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The Authentic Gospel of Jesus

The Authentic Gospel of Jesus

Who was the real Jesus? What was the original message of the charismatic Jewish healer and moralist who changed the world?

Part One

Chapter I. The State of Biblical Studies before Qumran

Chapter II. Epoch-making Discoveries and Early Blunders

Chapter III. The École Biblique, Seedbed of Future Troubles

Chapter IV. Somnolence – Politics – Scandal

Chapter V. The Battle over the Scrolls and its Aftermath

Part Two

Chapter VI. What is New in the Non-Sectarian Dead Sea Scrolls?

Chapter VII. The Novelty of the Sectarian Scrolls

Chapter VIII. Unfinished Business: Archaeology

Chapter IX. The Qumran Revolution in the Study of Biblical and Post-biblical Judaism and Early Christianity

Chapter X. Epilogue