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Wallace Arab/Latin

Braden, Eugene/ Arab, Light skinned

George H. Walker Bush/ Arab/German, Light skinned

Charles Nicoletti /Italian = half Latin/Arab, half African Black

Directors of Operation

Allen Dullas (MEAMIC)


William “Bill” Harvey


artillery: Remington Inc | knowl, CEO Bush family

Target of Racism

John F. Kennedy, Nordic White, Irish

Warning not heeded

Eisenhower‚ Truman and then Kennedy all gave speeches claiming the C.I.A. went rogue. The Sicilian Mafioso in total control of the U.S.A. labor and crime markets called the C.I.A. the other Mafia or the same team Mafia. Bobby Kennedy deported Louisiana Mob boss Carlos Marcello (Traficante & Johnny Rosseli worked with CIA without the Kennedys knowledge) and at the same time the C.I.A. was working with Rosseli to kill Castro as an assassination man. The failed Cuban Bay of Pigs and then contacting the third in charge of Cuba, head of Castro's military; He contacts the Kennedy to eliminate the Soviet Threat nearby which the head of the Cuban military believed Castro could not control Russian influence on the island. The code work, AMWORLD, an operation for David Morales who with the U.S. head Mob bosses and so the C.I.A. found out they were going to eliminate Kennedy after they kill Castro – all to end a threat of World War III and the  annihilation of the criminal operation f the Arab Sicilians (#brown and light skinned Arab Latins). So the Mob and the rogue C.I.A. meet together and plan on all of this. While removing the criminal elements of the rogue illegal Italian immigrants, the Kennedys remove Allen Dullas who then sets up an anti-Kennedy militia and headquarters and remains in power until WaterGate ; when the Bush family will take over the role of secret Military Complex controlling family. And no liberal, democrat or Republican establishment want to arrest this world criminal family. Retired Secret Service of Chicago would recount a period weeks before Dallas of a  surveillance of an assassination team that looked for ex marines or people who were not Italian or Arab like looking physical features and working on the President’s parade route. Kennedy abruptly called off that parade. A few days later in Tampa Florida ‚ This was a patsy model used by Dullas in Middle American coups. Perhaps Carlos Marcello who had a sign that said, “three can keep a secret if two are dead.” Most of the top crime bosses of the cities that Kennedy paraded were eventually assassinated themselves. Marcello hated Bobby so much he told a cell mate he became friends with and during a yard discussion blurted out “ I would kill that son of a bitch again‚ he was a thorn in my shoe.” Jake van Lyneham, an inmate 1995 A.D. Perhaps Carlos Marcello who had a sign that said, “three can keep a secret if two are dead.” Most of the top crime bosses of the cities that Kennedy paraded were eventually assassinated themselves. Marcello hated Bobby so much he told a cell mate he became friends with and during a yard discussion blurted out “ I would kill that sun of a bitch again‚ he was a thorn in my shoe.” Jake van Lyneham, inmate 1985 A.D. He also said he controlled Oswald and had been owed money from Jake Ruby. The entire Dallas policeman used to go to Jack Ruby's club and so he walks in to a secured area and shoot Lee Harvey Oswald dead. Why, Jack Ruby was a Mob Soldier and according to decorum of the 1960s mob rites each soldier must do what their capo or bosses are told, or they know they will die shortly. So he shoots Oswald. He gives pleas to tell why but only to address Congress in chambers, and he is denied and dies three years later of Cancer and his last letter places all blame of the Operations manager onto Lyndon B. Johnson who had many CIA and Castro Mob enthusiasts on his personal dole. he was very rich criminal Texas man.  Johnson’s story is his mother demanded he become a president, so he had pressure as he saw Robert as popular and John and they could rule for 14 years and thus ruin his chances as the Kennedys only took him on the ticket to win the southern delegates.

Abraham Bolder, former SS with Chicago that tracked the assassinating teams from Chicgo to Tampa was told by the Warren Commission he was a lying Nigger and the CIA told him to shut up and get lost or die.


No one cared to listen‚ even until today.

Allen Dullas insane

Where was Allen Dullas during the assassination of John F. Kennedy ? "[...] The Farm, in northern Virginia, that he used when he was director of the CIA as a kind of an alternate command post "... David Talbot, founder of

11,000 Documents illegally still withheld‚ by the 1%ers in Washington DC and the media will not even tough this story & including flight schedules of Allen Dullas' supervisor for his own assassination squad, William Harvey. We do however; know that two year fired Dullas secretly went to the FARM for the period of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Rumersville & Drunkard

 William idiot Bill Harvey CIA under Dullas assassination cheif

William King "Bill" Harvey (September 13, 1915 – June 9, 1976) was a Central Intelligence Agency officer, best known for his role in Operation Mongoose. He is Allen Dullas' mastermind for assassination and coups. Rumor has it he left Europe and flew to Dallas Texas days before the assassination. The U.S. Congress still believes his Commercial Airliner schedule is a national security threat, even in the year of 2016 A.D. Jay Edgar Hoover fired Harvey from the F.B.I. his first job because he could not follow commands or rules of the department. So the C.I.A. gladly accepted the druken rogue goon. Σ see note end of page.

CIA William Bill Harvey

Mafioso now a part of the C.I.A.

On 12th March, 1961, Harvey ↑ arranged for CIA operative, Jim O'Connell, to meet Sam Giancana, Santo Trafficante, Johnny Roselli and Robert Maheu at the Fontainebleau Hotel. This was on of the brain storm meetings to find ways to assassinate Fidel Castro. During world war II, FDR found the New York Docks taken over by Mafioso, so he cut deals to have them help with plans to invade  Sicilia, and after that the La Costra Nostra believed it was now in a cozy relationship with the C.I.A. who the mafia believed too was more powerful than the United States Executive Branches of government.

Charles Nicoletti was paid $10,000 by Harvey at a secret Mafia & and anti-Castro meeting, so we know the Mafioso of the La Costra Nostra were intimately involved believing their assistance to fight Hitler in World War II gave them carte blanche to run roughshod over American pride and justice.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert Kennedy instructed CIA director John McCone, to halt all covert operations aimed at Cuba. A few days later he discovered that Harvey had ignored this order and had dispatched three commando teams into Cuba to prepare for what he believed would be an inevitable invasion. Kennedy was furious and as soon as the Cuban Missile Crisis was over, Harvey was removed as commander of ZR/RIFLE. On 30th October, 1962, RFK terminated "all sabotage operations" against Cuba. As a result of President Kennedy's promise to Nikita Khrushchev that he would not invade Cuba, Operation Mongoose was disbanded. sparticus edu ° Harvey was now sent to Italy where he became Chief of Station in Rome. Harvey knew that Robert Kennedy had been responsible for his demotion. A friend of Harvey´s said that he “hated Bobby Kennedy's guts with a purple passion”.

After being fired, Allen Dullas set up an anti-Kennedy government in exile in his home in Georgetown. Kennedy fired Dullas for wanting to nuke Russia and take Cuba with the U.S. Marines. Dullas had worked with four top Mafioso bosses, and some of their people are taking action during the Daeley Plaza Assassination. John F. Kennedy said Curtis Lemay also was pushing to nuke people all over the Earth ( who also wanted to start shooting WMD off all over the globe) and too  shut the hell up and get out of my life and this country. John F. Kennedy saved the world from insane lunatic crackers and niggers and sand niggers form nuking our world with out of control power. Why? C.I.A. is unregulated by our semi literate Politicians. Trouble starts in 1947 A.D. with Plausible Deniability ⟨as Secret NSA 1947 A.D. law‚ thanks #edwardsnowden ⟩ and the creation of our modern forms of The N.S.A., of The C.I.A., and of The F.B.I.

