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weights and measures



1 inch

= 1,000 mils

= 2.54 centimetres

12 inches

= 1 foot

= 0.3048 metre

3 feet

= 1 yard

= 0.9144 metre

220 yards (660 feet)

= 1 furlong

= 201.168 metres

8 furlongs (1760 yards)

= 1 (statute) mile

= 1.6093 kilometres


144 square inches

= 1 square foot

= 929.03 square centimetres

9 square feet

= 1 square yard

= 0.8361 square metre

4,840 square yards

= 1 acre

= 0.4047 hectare

640 acres

= 1 square mile

= 259.0 hectares


6 feet

= 1 fathom

= 1.829 metres

100 fathoms

= 1 cable's length

= 182.9 metres

In the Royal Navy

608 feet = 1 cable's length = 185.319 metres

10 cables' length = 1 international nautical mile = 1.852 kilometres

1 international nautical mile = 1.150779 statute miles

Length of a minute of longitude at the equator

60 nautical miles = 1 degree of a great circle of the earth = 69.047 statute miles

3 nautical miles = 1 marine league = 5.556 kilometres


1 gill

= 5 fluid ounces

= 0.1480 litre

4 gills

= 1 pint

= 0.568 litre

2 pints

= 1 quart

= 1.136 litres

4 quarts

= 1 gallon

= 4.546 litres

2 gallons

= 1 peck

= 9.092 litres

4 pecks

= 1 bushel

= 36.37 litres


1 ounce

= 28.3495 grams


1 pound

= 453.59 grams


14 pounds

= 1 stone

= 6.35 kilograms

112 pounds

= 1 hundredweight

= 50.80 kilograms

2,240 pounds

= 1 (long) ton

= 1,016.05 kilograms

2,000 pounds

= 1 (short) ton

= 907.18 kilograms



= 5/9 (°Fahrenheit - 32)

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