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Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun

Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun

In 1853, few Japanese people knew that a country called America even existed. For centuries, Japan had isolated itself from the outside world by refusing to trade with other countries and even refusing to help shipwrecked sailors, foreign or Japanese. The country's people still lived under a feudal system like that of Europe in the Middle Ages. But everything began to change when American Commodore Perry and his troops sailed to the Land of the Rising Sun, bringing with them new science and technology, and a new way of life.

Part I: The Coming of the Barbarians

Chapter 1: Aliens Arrive

Chapter 2: The Black Ships of the Evil Men

Chapter 3: His High and Mighty Mysteriousness

Chapter 4: Landing on Sacred Soil

Chapter 5: The Dutch Island Prison

Chapter 6: Foreigners Forbidden

Chapter 7: The Great Peace

Chapter 8: Clouds Over the Land of the Rising Sun

Part II: The Return of the Barbarians

Chapter 9: The Black Ships Return

Chapter 10: The Treaty House

Chapter 11: An Array of Gifts

Chapter 12: The Grand Banquet

Chapter 13: The Treaty

Chapter 14: Excursions on Land and Sea

Chapter 15: Shore Leave

Chapter 16: In the Wake of the Black Ships



A: Letter of the President of the United States to the Emperor of Japan

B: Translation of Answer to the President’s Letter, Signed by Yenosuke

C: Some of the American Presents for the Japanese

D: Some of the Japanese Presents for the Americans

E: Text of the Treaty of Kanagawa



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