John F Kennedy and Allan Dullas a dull murdering goon

Intro: Whites Immigration (1820- 1930) were not a part of the formation of America and were never wanted. Most whites associated to text books are actually light skinned Arabs or Latins, sharing the same DNA codon patterns. The Nordic or Scandinavian whites, which includes British and most of French warred with each other because they were culturally and DNA different. John F. Kennedy will have all types of spurious charges directed at him, notably the Cowboy Wanted Sign, which were spammed –posted all over Dallas the day before his arrival.   Charges of he gives the U.S.A. over to the United Nations, therefore John F. Kennedy must be a Soviet Commy does reflect the desperate Arab/Latins, such as the case of the fake lies from Palestinians to Northern Pakistanis, who have filed their people committing crimes in an enemies, stolen, uniform – and then pass this film or video onto the world to falsely accuse another culture.  The Racism is the only definition that explain precisely how the deep racial feeling are a constant reminder of living in the only MULTICULTURALISTIC society, which has been dominated by rule of the Arab Latin light skinned bullies.  When John and later Robert attacked the Mafia, there retaliation in both episodes came purely form overt racist positions.

Allen Welsh Dulles  b.  April 7, 1893 d. January 29, 1969 was an American super villan who abused people all over the world for his DULL and stupid personal pleasure. Why? The Center of Intelligence Agency C.I.A. operates without oversite and is given the largest bulk of annual budget ( Darpa wins actually) by the U.S. Congress. So they are acting like god.  Note, Dull [as]  in his name as in not very sharp.

Dulles’s decade as the director of the CIA—which he used to further his public and private agendas—were dark times in American politics. Calling himself “the secretary of state of unfriendly countries,” Dulles saw himself as above the elected law, manipulating and subverting American presidents in the pursuit of his personal interests and those of the wealthy elite he counted as his friends and clients—colluding with Nazi-controlled cartels, German war criminals, and Mafiosi in the process. Targeting foreign leaders for assassination and overthrowing nationalist governments not in line with his political aims, Dulles employed those same tactics to further his goals at home, Talbot charges, offering shocking new evidence in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. kpfa


CIA Allen Dullas directly contributed to the 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état, Operation Ajax (overthrow of Iran's elected government), the Lockheed U-2 program and the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and the John F. Kennedy assassination. Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Dulles was one of the members of the Warren Commission to cover it up and hand picked by Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was a racist southerner mafioso worshiper

“For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment,” wrote former president Harry Truman in the Washington Post on December 22, 1963. The C.I.A. was run by Bush family, under Ronald Reagan, the C.I.A. rose to Vice President and then was elected as the President and we had fake wars to go into Iraq and the Middle East ,based on deception by the Bush family to convince Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait ( they did not) and then start more Jew Profit German Jew NAZI war profits and kill innocent blacks and inocent poor whites for Jew Banker and war economy greed. both Democrats and Republicans voted for these wars, just a handful did not.

1:17 PM 28 May 2015 Google+ reply on black U.S.history. It is a key development in the assassination of the white ass kennedys.

Black FBI

First black CIA chief and first CIA chief too was J. Edgar Hoover, he was black. #JEHoover
He had that light skin disease that Michael Jackson had. So look at his =youth photos.
His real significance was he helped shoot John F. Kennedy ( at the assassination meeting the night before) and he also ' was a driving factor in ending the second wave of the #KluKluxKLan He detested #Kennedys because they had pure Irish White heritage. Hoover believed the U.S.A. was better suited toward Moslem or light brown people, He worshiped the Mafia because the Italians are half black and half brown ( Latin).

Since Robert and John were going full throttle after the half black and half brown crowd, the Sicilians, he had them killed.

New: Most new asked question: How can a person loathe themself so much to the point of wanting to distroy everything that represented a reminder of thier roots? At college in an African American studies course a claim of "a lot of fair-skinned blacks passed as white to get ahead" will be discorsed.

John F. Kennedy & Robert Kennedy and J.F.K. Jr. were all assassinated for being intelligent and white skinned. Instead we got bully mediocrity. John Edgar ( African American Washington Post ) Hoover, the 47 year Czar ( lifetime king!) desired to establish a brown race for controlling the U.S.A., this Country -- as is happening today. He begins the proto F.B.I. in 1935, with domestic immigration issues at his top of his list. This will be a motive to why the brown Italian Mafia sided to participate, as the whites were so scared they blamed ‘communism’ The shooter, Wallace, is Latin, Nicoletti is Italian, Hoover is African American, Bush are Arabs, just look at them! Light skinned an all, even Jeb claimed on his Census he was Hispanic. Johnson was an uneducated community organizer, and local southern Thug who like prison gangs, the leaders often stop following ideology and go after the money, often hurting their own wider gang(s). Hoover was pro dark skinned immigrants, he never attacks the Mafia but constantly attacks the KKK (white skinned Europeans). Ronald Reagan sided with the Latins and Arabs, and attacked the KKK in film, Hollywood pro-Arab/Latin style, as Sean Penn, may or may not have emotionalized in this last Grammys as two years in a row, Latins took home the top Oscars, and own about 90% of Los Angeles, already! In 2014, the Brown colored babies began to be born more frequent than white babies, so it is a matter of 40 years, a generation and Hoover will have his dream.

Hoover battled to destroy black leaders because most were God Fearing Christians who did not support his gay sissy lifestyle, at ALL! . Hoover attacked Marcus Garvey because he did not want the Blacks to move back to Africa, he wanted them to displace the white governmental controls. He saw the Kennedys as a possible white dynasty and John F. Kennedy was the first elected Presidential Democrat to advocate for black equal rights. This shocked the Democratic Party which refused to change until Michigan Street's blood flowing was caught by video/film cameras and shown all over the U.S.A. Televisions, 1968 A.D. Kennedy shocked many Conservatives which were the Democratic Party at that time. The black communities that Hoover attacked were Christian blacks, and that is what matters. He conducted illegal break-ins of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, most people believed he is directly involved in killing Christian Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 ( by Latino assassins), they look out of place. When Lucky Luciano wanted to take New York top Organized Crime level, he had Mayer hire Jewish assassins as Sicilians only look out for ‘strangers’ in the crowd whom are Italian looking, and it worked. Same thing was done to King, because it worked on John F. Kennedy. Wallace who is on the 6 th floor of the Dallas Texas School Bood Depository is a Brown skinned Latin.

Culture: William Ellison, also known as "April." He was a Mullatto slave-owner who owned over 100 Black slaves. Northern Blacks were always free, yet still economically depressed, and yet some of them had a head start in American society and hiding their black side, if mullato or mix-race, as many are in our world, Hoover's black hatred is qualified. The black panthers were following Robert Williams ‘advice to use violence (pro- violence) as a means to social clime something he gathered from White history during the Early Modern Age. Many large and international corporations are owned and run by blacks but they never broadcast this information over racial economic tensions. This was how Hoover operated his social climbing. He also could not allow these Black Panthers to corrupt the mulatto groups, already ensconced in organized crime ---- these Italians as they are mixed race as Hoover is also a mixed race.

