The various archives consulted are referred to in the Notes as follows:

— DDA—Dublin Diocesan Archives

McQuaid Papers

— DDE—Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

Eisenhower Appointment Books

Eisenhower Papers as President, International Series

White House Social Office records

White House Central Files

— HST—Harry S Truman Presidential Library

HST Papers

— JACP—John A. Costello Papers, Archives Department, UCD.

— LAC—Libraries and Archives of Canada

Department of External Affairs, RG 25

Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King. Available online:

— NAI—National Archives of Ireland

Attorney General’s Office (AG files)

Department of Justice (JUS files)

Department of the Taoiseach (S files)

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA files)

Taoiseach’s Private Office

John A. Costello’s Will

— NLI—National Library of Ireland Manuscripts Department

Joseph Bigger Papers

John L. Burke Papers

W.G. Fallon Papers

Frank Gallagher Papers

Seán T. O’Kelly Papers

— PRONI—Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

CAB files

Cabinet conclusions

Prime Minister’s files

Personal Papers: Ulster Unionist Council; papers of Cahir Healy, Sir Douglas


— TCD—Manuscripts Department, Trinity College Dublin

F.H. Boland Papers

Thomas Bodkin Papers

— TNA—The National Archives, Kew

Dominions Office

Foreign Office

Prime Minister’s office (PREM)

Cabinet Office (CAB)

— UCDA—Archives Department, University College Dublin

P 4: Hugh Kennedy papers

P 6: T.M. Healy papers

P 7: Richard Mulcahy papers

P 24: Ernest Blythe papers

P 35: Patrick McGilligan papers

P 39: Fine Gael papers

P 53: Michael Hayes papers

P 67: Seán MacEntee papers

P 80: Desmond FitzGerald papers

P 104: Frank Aiken papers

P 122: Maurice Moynihan papers

P 150: Eamon de Valera papers

P 151: Seán MacEoin papers

P 194: Michael MacWhite papers

P 197: Kevin O’Higgins papers

SOC 2: Literary and Historical Society (L&H) papers

LA 30: Michael Tierney papers

— USNA—United States National Archives, College Park, Maryland

RG 59, Department of State Decimal File

RG 84, Dublin Legation, General Records

RG 84, Dublin Legation, Security Segregated Records

Other Archives:

— Allen Library—records of the O’Connell School

— Bar Council—records of King’s Inns

— Census 1911—available online:

— GRO—General Register Office for certificates of birth, marriage and death

— Irish Jesuit Archives—Arthur Cox Papers

— Arts Council Archive

Papers in private possession:

— F.H. Boland memoir—in the possession of his daughter, Mrs Mella Crowley

— Papers of Alexis FitzGerald—in possession of Kyran FitzGerald, and of Jacqueline and Fergus Armstrong

Interviews and Correspondence:

— Jacqueline Armstrong (granddaughter)

— Jack Christal (driver)

— Liam Cosgrave (fellow Fine Gael TD; Chief Whip 1948–51, Minister for External Affairs 1954–57, Party Leader 1966–77)

— Declan Costello (son)

— John Costello (son)

— Tom Finlay (fellow barrister, Fine Gael TD 1954–57, Chief Justice 1985–94)

— Alexis FitzGerald (constituency organiser, Fine Gael TD and senator)

— Kyran FitzGerald (grandson)

— Ronan Keane (fellow barrister, Chief Justice 2000–04)

— Harvey Kenny (fellow barrister, later Circuit Court Judge)

— Mick Kilkenny (driver)

— Patrick Lynch (1996) (Private Secretary 1948–51; later Professor of Economics, UCD)

— Muiris Mac Conghail (Editor, “Seven Days”, RTÉ)

— Risteard Mulcahy (1996) (son of Richard Mulcahy)

— Louie O’Brien (1996) (personal secretary to Seán MacBride)

— Michael V. O’Mahony (solicitor, legal colleague)

— Richie Ryan (Fine Gael activist, solicitor, TD, later Minister for Finance)

— Georgina Sutton (granddaughter)

— Isabelle Sutton (granddaughter)

— T.K. Whitaker (1998 and 2010) (Secretary, Department of Finance, 1956–69)

Online resources:

— Oireachtas Debates: Available online at

DÉD—Dáil Éireann Debates

SÉD—Seanad Éireann Debates

— Election results—

— Irish Statute Book—


Apart from news programmes referenced in the notes, the following were used:

— “Seven Days”—Interview with John A. Costello by David Thornley, broadcast 24 June 1969

— “The Mother and Child Scheme”—radio documentary, broadcast 7 October 1980

— “The Republic of Ireland Act”—radio documentary, broadcast 26 March 1989

— “The Republic: Leaving the Commonwealth”—television documentary, broadcast 15 April 1999

— “One to One: Declan Costello”—television interview, broadcast 14 September 2009

Newspapers and Journals:

— EH—Evening Herald

— EP—Evening Press

— FJ—Freeman’s Journal

— II—Irish Independent

— ILT&SJ—Irish Law Times and Solicitors Journal

— ILTR—Irish Law Times Reports

— IT—Irish Times

— IP—Irish Press

— SI—Sunday Independent

— SP—Sunday Press

— NS—National Student (UCD student newspaper)


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The Leader

This Week in Ireland



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