3. Planck to Schrödinger


24 May 1926

Dear Colleague,

I have owed you my thanks for sometime for your kindly having sent me your last Annalen article on quantization. You can imagine the interest and enthusiasm with which I plunge into the study of these epoch making works, although I now make very slow headway penetrating into this peculiar train of thought. In connection with that I have high hopes of the beneficial influence of a certain amount of familiarity which in time facilitates the use of new concepts and ideas, as I have often found already. But what especially delights me, and the reason for my really writing you today, is the joyful hope that we may soon have the opportunity to hear you and to talk to you here. As my colleague Grüneisen4 tells me, your visit to a meeting of the Physical Society has not been cancelled but only somewhat postponed, and it may even still take place this semester. Let me tell you explicitly how much pleasure all of the physicists here would have in hearing you yourself present your new theory and in coming into contact with your ideas. And don’t be afraid that we will make too many demands on you and tire you out. I do not know if you are already familiar with Berlin. But I hope you will find that in certain respects life here is freer and more independent than in a smaller city where everyone checks on everyone else, and there is no possibility of completely withdrawing at some time without anybody noticing it.

I should like to express just one little selfish request. In case you can come in July, please not before the 11th. Because at the beginning of July I have to go to Bonn for a few lectures and I would be sad if I missed your visit here as a result. Above all, however, I wish you the relaxation that you need after your demanding labors, and the complete recovery of your powers. I should be especially grateful if, at your convenience, you would send me a brief card with a word about your travel plans.

In the meantime, with best regards,

Yours sincerely,

M. Planck

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