1968: Nixon , Humphries closer election than J.F.K. & Nixon. Myth., J.F.K. only won the U.S. Presidency because of Chicago 2000 votes by mobsters on a deal with father. This is like saying Jimmy Carter only won the U.S. Presidency by 200 votes in Ohio ( delegates needed to secure victory) over Gerald Ford. Nixon barely won the popular vote over Humphries when the Democratic Party, as Chinese historians would say, lost 'the Mandate of Heaven.' The Chicago 1968 Democratic Convention was contemporarily describe as the NAZI gestapo & U.S. Police State. Michigan St., in downtown Chicago was also described with pools of blood. Lyndon Baines Johnson directly involved in the Assassination of a U.S. President resigned from seeking a second term in office, the antiwar activists, the U.S. citizens’ battled government from taking over the U.S.A. Most people were against the war, and a third party was briefly historical and one five State delegates of the South, George Wallace, not because of racism, revisionist history, but because he was anti War, but more importantly, anti-Government. The people that voted for Wallace wanted to leave America, the old notion of a break-away-State. The north was prospering from the war economy as they did in Slavery, but the constant murdering of foreigners for a show of weapons competition between Russia and America became unwanted in the Democratic Party. Humphries, because of Johnson’s spotlight that because the polls showed most Americans against the Vietnam War, took to an antiwar position. But he would lose due to people seeing Richard Nixon as a old hat politician that would bring some sense of normalcy back into government. When the nation saw on Television, the Chicago Gastapo make Michigan St. A bloody surface, they turned on the Democrats and Nixon should have won in a land slide. Revisionist will claim that Wallace split the votes for Democrats, when he did not support the U.S. government, he would be viewed under Obama’s State Department as a terrorist. He was very anti U.S. government and promised to gut it, as well as the war and the children of the south being sent to slaughter. The Democrats revise history in their books to keep epistemological control over the minds and bodies of their victim-subjects. By the time Nixon won the U.S. Presidency many forget they blamed Kennedy’s administration who had sent advisors to Vietnam, as the cause of all bad things that transpired henceforth in Vietnam. At the 1968 convention, they had no idea that the N.S.A. ( not known then to  legislature) and the C.I.A. were conducting genocides of Asians because they were seen as not human. So Wallace was the only correct party here, the U.S. needed to be gutted. Kennedy knew this all too well, so did Robert and John’s son. They were killed because of white racism in the U.S.A. that stemmed from a set of leaders that followed the John. F. Kennedy administration.  The U.S. Military Complex was ruthless. They, under Nixon, began the eradicate South far-eastern Asians program. They made Laos and northern Vietnam into a lunar landscape, not seen since World War I’s Western Front. This was not broadcasted on the news because of the lessons learned during the televising of Vietnam, nightly. So it would not be until a Whistleblower, hidden called ‘deep throat’ that broke Watergate, another Hotel in my home town, near the Marina. Obsessed with ‘listening’ bugs, Nixon assembled a personal spy team to rig the upcoming elections, and was caught – and made many drunken phone calls that were recorded by N.S.A., many that have not  been released over the subject of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Richard M. Nixon threatened to spill the beans,  so-to-speak.






E. Howard Hunt told his son on his death bead that Lyndon B. Johnson was the operations chief of the assassination, but we know today, that ?Hunt was under C.I.A. director Chief George H. Walker Bush at the time of? the assassination. Whoops.

Goerge Herbert Walker Bush  Helps Brady in Dal-Tex sheild rile, George Herbert Walker Bush is C.I.A. Cheif for Edgar Hoover for the Plaza -Park detail: Calls F.B.I. office to tell them he was photograghed outside of DTSBD, 6 weeks later promoted to Chief C.I.A. for help in Killing Kennedy. He is free today and no one cares. His motive was to get Off-Shore Oil Rig Permits, an oil drilling company he headed as cheif president (why these Bushes support cheap illegal immigrants) to make money in ocean drilling in Vietnam waters. So Bush helped Kill Kennedy. That is the only reason, nothing to do with Russians. The Cold War was made up by the western officials spreading fear so they could take control of the purse strings as the Bushes have done so. Malcome Wallace below was George H. Walker Bush's Skull & Bones ( Yale University) buddy. Over the decades un earthed photos of Wallace casing (attending) John F. Kennedy public apperances also adds serious weight to all data.

New Evidence Shows George Herbert Walker Bush Helped One of the Shooters + 17 Year son ( 43rd Pres.) also new photos on the scene.

When The Ronald Reagan Period was in its sunset and George Herbert Walker Bush decided to run for the office of U.S.A. Presidency one of the much secured ultra-top-secret documents was released by one of a secret Bush enemy. In 1988 A.D. Bush recognized this document as official but continued to deny he was the George Bush mentioned by Hoover, the progenitor of sissy-gurl CCI/SPOOK CZAR - a.k.a. head of the revamped F.B.I. Yes, there are plenty of George Bushes just as their are many Michael McDonalds in the United States of America, but as late as 2013, we have technology to see our original photos and grandmas and grandpas opening up their family albums to expose 17 Year old George Bush Jr., ( 43) roaming Daley Plaza awaiting for his father to finish securing the assassination information(s). When we see in the Zapruder Film the Motorcade slowing down, nearly stopping, multiple times it is because the U.S. Navy Stopped the lead car to ask questions ? a total violation of protocol, and the U.S. Navy was totally involved in this Cuba resistance + off shore Oil opportunities, which the Oil Man, George H. W. Bush left the upper East Coast to come to Texas to become filthy rich.? He owns land in South America; no one knows how many off shore accounts he owns.

The Only Person in the U.S.A. to not know where they were on the day of John F. Kennedy's Assassination, perhaps the only one on Earth. That means he is a liar. He is the head of the C.I.A. station chief for Daeley Plaza for the day of the assassination and photographed and F.B.I. document claims he called the local office, the same one as Oswald to tell them he is securing the DTSBD, at Daeley Plaza.

to lake of fire

Title of this Hoover memo To Goerge H. W. Bush: “Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy”

Hoover writes to George Herbert Walker Bush on such an outstanding Job to Kill John F. Kennedy & start a global race war for oil profits. Nixon later tells a confidant 'Oil Men from Texas Killed Kennedy, George H.W. Bush's introduction buisnerss name was a 'Texas oil man.' Within 5 weeks from this letter George Herbert Walker Bush was promoted to Chief ( HEAD) of the C.I.A. where he rose from this place to become Ronald Reagan's right-hand man."Many have covered the James Parrot story in which Bush called the FBI to warm it about suspicious activity of Parrot. But Parrot worked for Bush, and Bush used this lame story to provide an alibi for his non-presence in Dallas. Unfortunately, the lady doth protest too much." ( Bush's best friend form Yale had been the only human to leave a finger print on the top floor of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository -- evidence now points to George Herbert Walker Bush -- who owns 'escape lands with the NAZIS in Argentina). All the stuff about Cuba was a made up matter. Raul, Fidel's brother, ran the cocaine hyways through Florida starting in 1980s ( 1981 Reagan makes Bush get involved) TO THE 1990s..










