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Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy

“The best goddamned actor I’ve ever seen!”—George M. Cohan

His full name was Spencer Bonaventure Tracy. He was called “The Gray Fox” by Frank Sinatra; other actors called him the “The Pope.”


Chapter 1. General Business

Chapter 2. A Born Actor

Chapter 3. A Sissy Sort of Thing

Chapter 4. The Best Goddamned Actor

Chapter 5. Dread

Chapter 6. The Last Mile

Chapter 7. Quick Millions

Chapter 8. The Power and the Glory

Chapter 9. The Amount of Marriage We’ve Experienced

Chapter 10. And Does Love Last?

Chapter 11. That Double Jackpot

Chapter 12. The Best Year

Chapter 13. The New Rage

Chapter 14. Enough to Shine Even Through Me

Chapter 15. A Buoyant Effect on the Audience

Chapter 16. Someone’s Idea of Reality

Chapter 17. Woman of the Year

Chapter 18. I’ve Found the Woman I Want

Chapter 19. Not the Guy They See Up There on the Screen

Chapter 20. The Big Drunk

Chapter 21. The Rugged Path

Chapter 22. State of the Union

Chapter 23. Adam’s Rib

Chapter 24. Father of the Bride

Chapter 25. Rough Patch

Chapter 26. At Loose Ends

Chapter 27. A Granite-like Wedge of a Man

Chapter 28. The Mountain

Chapter 29. The Last Hurrah

Chapter 30. Our Greatest Actor

Chapter 31. The Value of a Single Human Being

Chapter 32. Something a Little Less Serious

Chapter 33. A Lion in a Cage

Chapter 34. A Humble Man

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Appendix II: Film Chronology

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