Acronyms in the Notes refer to the following sources:


BL - British Library, London

Bod. - Bodleian Library, Oxford

GL - Guildhall Library, London

FPC - French Protestant Church, London

HLRO - House of Lords Record Office, Westminster

LMA - London Metropolitan Archives

PRO - Public Record Office, National Archives, Kew (citations given as PRO etc are an abbreviated form of the full citation, TNA PRO etc)

Shakespeare documents

EKC - E. K. Chambers, William Shakespeare: Facts and Problems, 2 vols (Oxford, 1930)

SDL - Samuel Schoenbaum, William Shakespeare: A Documentary Life (Oxford, 1975)

SRI - Samuel Schoenbaum, William Shakespeare: Records and Images (London, 1981)

Serials and other collections

CSP - Calendar of State Papers (printed abstracts)

DNB - Dictionary of National Biography (superseded by ODNB but still of use)

HMC - Historical Manuscripts Commission (printed abstracts)

HSL - Huguenot Society of London (Publications and Proceedings)

IGI - International Genealogical Index (

LRB - London Review of Books

MCR - Middlesex County Records, ed. John C. Jeaffreson, 4 vols (1886-92)

MLR - Modern Language Review

NPG - National Portrait Gallery, London

NQ - Notes & Queries

ODNB - Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 60 vols (Oxford, 2004)

OED - Oxford English Dictionary

RES - Review of English Studies

SQ - Shakespeare Quarterly

SR - Stationers’ Register (SR plus a date refers to the licensing of a book, usually but not always prior to publication. SR entries can be consulted in the printed transcript: see Arber 1875-94 in Sources /2)

TLS - Times Literary Supplement


Unless otherwise stated, place of publication is London.

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