  • Trajectories: Back, breaks spine, exit throat with upward motion, hits windshield captured by AP photog. Altgens, James. timeframe: z 187.

    George Herbert Bush C.I.A. recruited from Yale.

  • A bullet wounds a person James Haze, next to a curb, never discussed but well documented. Secret Service in the way, overshoot.

    A paroled prisoner in the time of John F. Kennedy's assassination, he had a driving license under the name of Jim Braden.

    He was down the street during Robert Kennedy's assassination too!





John F. Kennedy Scared Many in the World Because of his Program of Conflict Solutions between the U.S.A. and the World.  






= discharge of some type of gun seen by a witness or multiple witnesses. Note, no one ever saw a gun discharge form the west window, the patsy?s perch.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, died at 12:30:08:10 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30:08:10 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963 A.D. Gregorian Modern, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. died by a near symultanous triple shot to his head.

Click for 10 mb large HD photo to read, slow loads for wifi and older computer models.




  • Stanly Kubrick?s final film, he passed away while in production, was to be an expos? on the Hollywood, entertainment, sex underworld -- a type of initiation into the ?in? crowd of the global elite.

  • War was/is/will be seen as a Bizarre Sexual Perversion to the global elite that remain held ? up by the commie lone-gunman narrative.

  • Civil Right Poor People are rioting in early 1960s: L.B.J.: ?Let us send them to die killing gooks in Asia, problem solved!? Martin Luther King, Jr. Complained about this in his later years, he was assassinated for this opposition to MEAMIC.   

  • Today, MEAMIC has overwhelmingly more registered Democrats than any other political party.

Lyndon B. Johnson recieved from American Tax Payers for Killing Kennedy some $25,000,000 (inflation today, about $750,000,000 ? of $1 Billion dollars). This was not of some private funds but from the U.S. citizen funds';  and L.B.J. knew if he killed Kennedy, he could grab these funds as the U.S.A. President. This means the U.S. Government allowed a loop-hole for criminals to exploit it, take a robbery profit, and kill innocent humans for sexual pleasure and greed. 

Malcolm Wallace complained he was not paid enough for his role, he was then assassinated.

KBR Halliburton's Army: the Way America Makes War ... Lady Bird Johnson Acquired KBR then ran kill colored people and poor people genocide programs: A total Racist.  ( youtube).


Lady Bird Johnson owned KBR-Halliburton ( purchased in 1962 A.D. onward as Vietnam was being discussed by her Husband as killing the colored people scenario) as a developed subsidiary of Halliburton to lay air strips in the east so MEAMIC could rape and kill peasants for sexual enjoyment and profit. She and her husband garnered contracts at $380,000,000 from the subsidiary law firm where her husband had worked, a subsidiary of Halliburton, a conglomerate after its owner died in 1956 A.D. Congress eventually shut down the Vietnam illegal operations, Lyndon B. Johnson also built Guantanamo type torture detention facilities in South Asia too.

Today, Halliburton is a military arm of MEAMIC and continues as one of the world's largest oilfield services companies. but as a conglomerate, after the death of Mr. Halliburton, it has become a cause -all of corruption. Its management currently votes strict Democratic Party Line. ( n.p.r. tries to apologize for Lyndon B. Johnson, 2003).

Famous MEAMIC members who had numerous Wall Street Shares in Halliburton. Singer, actress, Barbara Streisand, and documentarian Michael Moore. No matter what their carrers span, nor their public crying, they invested in Halliburton so they can laugh and enjoy the pain and suffering of the foreign families they helped destroy. There is 100% no other reason. 

Claudia Alta: LBJ Holding Co contracted with C.B.S. broadcasting Company to advocate Killing Gooks, their words for Asians. Their plan?  call them communists so LBJ Holding Co can dehumanize them, and kill their children and families for sexual excitement and profit. She even takes inheritance monies to buy a radio station to broadcast MEAMIC messages to the public.

Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson (December 22, 1912 ? July 11, 2007) . At an early age, a nursemaid said she was "as purty as a lady bird". Claudia Alta was a privileged filthy rich Democrat who believed to keep up her riches; you must kill gooks in Asia. This is not a joke. This is how these demons think & act! Lady Bird Johnon's Home when YoungHer birthplace was "The Brick House," an antebellum plantation mansion on the outskirts of town.

This is the home she grew up in and demanded to continue as privileged elite.  She is a Democrat, who started the international corporation Halliburton, which was just a legal entity at that time. Why is Entertainment in the MEAMIC acronym? Because Hollywood elites, like George Clooney weighs in on J.F.K. 50 year anniversary to say the Right-Wing killed Kennedy. This is an outright lie, he knows it, and thus he is also a member of MEAMIC, or Satan?s Army!  

How is "Brown & Root and Lyndon Johnson" like "Haliburton and Vice President Cheney"?
President Lyndon Johnson had the same type of cozy "you bankroll me and I'll send a lot of government contracts your way" relationship with Brown & Root as VP Cheney has with Haliburton today. Interestingly, Brown & Root bought Kellogg and became "Kellogg, Brown & Root", then "KBR", and then bought Haliburton with their massive Vietnam War profits. Haliburton IS Brown & Root, executing the same business plan that proved so successful in the 60's: put your guy into the White House (even if just as the de facto President), find a pretext for a war, have him find a way to get the US deep into the war, make MASSIVE PROFITS, PREFERABLY WITH NO-BID, COST-PLUS CONTRACTS, repeat.( yahoo questions & answers).

Some 42 minuets after Kennedy died (1:12 p.m.) Lee Harvey Oswald was claimed a lone shooter, case closed. The mystery solved. Less then 48 hours later, he is assassinated in the most secured room on Earth. The assassinator was an underworld crook, and would not talk but nonsense. The implications of the assassination created millions upon millions of innocent deaths of human beings. Kennedy and King both died from the same MEAMIC because they criticized the leadership of the war machine of the U.S.A. The person that most benefited had the Demon Star over his head when he was born. Then the Demon, Hoover and MEAMIC crystallizer headed up a court to cover up themselves. Their commission only used 17% of all the evidence; it ten years later admitted to falsifying evidence, corrupting visual (film and photo) evidence, and purposely ignoring contrary evidence that did not point to their fictitious character.

The Earl Warren Commission even re arranged the clearest film by local store owner Abraham Zapruder, then made a numerous amount of copies and disseminated them ascopies of the original version. All the right and left wing media outlets intend thenceforth Oswald had a huge facial scar running all the way through his face from ear to ear, moving past his mouth, clearly seen in all of his photos with guns ( Lee Harvey Oswald had no scar on his face, at all). Even these very spectacular photos scientifically prove two Suns were in the sky when these photos were snapped.

Arlen Specter ( Democrat, Republican, Democrat)  a vacillating party member in love with power itself tells us there is another law of physics in the Universe. You see, he proved that Oswald could made a shot to Kennedy?s head and then this bullet goes onto enter Connolly, about five places, breaking his wrist and stuff, and that the key was the position of John  Connolly , about 5 degrees to John?s left and sitting well below as the President?s seat as it was raised for the parade. Then he tells us that the trajectory of the bullet flings brain, blood and human matter to a right angle, and lifts a 10 centimeter portion of Kennedy?s skull some 150 feet into the grass section of the Mall.

