What Marriage Is


Other than marrying her Barbie and Ken in third grade (repeatedly), the wife didn’t think that much about marriage until someone she loved proposed that they do it. Or, she thought it might be nice, with the right person. But it wasn’t until she met someone who seemed right, and then said yes, that she started thinking about what marriage actually was, or could be or should be for her. She became very curious about other people’s marriages suddenly, not enough to get overly nosy, since she knew that the only way to really know someone’s marriage was to be inside it. She only knew how she didn’t want to do it, which was how her mom and stepdad did it, which involved a fair amount of yelling. She had no memory of how her mom and dad did it, only that they decided to undo it. And because being a kid of divorce was bad enough to want to avoid a situation where that undoing was a possible outcome, she waited, and she waited, and then she said yes.

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