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The Blood of Avalon: The Secret History of the Grail Dynasty from King Arthur to Prince William

The Blood of Avalon: The Secret History of the Grail Dynasty from King Arthur to Prince William

The story of King Arthur and the quest for the Holy Grail is well known; less so is that of the coming of Christianity to Britain at around the time of the Roman invasion. It is generally assumed that both these legends revolve around town of Glastonbury, yet the paucity of evidence for this assumption has always been troubling to those who like their history to be founded on fact.

Chapter 1. Two Royal Weddings

Chapter 2. The Cinderella Princess

Chapter 3. Funeral for a Princess

Chapter 4. Arthur, King of Glamorgan and Gwent

Chapter 5. The Glastonbury Legends

Chapter 6. The Company of Avalon

Chapter 7. The Quest for Camelot

Chapter 8. King Arthur’s Round Table

Chapter 9. Old Stones and a Forgotten Dynasty

Chapter 10. Origins of the Rosy-cross

Chapter 11. Normans in the Pays de Galles

Chapter 12. The Roll of the Round Table

Chapter 13. The House of Anjou

Chapter 14. The Coming of the Grail

Chapter 15. The Despoilation of the Clasau

Chapter 16. The Noble Sanctuary of the West

Chapter 17. Origins of the Wars of the Roses

Chapter 18. The Rambling Briar-rose of England

Chapter 19. Henry Tudor and the Prophecies of Merlin

Chapter 20. Old Stones and the Rosy-cross

Chapter 21. Raglan Castle and the Welsh Renaissance

Chapter 22. The Glendower Rebellion and its Aftermath

Chapter 23. The Tree of Jesse

Chapter 24. The Keepers of the Skull of Teilo

Chapter 25. The Arms of Joseph of Arimathea

Chapter 26. The Rise of the House of Tudor

Chapter 27. Pembroke Castle and the Tudor Rose

Chapter 28. Henry VII and the Restoration of the Brutus Lineage

Chapter 29. The Tudor Restoration of the Old British Church

Chapter 30. The Rise of the House of Sidney

Chapter 31. The Circle of Dr Dee

Chapter 32. The Lady of Penshurst

Chapter 33. Robert Sidney and the Rosicrucian Furore

Chapter 34. Coity and the Search for the Real Glastonbury

Chapter 35. Coity and the Church on the Hill

Chapter 36. The Castle of the Holy Grail

Chapter 37. The Genealogy of Avallach

Chapter 38. The Mystery of the Grail

Chapter 39. The Rose of Sharon

Chapter 40. Epilogue

Appendix 1. The Curse on the House of Clare

Appendix 2. The Houses of Spencer and Churchill

Appendix 3. The House of Sidney

Appendix 4. The House of Mathew/Matthews

Appendix 5. The Many Houses of Herbert

Appendix 6. The Stradlings and St Donats

Appendix 7. The Fate of Coity, the Welsh Avalon

Appendix 8. Charts of Family Trees