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My Years with General Motors

My Years with General Motors

My Years with General Motors became an instant bestseller when it was first published in 1963. It has since been used as a manual for managers, offering personal glimpses into the practice of the "discipline of management" by the man who perfected it. This is the story no other businessman could tell—a distillation of half a century of intimate leadership experience with a giant industry and an inside look at dramatic events and creative business management.


Chapter 1: The Great Opportunity—I

Chapter 2: The Great Opportunity—II

Chapter 3: Concept Of The Organization

Chapter 4: Product Policy And Its Origins

Chapter 5: The "Copper-Cooled" Engine

Chapter 6: Stabilization

Chapter 7: Co-Ordination By Committee

Chapter 8: The Development Of Financial Controls

Chapter 9: Transformation Of The Automobile Market

Chapter 10: Policy Creation

Chapter 11: Financial Growth

Chapter 12: Evolution Of The Automobile

Chapter 13: The Annual Model Change

Chapter 14: The Technical Staffs

Chapter 15: Styling

Chapter 16: Distribution And The Dealers

Chapter 17: GMAC

Chapter 18: The Corporation Overseas

Chapter 19: Nonautomotive Diesel Electric Locomotives, Appliances, Aviation

Chapter 20: Contributions To National Defense

Chapter 21: Personnel And Labor Relations

Chapter 22: Incentive Compensation

Chapter 23: The Management: How It Works

Chapter 24: Change And Progress