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The Autobiography of Leroi Jones

The Autobiography of Leroi Jones

The complete autobiography of a literary legend.

Poet, dramatist, novelist, critic, teacher, and political activist Amiri Baraka, born LeRoi Jones, vividly recounts his crusading role in African American literature. A driving force behind the Black Arts Movement, the prolific Baraka retells his experiences from his participation in avant-garde literature after World War II and his role in Black nationalism after the assassination of Malcolm X to his conversion to Islam and his commitments to an international socialist vision.


Stages: Memoirs

Chapter 1. Young

Chapter 2. Black Brown Yellow White

Chapter 3. Music

Chapter 4. Howard (Black Brown Yellow White Continued)

Chapter 5. Error Farce

Chapter 6. The Village

Chapter 7. The Black Arts: Politics, Search for a New Life

Chapter 8. Harlem

Chapter 9. Home

Chapter 10. A Continuing Journey

Chapter 11. To Sum Up