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War in World history


PART 1. THE ANCIENT WORLD, 2000 BCE-400 CE - CHAPTER 1. Bronze and Chariots: Eurasia, 10,000-600 BCE

The Origins of War

The Elements of Military Development to 3500 BCE

Organized Warfare, 3500-600 BCE

Chariots and Kingdoms, 1700-1200 BCE

Infantry and Empires, 1200-600 BCE


CHAPTER 2. Empires, Elephants, and Ideologies: Asia, 800 BCE-200 CE

Iran: The Persian Empire

China: The Qin and Han Empires

India: The Mauryan Empire


CHAPTER 3. Polis and Phalanx: Greece and Macedon, 800-200 BCE

Greece: The Rise of Communal Infantry

Macedon: Kings and Combined Arms


CHAPTER 4. Legion and Empire: Rome, 500 BCE-400 CE

The Expansionist Republic to 167 BCE

Rome in Transition, 218-31 BCE

Empire, 31 BCE-400 CE


CHAPTER 5. Oars and Rams: Ancient Naval Warfare to 400 CE

Early Maritime Activity

The Emergence of Naval Warfare

City-States and Triremes: The Age of Athens

Kingdoms and Colossi: Hellenistic Arms Races

The Rise of Rome


Commentary: Part 1, to 400 CE

PART 2. THE AGE OF MIGRATION AND INVASION, 400-1100 - CHAPTER 6. The Nomadic World: Central Asia to 1100

The Rise of Nomadic Culture

The Scythians: The Archetypal Steppe Warriors

The Xiongnu and Chinese Civilization

The Kushans: Strategic Empire Between Parthia and China

The Sarmatians: Steppe Warriors on the Roman Frontier

The Huns

The Turks

The Seljuk Turks


CHAPTER 7. Chiefs and Warbands: Western Europe, 400-1100 - Introduction

The Carolingians, 700-830

The Siege of Europe, 800-950

Toward Reconstruction, 950-1050


CHAPTER 8. Caliphs and Cataphracts: Islam and Byzantium, 400-1100 - Introduction

The Eastern Roman Empire and Persia to 630

The Arabic Explosion, 630-680

Islam, 680-1050

The Byzantine Empire, 630-1081


CHAPTER 9. From Cavalry to Conscripts: China, 400-1100

The Period of Disunion, 220-589

The Sui Dynasty, 581-618

The Tang, 618-907

The Era of the Five Dynasties, 907-960

The Song, 960-1279


CHAPTER 10. Predators and Police: Naval Warfare, 400-1100

Imperial Navies

Predatory Sea Peoples


Commentary: Part 2, 400-1100

PART 3. THE AGE OF TRADITIONS IN CONFLICT, 1100-1500 - CHAPTER 11. Cross and Crescent: The Middle East, 1100-1450

The Crusades, 1095-1291

Byzantium, 1081-1453

The Rise of the Ottomans


CHAPTER 12. Knights, Castles, and Kings: Western Europe, 1050-1500

A Culture of War

The Expansion of Latin Christendom: Frontier Warfare, 900-1300

Kings and Armies, 1050-1350

The Hundred Years War, 1337-1453

A World in Flux, 1350-1500


CHAPTER 13. Khans and Conquest: The Mongols, 1150-1400

Origins of the Mongol Explosion Mongol Society

Mongol Military Organization Administration and Logistics

The Mongol Empire: The Campaigns of Conquest

The Mongols as Rulers


CHAPTER 14. Scholars, Samurai, and Sultans: Asia, 1100-1500


Kamakura and Muromachi Japan, 1150-1477

India, 1192-1565


CHAPTER 15. Mariners and Merchants: Naval Warfare, 1100-1571

Experimentation, 1050-1368

Who Will Rule the Seas? 1378-1571


Commentary: Part 3, 1100-1500

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