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Baker Baker Papers, DUL

Bowes Museum - ‘Memoranda relating to A R Bowes and the Countess of Strathmore’, cited as BMAlbum; correspondence and other material in Bowes Museum Archives

Howard Letters 1760-1816, Arundel Castle

Royal Archives, Windsor

Royal Society of Archives

St Paul’s Walden Bury Album, album of newspaper cuttings collected by MEB at St Paul’s Walden Bury

Strathmore Estate Archives, Durham County Record Office

Strathmore Papers, Glamis Castle (National Register of Scotland 885)


Anon, The British Code of Duel, a reference to the laws of honour, and the character of gentleman (London, 1824)

Anon, A full and accurate report of the trial between the Reverend John Stephens, trustee to E. Bowes, commonly called Countess of Strathmore, and Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes, Esq. her second husband, in the Court of Common Pleas, before the Right Hon. Alexander Lord Loughborough and a special jury, on Monday, May 19th, 1788 (London, 1788, third edition.)

Anon, The Irish Register, or a list of the Duchess Dowagers, Countesses, Widow Ladies, Maiden Ladies, Widows, and Misses of large fortunes in England (London, 1742)

Anon, The Monthly Chronicle of North-Country Lore and Legend (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1887)

Anon, A New Collection of Trials for Adultery (London, 1799)

Anon, Sketches of the Characters of the Hon. Thomas Erskine, and James Mingay, Esq. interspersed with anecdotes and professional strictures (London, 1794)

Anon, The Stoniad (Newcastle, 1777)

Anon, The Trial of Andrew Robinson Bowes, Esq. Edward Lucas, Francis Peacock, Mark Prevot, John Cummins, otherwise called Charles Chapman, William Pigg, John Bickley, Henry Bourn, and Thomas Bowes, Attorney at Law, on Wednesday, the 30th day of May, 1787 . . . for a Conspiracy against the Right Hon. Mary Eleanor Bowes, commonly called Countess of Strathmore (London, 1787)

Anon, The Trial of Andrew Robinson Bowes, Esq; first heard in the Arches Court of Doctors Commons; and, in consequence of an Appeal, determined in a Court of Delegates . . . when the Right Hon. the Countess of Strathmore obtained a divorce (London, 1789)

Anon, Trials for Adultery, or the history of divorces, being select trials at Doctors Commons, for adultery, fornication, cruelty, impotence, 019. from the year 1760, to the present time (London, 1779-80)

Anon, A Turkish Tale (London, 1770)

Aiton, William, Hortus Kewensis (London, 1789)

Allan, G. C., The Adelphi, Past and Present: A History and A Guide (London, 2001)

Andrews, John, Letters to a Young Gentleman on his Setting Out for France (London, 1784)

Angerstein, Reinhold, R. R., Angerstein’s Illustrated Travel Diary 1753-55, translated by Torsten and Peter Berg (London, 2001)

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Atkinson, John A., The British Duelling Pistol (London, 1978)

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Black, Jeremy, The British Abroad: The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century (London, 1992)

France and the Grand Tour (Basingstoke, 2003)

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Boswell, James, The Life of Samuel Johnson (Oxford, 1980)

Bowes, Mary Eleanor, Confessions of the Countess of Strathmore, written by herself. Carefully copied from the original lodged in Doctor’s Commons (London, 1793)

Brand, John, The History and Antiquities of the Town and County of the Town of Newcastle upon Tyne (London, 1789)

Brown, Robert, Prodromus Flora Novae Hollandiae (London, 1810)

Brown, William, Reports of Cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery . . . from 1778 to 1794 (London, 1819)

Bullough, Vern L. (ed.), Encyclopedia of Birth Control (Santa Barbara, California, 2001)

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Consett, Matthew, A Tour through Sweden, Swedish-Lapland, Finland and Denmark in a series of letters (London, 1789)

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Defoe, Daniel, A Tour Thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain (London, 1724)

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Kew: The History of the Royal Botanic Gardens (London, 1995)

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Bleak House (London, 1991)

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