The basic facts were there were no doctors, no scientists, nor any intellects on the Earl Warren Commission, nor did they call any experts into these matters. This was all a political, a ?community organizer? brain dead crowd.

Only one simple example proves no shot came form the east end sixth floor window of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository: Connolly does not get sprayed! Case Closed!

The key here was the film and photographs. Jacqueline Kennedy is covered, literally covered in blood, brain and human matter of the President. Lilly Connolly sitting in front of Jacqueline testifies she gets splattered as well. Lilly and John Connolly will for the rest of their lives intend that John was hit by a separate set of bullets. Then there is a police motorcycle man on the limo?s left, he gets brain and blood matter on him. Then there is the Secret Service man hanging on to the back of the car, you can see this in photos or film, he also gets brain and blood matter on him too as he was the SS limo follower on foot. But not John Connolly. The physics says, if the east sixth floor window is a launching point for a bullet at 2,000 f.p.s. (carcano, a world war ii rifle) you will not get blood and brain matter on a person directly in the line of fire ? trajectory. This is what all the lone shooter conspiracy nut jobs intend. Instead of calling them nutjobs or mis informed, they are members of MEAMIC, thus the Devil's Army! This is not a joke!

Example of how MEAMIC works in 2013 A.D. Some 70 % of modern MEAMIC's budget goes to outsourcing or to contractual agreements.

Obama + N.S.A. Gave FACEBOOK founder Mark Zukerberg $7,000,000,000; now FACEBOOK can see what users type... and reports directly to MEAMIC.

When Zukerberg took the money he already had 60 billion in his bank account, so what was the extra 7 billion? It was power, raw and simple.

Since the lone-shooter conspiracy nuts were the media, academia, entertainment, government, and the workplace, it was political correct back in 1964 onward never to speak of the John F. Kennedy assassination, some millions and millions of  innocent people had died.  Since no public government nor business would break the code of political correctness, private researches began to sort out the chaos and confusion from a clean model of the MEAMIC coup d??tat.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a very powerful admirer and buisness associative of Adolf Hitler created what Eisenhower said in 1961 in his farewell speech to his presidency; beware of the Academic Military Industrial Complex. In 1935 the mason began a secret war in China, he used the NAZI model of pinning their patrons against a slew of communist and poor foreigner country oppositions to world power. Hitler rose to power by Democracy, pitting the communists against the nationalist socialist German Party ( NAZI).  The common thread was communism and this was how Franklin Delano Roosevelt constructed MEAMIC. It was a cover excuse for the U.S.A. government to run roughshod over less developed countries, controlling their governments, placing in puppet dictators, confiscating lands, and setting up over 150 military bases around the world to strike any country at any time, and thus intimidate them into advantageous economic contracts. This policy was then set to the banking institutions and Wall Street, pyramidal scheme to allow the rich to manipulate shareholders to collect the vast sum of international capital. Franklin Delano Roosevelt first choice to have a military go out and conquer was to conqure Great Britain. However difficult this may seem to impliment, he saw an allie in Adolf Hitler and other Fascist ideologues.  It would be public pressure that forces F.D.R. to relinquish his open admiration for the NAZIs. But secretly, almost all corporations, from General Electric, Ford Motors to building supplies, steel industries, oil industries and most U.S. business were supplying the NAZIs to build their war machines, in full approval by F.D.R.. In all the leftwing school textbooks, meaning all, F.D.R. is ranked the best U.S.A. President of all time.

The joint military, the joint chief of staffs, the joint covert secret contracted military operations all come from F.D.R.?s secret operation 40 , expanded version. F.D.R.?s family that lived and owned vast lands in China, via the British and American controls after America forced Japan to open, and the British forced China to open, conducted what we know today as Covert operations. The Lone-shooter conspiracy nuts intend covert operations starts under John F. Kennedy, the Green Berets. This stuff is happening earlier under F.D.R., in Burma and China in 1937 A.D. His extended family controls the airplane opium distribution, the largest and richest cartel in all of history. Academics never mention one negative word about F.D.R. This is because they are MEAMIC.

The Same goes for their beloved head demon, Lyndon Baines Johnson, there prescribed Great Society. Academia is wed to MEAMIC because the middle class was created by raping other countries of their wealth, resources, and economic institutions. So they must teach the young children there are crazy people who intend persons that are members of the Democratic Party cannot, never, no ever, do anything unethical or criminal to harm the global community. The Bolsheviks, which means Democrat in Russian, was a coup d??tat group that took over Russia with its charismatic leader, Vladimir Lenin. he runs propaganda 101, and the Germans pick up on this, and F.D.R. is a total admirer of the NAZI, he implements propaganda 101. Since Academia is MEAMIC, you read F.D.R. was an angel, number 1, and L.B.J. was an angel, number 2. and the rest of the U.S. Presidents are behind in U.S.A. importance to MEAMICs life. Your children grow up being indoctrinated that MEAMIC is god or is daddy. What MEAMIC says, therefore, is correct and true and cannot be challenged or you get disowned by the family, left to die of exposure and to die by extream suffering. The code-word, politically correct, are called 'progressive' polices.

Democrats live to enslave humans, as some form of sexual disease coupled with unethical greed. After they were forced by the Right wing to give up Black Bondage, they switched to brown exploitation. For example, keeping black slaves was expensive, and so paying illegal workers in the U.S.A. some $4.50 per hour for back breaking work the blacks used to do, but without providing food and shelter, this is ?exactly? the same human bondage system in America. The Republicans allow this to go on, at least the establishment republicans who do not seem to care about the poor American. This is why people like Michael Hastings (Hastings brought down a key MEAMIC military general, and M. H.  was murdered by MEAMIC, last year in my town, they have a huge headquarters here, such a high-rise ?eye sore? off the 405 Freeway) and Edward Snowden need to exist. If the U.S.A. is going about raping the good nature of humans it needs to die, & die completely.

This has nothing to do with becoming Time Mag. Man of the Year; this is about real change and defeating the real demonic force in our government institutions of today, all across the globe. Anyone that stands in the way needs to be thrown into a Lake of Fire.

The How to Defeat Long-Shooter Conspiracy Nuts.


LBJ's attorney, Barr McClellan, wrote How LBJ Killed JFK.   Backup
"I know beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnson murdered Kennedy."

Herod the Great killed his children and relatives. His society was called ?The Great?, thus Herod the Great. Lyndon B. Johnson killed his sister and love-child son. He also killed about 8 others, not including John F. Kennedy. His name is linked to a Great Society.

What is Brand New?

  • Newly Released Classified Documents Claim Jacqueline Kennedy toward the end of her life said: L.B.J. ordered the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  • After this period E. Howard Hunt?s son claimed his father said Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the assassination of John. F. Kennedy.

  • After this period some dude messed around with the lone fingerprint on file and matched it to notorious Lyndon B. Johnson Hit Man Malcolm Wallace, George H. W. Bush's Skull & Bones partner.

  • Newly released C.I.A. classified documents reveal in 1963 George H. Walker Bush was moving up in the C.I.A., so perhaps the call to the Huston F.B.I. just minuets after the assassination, reported by G.H.W.B. ( who leaves with Edward Lansdale, the architect of the Vietnam War) and one of the notoriously three Oswald wallets found the same Huston F.B.I. phone number does match a thematic.

