The Council for Secular Humanism

The Council for Secular Humanism Web site (www.secularhumanism.org) provides timely information concerning the activities of the Council for Secular Humanism and also acts as a general educational resource on secular humanism.

The Council for Secular Humanism is North America's leading organization for nonreligious people. A not-for-profit educational association, the council supports a wide range of activities to meet the needs of people who find meaning and value in life without looking to a god. Its activities range from magazine publishing to campaigning on ethical issues, from conferences to support networks, from educational courses to conducting secular ceremonies, from local groups to international development. Officers of the Council for Secular Humanism include Paul Kurtz (Chairman) and Ed Buckner (Executive Director).

Secular humanism is a way of thinking and living that aims to bring out the best in people so that all people can have the best in life. Secular humanists reject supernatural and authoritarian beliefs. They affirm that we must take responsibility for our own lives and the communities and world in which we live. Secular humanism emphasizes reason and scientific inquiry, individual freedom and responsibility, human values and compassion, and the need for tolerance and cooperation.

Council activities include:

• Championing the Rights and Beliefs of Secular Humanists

The Council for Secular Humanism campaigns for a more secular and ethical society. It presents the case for understanding the world without reference to a god, and works to separate church and state and defend the rights of people who do not accept religious beliefs.

• Serving the Needs of Nonreligious People

The council gives practical support and services to nonreligious people. It runs courses and summer camps that educate children in critical thinking and ethical values. For rites of passage, such as marriage and death, it provides dignified nonreligious celebrations and memorials. And it runs a national support network for secular families and parents.

• Developing Secular Communities

The Council for Secular Humanism supports local groups (both offcampus and on-campus) that provide a forum for ideas and a base for activities. Regular regional and national conferences bring secular humanists together to exchange ideas and explore topical issues. And the new Centers for Inquiry across America are providing the buildings and staff to develop a dynamic humanist presence at the grassroots level.

• Giving a Moral and Intellectual Lead

The Council for Secular Humanism promotes rational, human-based viewpoints on important social and ethical issues. In particular, it tackles issues where traditional religion obstructs the right to self-determination, for example, freedom of choice in sexual relationships. reproduction, and voluntary euthanasia. The council also promotes critical thinking about supernatural and paranormal claims. The council conducts research, issues statements, and brings together leading thinkers for conferences and seminars.

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The Council for Secular Humanism is committed to free inquiry, reason, and science; the separation of church and state; civil liberties; nontheism and humanist ethics. It does not endorse candidates or parties, nor does it take political positions as a corporate body. We open our pages to a wide range of opinions, including dissenting viewpoints; opinions expressed in columns and articles do not necessarily represent the views of the council.

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