She Drove


On their first first date, that one where she thought they were friends and he thought it was a date, she drove. By this time, she knew how to get to many point Bs from her point A, and she drove them from the West Side of Chicago to Oak Park for a reading and they talked about buildings; there are a lot of warehouses and historic buildings on the way to Oak Park when you don’t take the expressway. She did not take expressways.

Afterward, they went out with friends to that place where you can make your own s’mores, and the next day he called to ask her to go to a movie, that documentary about Andy Goldsworthy, the new boyfriend/future husband is an artist, and she likes art, and movies, and so they went to a movie and they were pretty much together after that (except for that twenty-four hours when they were broken up), and no mention was made of her driving or his driving, the conversation around driving at this point was limited to Are we taking your car or mine. And a lot of times they took her car, because her car was a car and his car was a truck. And it was always fine, until it wasn’t.

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