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I watch a shit ton of TV, especially late at night when I can’t sleep, I watch horror movies and real housewife shows and peak TV shows and news shows but not the fake ones. I listen to whatever music I like. Some of it is not considered cool. Fuck you. I write a lot of books. I read a lot of books. I was married for fifteen years. We separated a year ago. I cry all the time still, I can’t think about much of anything else. I hope you find that sexy. I don’t go to the gym. Fuck the gym. I like flat hikes. I like bike riding where there are no streets. Do not ask me to bike ride in the city, I didn’t do it for my husband and I won’t do it for you. I eat whatever food I like, but I don’t cook and I don’t drink. I have no time for your angsty middle-aged bullshit. Grow up. I’m really much nicer than this.

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