Letters 1–8

1. Planck to Schrödinger


2 April 1926

Dear Colleague,

Many thanks for the reprint. I read your article1 the way an inquisitive child listens in suspense to the solution of a puzzle that he has been bothered about for a long time, and I am delighted with the beauties that are evident to the eye, but I have to study it much more closely and in detail to be able to grasp it completely. Besides, I find it extremely congenial that such a prominent role is played by the action function W. I have always been convinced that its significance in physics was still far from exhausted. There is just one little blemish that I would have been glad to see removed. Old Jacobi would have been a little annoyed, despite all his interest, over the alteration of his name.2 Can it still be changed?



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