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The Beatles: The Biography

The Beatles: The Biography

As soon as The Beatles became famous, the spin machine began to construct a myth-one that has continued to this day. But the truth is much more interesting, much more exciting, and much more moving. In this bestselling book, Bob Spitz has written the biography for which Beatles fans have long waited.



Chapter 1: A Proper Upbringing

Chapter 2: The Messiah Arrives

Chapter 3: Muscle and Sinew

Chapter 4: The Showman

Chapter 5: A Simple Twist of Fete

Chapter 6: The Missing Links

Chapter 7: A Good Little Sideshow

Chapter 8: The College Band

Chapter 9: Chalk and Cheese

Chapter 10: Moondogs and Englishmen

Chapter 11: Hit the Road: Jac

Chapter 12: Baptism by Fire

Chapter 13: A Revelation to Behold

Chapter 14: Mr. X

Chapter 15: A Gigantic Leap of Faith

Chapter 16: The Road to London

Chapter 17: Do the Right Thing

Chapter 18: Starr Time

Chapter 19: A Touch of the Barnum & Bailey

Chapter 20: Dead Chuffed


Chapter 21: The Jungle Drums

Chapter 22: Kings of the Jungle

Chapter 23: So This Is Beatlemania

Chapter 24: Once Upon a Time in America

Chapter 25: Tomorrow Never Knows

Chapter 26: In the Eye of a Hurricane

Chapter 27: Lennon and McCartney to the Rescue

Chapter 28: Into the Cosmic Consciousness


Chapter 29: Just Sort of a Freak Show

Chapter 30: A Storm in a Teacup

Chapter 31: A Very Freaky Experience

Chapter 32: The Summer of Love

Chapter 33: From Bad to Worse

Chapter 34: An Additional Act

Chapter 35: Good-bye to the Boys in the Band!

Chapter 36: Disturbing the Peace

Chapter 37: And in the End…