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Robert Altman: The Oral Biography

Robert Altman: The Oral Biography

Robert Altman-visionary director, hard-partying hedonist, eccentric family man, Hollywood legend-comes roaring to life in this rollicking oral biography. After an all-American boyhood in Kansas City, a stint flying bombers in World War II, and jobs ranging from dog tattoo entrepreneur to television director, Robert Altman burst onto the scene in 1970 with M*A*S*H. He reinvented American filmmaking, and went on to produce such masterpieces as McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Nashville, The Player, Short Cuts, and Gosford Park. In Robert Altman, Mitchell Zuckoff has woven together Altman's final interviews; an incredible cast of voices including Meryl Streep, Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, among scores of others; and contemporary reviews and news accounts into a riveting tale of an extraordinary life.



ACT I: 1925–1969

Chapter 1. Kansas City

Chapter 2. Into the River

Chapter 3. 307th Bomb Group

Chapter 4. Making Pictures

Chapter 5. The Calvin Company

Chapter 6. The Delinquents

Chapter 7. California

Chapter 8. Kathryn

Chapter 9. Cheese

Chapter 10. No Milk

Chapter 11. Countdown

ACT II: 1970–1980

Chapter 12. M*A*S*H

Chapter 13. After M*A*S*H

Chapter 14. McCabe

Chapter 15. Fatherhood I

Chapter 16. Mirrors

Chapter 17. Split, California

Chapter 18. Nashville

Chapter 19. Diamond Cutter

Chapter 20. Active Verbs

Chapter 21. Scotty

Chapter 22. Popeye

ACT III: 1981–2006

Chapter 23. The Wilderness

Chapter 24. “I Made This”

Chapter 25. The Player

Chapter 26. Short Cuts

Chapter 27. Heart in a Cooler

Chapter 28. Mr. A and the Women

Chapter 29. Home Stretch

Chapter 30. Fatherhood II

Chapter 31. Boots On

Chapter 32. Not a Tragedy

Cast of Characters