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The Saga of Sudden Sam: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Sam McDowell

The Saga of Sudden Sam: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Sam McDowell

The candid autobiography of all-star pitcher “Sudden Sam” McDowell, whose alcohol-fueled life quickly and famously spiraled out of control, and his ultimate redemption as a counselor for other athletes suffering from addiction.

Sam McDowell seemed to have it all. Considered by many to be the next Sandy Koufax when he signed with the Cleveland Indians, Sam boasted one of the fastest arms in major league baseball. But on the inside, he was playing in an alcoholic fog, beset by addiction, depression, narcissism, and thoughts of suicide.

The Saga of Sudden Sam: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Sam McDowell is the captivatingly honest autobiography of the six-time American League all-star pitcher and self-admitted “worst drunk in baseball.” Sam holds nothing back, sharing the pressures he felt as a young baseball phenom, his frustrations over a lack of coaching to help develop his talent, the pitfalls of his dangerous alcoholic lifestyle, and his attempted suicide. When “Sudden Sam” finally hit rock bottom, certain he had been defeated by alcoholism, he instead found hope, rehabilitation, and sobriety. After extensive education and training, he emerged as the first successful counselor in major league baseball. Sam helped to turn around the lives of players who, just like him, had fallen into the abyss of addiction or faced psychological and emotional problems that were destroying their careers.

With details of his own severe battles with depression and addiction told alongside the struggles of players who came to him for help, The Saga of Sudden Sam offers special insight into the longstanding addiction issues that plague Major League Baseball. It also provides understanding and hope to anyone struggling with addiction and shows that recovery is attainable.

Chapter 1. A Gun to My Head

Chapter 2. The Melancholy Child

Chapter 3. Unrecognized Greatness

Chapter 4. The Battle for Sam McDowell and Beyond

Chapter 5. The Debut

Chapter 6. Better Pitcher, Bigger Boozer

Chapter 7. The Battle with Birdie

Chapter 8. Dark Brings Ligh

Chapter 9. Goodbye, Cleveland

Chapter 10. Hello, Misery

Chapter 11. A Sour Bite of the Big Apple

Chapter 12. The Lost Years

Chapter 13. Gateway to Sobriety

Chapter 14. My New Life

Chapter 15. The Triumphs of Triumph

Chapter 16. Resistance and Acceptance

Chapter 17. Expanding My Horizons

Chapter 18. Going to BAT

Chapter 19. A Whole New Ballgame

Chapter 20. Sudden Sam, Mayday Malone, and a New Bride

Chapter 21. Vices Bad and Good

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