latin Works

Chapter 4. Latin into English

Chapter 5. How Greek Works

Chapter 6. Greek into English

Chapter 7. Latin and Greek Prefixes

Chapter 8. Latin and Greek Numbers

Chapter 9. Government and Politics

Chapter 10. Psychology

Chapter 11. The Social Sciences

Chapter 12. Human Biology and Medicine I

Chapter 13. Human Biology and Medicine II

Chapter 14. Science and Mathematics

Chapter 15. It's an Academic Question

Chapter 16. The Classical Influence

Chapter 17. Myth, Religion, and Philosophy

Chapter 18. Lingua Latina Etiam Vivit! (The Latin Language Still Lives!)

Greek Vocabulary

Latin Vocabulary