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An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent

An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent

This classic of Christian apologetics seeks to persuade the skeptic that there are good reasons to believe in God even though it is impossible to understand the Deity fully. First written over a century ago, the Grammar of Assent speaks as powerfully to us today as it did to its first readers. Because of the informal, non-technical character of Newman's work, it still retains its immediacy as an invaluable guide to the nature of religious belief. An introduction by Nicholas Lash reviews the background of the Grammar, highlights its principal themes, and evaluates its philosophical originality.

Part I: Assent And Apprehension

Chapter 1. Modes Of Holding And Apprehending Propositions

Chapter 2. Assent Considered As Apprehensive

Chapter 3. The Apprehension Of Propositions

Chapter 4. Notional And Real Assent

Chapter 5. Apprehension And Assent In The Matter Of Religion

Part II: Assent And Inference

Chapter 6. Assent Considered As Unconditional

Chapter 7. Certitude

Chapter 8. Inference

Chapter 9. The Illative Sense

Chapter 10. Inference And Assent In The Matter Of Religion