  • James Files and Christian David's narratives have structural problems.

USA |1963 pages: Origins of the U.S.A. MEAMIC

Assassination of J.F.K Changes America & world and identifies Evil in the Places that it should not be, our lives!

"If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the CIA. The agency represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone." - John F. Kennedy.

U.S.A. Media, Entertainment, Washington D.C., Public and Private Unions all claim John F. Kennedy is a liar, the C.I.A. is daddy, is a good daddy!


Events that changed the world views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

#1 Mark Lane, On a Merv Griffin television show,  holds up a Warren Commission, unredacted photo, of someone he believes is Jake Ruby standing outside the DTSB Depository some 10-11 minuets after the kill-shot.

William King "Bill" Harvey (September 13, 1915 – June 9, 1976) was a Central Intelligence Agency officer‚ best known for his role in Operation Mongoose. He is Allen Dullas' mastermind for assassination and coups. Rumor has it he left Europe and flew to Dallas Texas days before the assassination. The U.S. Congress still believes his Commercial Airliner schedule is a national security threat, even in the year of 2016 A.D. ↓

Asssassin Team Gun Delivery at 11:00 a.m. To Grassy Knoll. Sheriff, Dallas, Doc(s).

[Julia Ann Mercer saw Jack Ruby in a pick-up truck delivering a rifle in Dealey, see page on Lee Havery Oswald and her Dallas Sherrif (JAM Doc 1 of 2, JAM Doc 2 of 2 ) statements to authorities.]  Later statement claiming she could not identify Ruby she claimed were falsified, including her signature. She got spooked, made an nicity exscuse and did not appear for the HSCA trial. She fled Dallas, TX. in fear of MAEMIC!  

Julia Ann Mercer: Shortly before 11 o?clock on the morning of the assassination, Julia Ann Mercer was driving through Dealey Plaza. Her car was held up in traffic on Elm Street, close to a parked pick?up truck containing two men. She noticed white man in late 20s-early 30s, gray jacket, brown pants, tight wool hat with a tassle afficked, and a plaid shirt of the two men take a package, the size and shape of a rifle case, out of the back of the pick?up. The man carried the package to Daeley Plaza grassy knoll edge near the triple overpass and disappeared.

This sparked so much controversy that it brought another investigation: United States House Select Committee on Assassinations. HSCA almost was about to conclude Oswald was the lone shooter in its 1979 report. Then another event changed the world's views. HSCA got an audio tape with recordings of the shots, so they forestalled the report to take a look!

Nixon In DallasRichard ' I lLove to kill People' Nixon in Dallas 1947 Jake Rubenstine works for Richard Nixon

←← HUAC-112447 ( sensitive): While a U.S. Congressman, Jake Rubenstine (called himself Jack Ruby) worked for Richard Nixon. Nixon planned the Bay of Pigs under the Eisenhower administration. When Eisenhower gave his U.S. Academic Military Industrial Complex speech, in my opinion, one of those key members is Richard ? I love to kill Innocent People? Nixon. Richard Nixon sided with the Jewish Mob, while Lyndon Johnson sided with the Italian mob. John & Robert did not side with any mob.

#2 H.B. McLain always claimed his motorcycle radio was not on, it was not jammed, it was not broken. That recording is seen clearly in [ a photo famous photo]. You can clearly see one of L.B.J.'s Secret Service men holding up a microphone, a radio receiver to which recorded the sounds of Daeley Plaza for the MAEMIC so they can 'cover-up' witness statement later. The audio proved at least '4' loud distinctive shots, and two lesser sounding shots. HSCA concluded that the U.S. government was not involved at any point and 'perhaps' Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone shooter!

H.B. McLain was concluded by world experts to be 250 feet behind Kennedy's Limo. However, as technology in general has quickly progressed, sound technology places the recorder where the L.B.J. Secret Service man is holding up his mic and receiver in the  AP photo. This is a part of the installation 'puppet leader' models used all around the world, conducted by the MAEMIC, which of course in on scene.

The reason Greer (Presidential Driver) slows down, twice and nearly to a halt, is because MAEMIC stopped the lead car of the Motorcade, two special Dallas Army Private Intel drivers are leading the Kennedy motorcade. The Army Intel, stops that car and the man begins to ask questions to these front car members. What you will be reading in USA/1963 MAEMIC pages will be these models of the Military Industrial Complex, which are mirrored and achieved throughout the world with better than average success.

?[A]t least for this time, remains under wrap... [next gragh] Oswald subject was trained by this agency [ N.S.A. C.I.A. F.B.I.] under cover of the office of Navel Intelligence [ this would be today, the N.S.A.] for Soviet assignments. Preliminary training, in 1957,  subject had motive [ Oswald?s desire to discover Marxism, + U2 radar spy plane maintenance ] in social reconnaissance of Mainland China and maintained a security clearance up to the ?confidential level.? Mix [ed] military reports during this period are open to your agency and I have [ James J. Rowly, Chief of Secret Service] directed they be forwarded to the Commission.?

NSA Oswald 1957-12.24.1963

N.S.A. Spook Lee Harvey Oswald 1957-12.24.1963

Lee Harvey Oswald N.S.A./C.I.A.

Lee Harvey Oswald N.S.A./C.I.A. File: 3 March 1964 ,  For the Warren Commission ( Left out of court and then classified for national security measures). by James J. Rowly, Chief U.S. Secret Service to the C.I.A. Cheif, John McCone, dated 3 March 1964.  Here is just a portion of the transcript. black text: parenthetical(s) by me.

Ruby & Oswald Classified Tax Returns (deemed a threat to National Security, even until today!)

L.H.O. September of 1962 F.B.I., assigned No. 179 paid $ 200.oo U.S. dollars, about 1,000 dollars in today's inflation, which was not much, thus he also had to take jobs to support his two children, and estranged wife. Of one of the three (3) Oswald wallets found and used with no discretion had the same F.B.I. office contact phone number George H. W. Bush called  Huston F.B.I. office some seven (7) minuets after 12:30 p.m. leaves Daeley Plaza only at 1:50 P.M. with Landsdale after patsy was arrested. He always, even till today, does not recall where he was on this important day, although documents released with his name show he is directly involved! There have been a handful of C.I.A. chiefs, he is amongst this crowd. Celebrities, media, and many Americans adore him and the Bush family. This is why nothing happens to them. 

George Herbet Walker Bush (GHWB) Bush came back to Dealey Plaza  to be photographed with Lansdale, who remained around Dealey Plaza until Oswald was arrested at the Texas Theater at 1:50 PM. They leave only after the Patsy is arrested. While Bush came out of the chief C.I.A. to be Reagan's vice president, he was working with Bill Clinton on machine parts for covert wars in South America and the Middle East, out of Arkansas. Bill Clinton won the MAEMIC trust, he was a robot and complient.

An FBI Memo from director J. Edgar Hoover (photo), discovered by John McBride in 1988 but written just seven days after the assassination, provides verification George H.W. Bush was an officer of the CIA in 1963 and was provided updates on the anti-Castro Cubans. There is another George Bush, but he was an office clerk, he would not be mentioned in a secret memo on sensitive national security issues.

