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Pakistan: A Hard Country

Pakistan: A Hard Country

In the past decade Pakistan has become a country of immense importance to its region, the United States, and the world. With almost 200 million people, a 500,000-man army, nuclear weapons, and a large diaspora in Britain and North America, Pakistan is central to the hopes of jihadis and the fears of their enemies. Yet the greatest short-term threat to Pakistan is not Islamist insurgency as such, but the actions of the United States, and the greatest long-term threat is ecological change.


Part One: Land, People and History

Chapter 1: Introduction: Understanding Pakistan

Chapter 2: The Struggle for Muslim South Asia

Part Two: Structures

Chapter 3: Justice

Chapter 4: Religion

Chapter 5: The Military

Chapter 6: Politics

Part Three: The Provinces

Chapter 7: Punjab

Chapter 8: Sindh

Chapter 9: Balochistan

Chapter 10: The Pathans

Part Four: The Taleban

Chapter 11: The Pakistani Taleban

Chapter 12: Defeating the Taleban?



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Appendix One: Chronology of Muslim South Asia

Appendix Two: Pakistani Statistics