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The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty: Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia

The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty: Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia

In 1485, young Henry Tudor, whose claim to the throne was so weak as to be almost laughable, crossed the English Channel from France at the head of a ragtag little army and took the crown from the family that had ruled England for almost four hundred years. Half a century later his son, Henry VIII, desperate to rid himself of his first wife in order to marry a second, launched a reign of terror aimed at taking powers no previous monarch had even dreamed of possessing. In the process he plunged his kingdom into generations of division and disorder, creating a legacy of blood and betrayal that would blight the lives of his children and the destiny of his country.

The boy king Edward VI, a fervent believer in reforming the English church, died before bringing to fruition his dream of a second English Reformation. Mary I, the disgraced daughter of Catherine of Aragon, tried and failed to reestablish the Catholic Church and produce an heir. And finally came Elizabeth I, who devoted her life to creating an image of herself as Gloriana the Virgin Queen but, behind that mask, sacrificed all chance of personal happiness in order to survive.

A Tudor Timeline

Prologue: August 22, 1485

Part One - An Excess of Good Fortune: 1485–1532

Chapter 1: The Luck of Henry Tudor

Chapter 2: The King’s Great Matter

Chapter 3: Frustration and Embarrassment

Chapter 4: Radical Departures

Chapter 5: Another Way Devised

Chapter 6: A Revolution in the Making

Chapter 7: A Thunderbolt Falls

Chapter 8: Submission

Chapter 9: Consummation

Part Two - Monster: 1533–1547

Chapter 10: First Blood

Chapter 11: Supremacy

Chapter 12: “We Will All Die”

Chapter 13: “Preserve My Friends from Such Favors”

Chapter 14: All but Godlike

Chapter 15: Rebellion and Betrayal

Chapter 16: The Last of Henry

Part Three - A King Too Soon and a Queen Too Late: 1547–1558

Chapter 17: A New Beginning

Chapter 18: England’s Second Reformation

Chapter 19: A Revolution and a Coup

Chapter 20: Another New Beginning

Chapter 21: And Another Early End

Part Four - Survivor: 1558–1603

Chapter 22: Yet Another New Beginning

Chapter 23: The Succession, Again

Chapter 24: A Torrent of Miseries

Chapter 25: Actions, Reactions, Provocations

Chapter 26: A Horrific Tangle—And War at Last

Chapter 27: The Last Favorite

Chapter 28: A Seat at the Table

Chapter 29: The Last Act