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Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom: A simple guide to everything you need to know

Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom: A simple guide to everything you need to know

Whatever financial freedom means to you – living the life you want, not working to someone else’s timetable, not worrying about money ever again, or some other dream – the way to get there is through investing.

In this concise and accessible book, Ben Carlson and Robin Powell show you how to put yourself on the path to financial freedom through sensible saving and straightforward investing.

This is not about getting rich quick. But it is about getting rich reliably. Building wealth through investing – with the long-term goal of financial freedom – requires discipline, sacrifice and time. But it is possible, and almost anyone can do it if armed with the right information.

Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom shares all the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

This includes clear and simple answers to the following questions:

  • Why is saving important – and how much to save?
  • Why is investing the best way to build wealth?
  • What should investors expect from the stock market?
  • How long does it really take to become a millionaire?
  • Is it too late if you don’t make an early start to saving and investing?

After reading this book, you will know everything you need to know to achieve financial freedom!

Introduction: Are you ready to climb a mountain?

Chapter 1. Why You Need to Save

Chapter 2. The Power of Small Wins

Chapter 3. When Should You Start Saving?

Chapter 4. Why Invest in the First Place?

Chapter 5. Your Biggest Asset

Chapter 6. How Much Should You Save?

Chapter 7. What to Invest In

Chapter 8. How the Stock Market Works

Chapter 9. The Investor’s Lifecycle

Chapter 10. Picking Stocks Is Harder Than You Think

Chapter 11. The One-Stop Shop Investment Fund

Chapter 12. You Get What You Don’t Pay For

Chapter 13. Diversifying Across Time

Chapter 14. Stocks Will Go Down

Chapter 15. When Information Is Useless

Chapter 16. Treat Your Savings Like A Netflix Subscription

Chapter 17. Enlist the Help of the Taxman

Chapter 18. When Will I Hit Financial Freedom?

Chapter 19. How To Become A Millionaire

Chapter 20. What If You Get A Late Start Investing?

Chapter 21. Do You Need A Financial Adviser?

Chapter 22. The 20 Rules of Personal Finance

Conclusion: Keep It Simple

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