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Leadership by Algorithm: Who Leads and Who Follows in the AI Era?

Leadership by Algorithm: Who Leads and Who Follows in the AI Era?

With artificial intelligence on the rise, the way we run our organisations will change―and drastically. But what exactly will that future look like? And who will take the leading role: machines or people?

In this compelling new book, leading management guru David De Cremer identifies the key areas where algorithms will collide with human skills, and assesses the likely outcomes.

Will your next boss be a robot? Can an AI boss display the human qualities that define a good leader: compassion, empathy, imagination, ethics, and strategic awareness?

Drawing on his own research findings, and those from thought leaders around the world, the author presents fascinating insights into the challenges that an automated work environment poses for organisations of the future.

Leadership by Algorithm offers some startling conclusions that make clear the true nature of the power struggle between man and machine. It also identifies the leadership qualities needed to deal with this struggle most effectively.


Chapter 1. Entering a New Era

Chapter 2. The Leadership Challenge in the Algorithm Age

Chapter 3. Leading by Algorithm: Rushing In

Chapter 4. Management Controls, Leadership Conquers

Chapter 5. Bridging Management and Algorithms

Chapter 6. Algorithms and Leadership

Chapter 7. The Day that Empowerment Changed

Chapter 8. Co-Creation as a New Beginning?

Chapter 9. The Art of Leadership: Purpose and Inclusion

Chapter 10. What Will Be and What Should Be


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