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Religion and Power: No Logos without Mythos

Religion and Power: No Logos without Mythos

There are few more contentious issues than the relation of faith to power or the suggestion that religion is irrational compared with politics and peculiarly prone to violence. The former claim is associated with Juergen Habermas and the latter with Richard Dawkins. In this book David Martin argues, against Habermas, that religion and politics share a common mythic basis and that it is misleading to contrast the rationality of politics with the irrationality of religion. In contrast to Richard Dawkins (and New Atheists generally), Martin argues that the approach taken is brazenly unscientific and that the proclivity to violence is a shared feature of religion, nationalism and political ideology alike rooted in the demands of power and social solidarity. The book concludes by considering the changing ecology of faith and power at both centre and periphery in monuments, places and spaces.


Chapter 1. Secularisation, Secularism and the Post-Secular: The Power Dimension

Part I: Religion, War and Violence

Chapter 2. The Problematic

Chapter 3. The Rhetorical Issue of Sentences about Religion and Violence

Chapter 4. Modes of Truth and Rival Narratives

Chapter 5. The Rival Narratives

Part II: Religion and Nationalism, Religion and Politics

Chapter 6. The Political Future of Religion

Chapter 7. Nationalism and Religion: Collective Identity and Choice

Chapter 8. Charisma and Founding Fatherhood

Chapter 9. Religion and Politics

Chapter 10. Religion, Politics and Secularisation

Chapter 11. No Logos without Mythos

Part III: Religion, Power and Emplacement

Chapter 12. The Historical Ecology of European and North American Religion

Chapter 13. Inscribing the General Theory of Secularisation and Its Basic Patterns in the Space/Time of the City

Chapter 14. England and London

Chapter 15. Moscow and Eurasia: Centre and Periphery, Ethno-religion and Voluntarism, Secularisation and De-Secularisation

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