She claimed that she had been travelling by car from Florida to Dallas, in order to do a drug deal. She had shared the car with two men, who stated that they were planning to kill President Kennedy during his imminent visit to Dallas. She repeated her claim to a doctor the day before the assassination.

Rose Cherami

Rose Cherami listened as two men discuss the assassination two days prior; she warns her doctor and the police before the assassination. She is later in 1965 run over and died from a mysterious car. Otherwise, researchers would have been descending upon her.

Rose Cherami (sometimes spelt ?Cheramie?, n?e Melba Christine Marcades) was hitch hiking back form Florida to Dallas to connect with a drug dealer (confirmed by the F.B.I.) and she took a ride with two men that bragged about how they were to kill the U.S.A. President soon, and that was where they were headed ( she is headed to Dallas to connect with a drug dealer.). Although a drug addict and dismissed by F.B.I., Warren Commission, she had told a a police man and a doctor before the assassination as well. After Rubenstein assassinates Oswald, her story expands to include Ruby was in on the assassination and perhaps, he might have known Lee Harvey Oswald. MAEMIC dismissed her, and she was quickly killed by a mysterious car running her over in 1965.  

Europe?s Response: Far be it from the U.S.A. people who support the MEAMIC, intending it can never do wrong nor lie, the Swiss and the French immediately after Jack Rubenstine assassinates Lee Harvey Oswald, they had 3,500 years of texts that showed this was in fact a coup d??tat model!

Firecracker theorum: Four Shooters by Witnesses

Firecrackers were heard by witnesses:  these were a flurry of bullets ricocheting, hitting car windshields, deflecting to puncture and bounce off of car metal or curbs or street. Confirmed witnesses to guns of Daeley Plaza indicate by raw tabulation: (1) A Shooter at the north end of knoll, almost buttressed to the triple-overpass, there are numerous witnesses and a large crowd which hovers thereafter as photos show some 10 minuets after the assassination. Among them is newsman Robert MacNeil who will leave the north knoll/ triple overpass corner and meet Oswald outside and near the DTSBD to ask Oswald where a phone can be found (so he can report his news, so Oswald has not left Dealey Plaza yet, it is at least 12:45 p.m.). A large puff of smoke was seen, a gun discharged by many witnesses, first reported as seven witnesses who were standing on the overpass but closer toward the Mall area. This shooter numerically claimed to be of the best shooters in the world, and French Connection assassin, Lucian Sarti. He could have made these long distant shots. Fake policeman, we see them filmed and photo, so they are real, escort these individuals out of view of all others. Later three fakes, popularly titled, three tramps ( albeit dressed in expensive clothes) are 1.5 1.9 hours later paraded, filmed, photographed, with Lansdale in Daeley Plaza to say these were three men taken from train tracks, where the triple overpass meets with the north knoll.

(2), there are two men behind the stockade fence, 11:00 a.m. a witness sees them arrive with gun, about 33 feet from the colonnade steps that go toward Mary and Abraham, and then to whom Summers directly sees shoot the president and confronts him, he is told to go back, be shot or die, then police officers apprehend them, they screamed and show F.B.I. documentation, the Dallas police converse for a few seconds and they go their separate ways. The reason no one is on the knoll or behind were MEAMIC threatening them openly with being hurt or killed. The Chain of Command Was Broken, because in 1947, the F.B.I. had immunity form being arrested. So the gunman that Summers? sees, he is in many films and can be seen in Abraham Zapruder toward the end of the film, looks directly at a discharge, a gun, a man?s face and his body and clothes. Many believe the shooter is Charles Nicolleti.

(3) We have the Dal Tex missed bullet, it hits a curb way down field, thus the trajectory does link to Oil men?s offices in side of Dal Tex that were collaborating and Eugene Hale Brading is arrested and Bush intervenes and he is released; There is also a neck wound to Kennedy that appears to be from a near level, and that too could have been from a 5 grade from a low window of the Dal Tex bld; and (4),  there is the g fragment, about 10 cm. piece of the President?s skull found about 150 feet into the Mall grassy area, clear position by F.B.I. reenactment the next day, on photographic evidence. The trajectory of this fragment, being so powerfully flung is only possible from one of the west column windows of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository. This intends at least four shooters or a better interpretation of four shooters that took shots. Lyndon B. Johnson, 19-year neighbor to J. E. Hoover has his personal assassin, Malcolm Wallace ( he is photographed with GHWB at Yale?s Skull & Bones Fraternity left his partial fingerprints in the otherwise ?wiped-clean? nest areas inside of the DTSB Depository.

Shots in Warren Commission Testimony That You May Have Never Heard Of Before:

(5 (pos 3,  1 of 2 shoots)) mark on the pavement, ricochet out of there: First said on a manhole cover, but after a photo produced by the MAEMIC, he changes to turf and concrete. Interesting that the Warren Commission had all of Hoover's re-creations to confused witnesses of what they actually saw. It was hit. they caught the manhole cover right on the corner: The Testimony of J.W. Foster was taken at 1:30 a.m., on April 9, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Joseph A. Ball, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.

Warren Commission Judgment: Ignore this bullet, it does not fit our Patsy model!

Overpass detail: J.C. White supposed to be on the west side banister ( on the overpass). J.W. Foster ( testimony (5 pos 3) )  was supposed to be on the east side banister. He claims there were over a dozen employees, he could not identify but for IDs, and a half hearted, someone else pointed them out as part of the overpass employees connected to the trains. His eye witness to the commission is a shot coming from the corner of Elm and Houston and that bullet hits the pavement, street, turf and a manhole, it was a ricochet according to Foster. This bullet never entered the final conclusion, it did not exist.

If we take raw decisions to kill humans ( a curt list of genocides) , then these are the tallies.

CHINA Mao Tse-tung: genocide, many rural peasants to make food for sale to Austria and some European countries, & some South Asian islands, and  then killed  millions of these peasants --  they cost to much to support economically! [ what is the reason? It was truman and F.D.R.]

SOVIET UNION RUSSIA Josef Stalin ( overwhelming proof that The Russian paramilitaries genocided the Polish Jews, not Hitler?s NAZI, as was  recorded incorrectly in fifty-years of writing World War II novels and investigations.). The Georgia and Ukrainian genocides, as well as multiple foreigners, and invasion of Manchuria by illegal agreement from F.D.R. to Stalin, at Cairo, witnessed by 4 Star General J. Stilwell, the C.I.A. Doctrinaire.

THIRD REIGN GERMANY  Adolf Hitler: bombing of the British people, invasion  of Russia, and toward the end, the Final Solution holocaust.

OPERATION  RACISM: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Family runs the airplane opium distribution ( china has little roads nor rail at this time, struggles from the earlier Boxer Rebellion.  In 1935, a plan to conduct secret war in China, 1937 brings covert U.S. Military into China to make war on Japan. First build Japanese military, allow them to invade and take over Chinese banks, because of the destabilization of the Boxer Rebellion and continuing struggles. Conduct genocides and frame Japan for these in major cities. A very big success: most Academic books blame an out of control Japanese administration bent on conquest and war ? this is in fact F.D.R.?s secret program. For more detail, see members of MEAMIC, in USA/1963 pages. Millions of Japanes and millions of Chinese and other Asians killed as a result. Adolf Hitler knew this before any American, and this is why he calls, in public, F.D.R. out as a real 'madman!' F.D.R. was so insane he planned to bomb Britain and blame it on others, and he had fantasies of conquering the British Empire.

MEAMIC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Lyndon B. Johnson + Richard Nixon: dropped more bombs in South Asia than both World War I and World War II combined. Their prime motive, to rid Asians forms the face of the Earth, as MAEMIC performed in Laos. This was genocide, a pure tyrannical and terroristic act. Anyone that makes excuses for these two U.S. figures are enemies of the human people of Earth.

Why was J. E. Hoover in on the coup d??tat?  

Like the later firing of Allen Dullas, John F. Kennedy was to tear MEAMIC apart. This plan was taped by Jimmy Hoffa?s private investigator in California :  John F. Kennedy was going to fire Hoover, and thus the position of so much power was to much for Hoover to believe in relinquishing.  

Jimmy Hoffa hired a private detective to bug Peter Lawford's home in California. It was here that Hoffa recorded the president having sex with Marylin Monroe, and in between, he also recorded highly confidential conversion about John F. Kennedy firing Hoover.

Hoffa, aware of Hoover's hatred of the Kennedys, made sure this information reached his ears. If Hoover had been fired as planned, he would lose immunity from prosecution for his earlier dealings with the Mafia.

[see footnote, treason].

How Does Cuba Get Involed.

Cuba like so many Caribbean islands were used for molasses, sugar, and other foodstuff production, and there came the slavery aspect. Once freepersons ended slavery and the people that controlled it, Cuba was open and free, but controlled by petty leaders. They too wanted to become rich so they advertized for people to come to Cuba and build profit making machines, such as gambling casinos. And the Mafia, here Lansky whose only Federal crimes were illegal gambling rackets,  will be asked by the Cuba petty leaders to come to Cuba and make an Adult Disney Land, full of prostitution, poolside resorts, gambling, it would have been  the most prestigious place;  thus no need for the later Las Vegas.

The problems with the ?make Cuba? an adult Disney Land sanctuary is that natives lived, worked, and desired the island to be their home, free from Mob and Government supported take-over crimes. The events of World War II forced the U.S. government to treat former mob criminals as soldiers and helpers. So in return, the mob after the war believed the U.S.A.

Myer Lanskey (n?e Meyer Suchowljansky; July 4, 1902 ? January 15, 1983)  used blackmail to get Hoover to do what he wanted. This is Nixon?s boy. Lanskey used a claim that a photograph of a cross-dressing Hoover performing fellatio on his partner Clyde Tolsen could be used against Hoover. And thus the F.B.I. head was dead-set on keeping power, he would be corrupted however, even harming peoples of the Earth, to conceal his additions, such as power and such as closed door perversion.

Lansky helped Lucky L. (FDR's ultra ultra secret ' Operation UnderWorld', where Luciano was allowed to see his men, un recorded, in prison in exchange for diagnosing and pre-invasion mapping Sicilia = which tethered the Mafioso to the U.S.A. This helped British Montgomery and Four Star General Patton successfully invade and recapture Sicily and a rout to mainland Italy. Secret FBI/CIA/NAVT Intel post 1947 NSA, et al. and turning against European KKK, white Christian Protestants as ruling social authorities. F.D.R. kept this very secret, embarrassed as well as running numerous operations with Stalin to acquire a land the size of Texas, Manchuria, at Cairo with Gen. Stilwell watching and photographing. This helped Russia gain an ice free water port. Operation UnderWorld allowed the Mafioso to implement programs to permanently end the Klu Klux Klan ( 2 nd wave, the White Christian Protestants, ,who idiotically went along with Prohibition, and alcohol was never stop flowing into the Congressional back rooms.

Robert Kennedy did not want black mail to happen to Hoover, but Hoover never wanted Robert to have any power over him. Hoover black African, half black man, started the modern form of F.B.I. in 1935, favored colored ( Italians, half black / half brown to white mixed) compared to the Kennedys' northern isle- European color of skin tones.

47 years F.B.I., 'Homosexual, long term relationships with same sex, anti White, first F.B.I. chief, with African American roots. He favored colored immigrant organized crime ( he helped create the MAFIA with the help of Hollywood Ganstra celebratory early Motion Pictures) and helped to end the White Protestant Christians, K.K.K. He believed Christians would not tolerate him, dressed as a sissy gurl, on his knees in front of men.

owed them ?favors? and their main desire and dream was to annex Cuba for a Party-Central profit making adventure. The ? we are better than all the other creatures? crowd  in the U.S.A. wanted Cuba as another state, just like The Hawaiian Islands. But there were Christians and others who did not see a need for annexation, when the U.S.A. has everything it needs. This created a secret conflict and thus the covert actions of the demons in charge with carte blanche funds, ordered to be taken from the U.S.A. citizens without questions.

Fidel Castro was one of those individuals that did not desire to have Cuba turned over to the U.S.A. and the Mob. It remains too difficult to understand why Castro would be an enemy of Washington D.C. when John F. Kennedy was working covertly to allow Castro to rule Cuba, thus keep out the foreign contaminants, the mob. Castro was being fed lies by MEAMIC, so he did not have the whole truth!

The mob was extremely upset that Kennedy was not on their evil side ( same siad for MEAMIC). The most damaging Mob boss to feel the brunt of losing Cuba was Santos Trafficante, of the Tampa or a greater wing of Florida?s crime families. The island of Cuba lay the closest to U.S. state, Florida.

Batista's closest friend in the Mafia was Lansky. They formed a renowned friendship and business relationship that lasted for a decade. During a stay at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York in the late 1940s, it was mutually agreed upon that, in exchange for kickbacks, Batista would offer Lansky and the Mafia control of Havana's racetracks and casinos. Batista would open Havana to large scale gambling, and his government would match, dollar for dollar, any hotel investment over $1 million, which would include a casino license. Lansky would place himself at the center of Cuba's gambling operations. He immediately called on his associates to hold a summit in Havana.

The Havana Conference was held on December 22, 1946 at the Hotel Nacional. This was the first full-scale meeting of American underworld leaders since the Chicago meeting in 1932. Present were such figures as Joe Adonis and Albert "The Mad Hatter" Anastasia, Frank Costello, Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno, Vito Genovese, Moe Dalitz, Thomas Luchese, from New York, Santo Trafficante Jr. from Tampa, Carlos Marcello from New Orleans, and Stefano Magaddino, Joe Bonanno's cousin from Buffalo. From Chicago there were Anthony Accardo and the Fischetti brothers, "Trigger-Happy" Charlie and Rocco, and, representing the Jewish interest, Lansky, Dalitz and "Dandy" Phil Kastel from Florida. The first to arrive was Lucky Luciano, who had been deported to Italy.

How does the Mob Link to the MEAMIC?

The 1959 Cuban revolution and the rise of Fidel Castro changed the climate for mob investment in Cuba. On that New Year's Eve of 1958, while Batista was preparing to flee to the Dominican Republic and then on to Spain (where he died in exile in 1973), Lansky was celebrating the $3 million he made in the first year of operations at his 440-room, $18 million palace, the Habana Riviera. Many of the casinos, including several of Lansky's, were looted and destroyed that night. The mob cried to the U.S. authorities. So what was the mob to do? It used normative black mail and academic arguments. First, many, if not at least one prominent

(academic arguments): Mob figure marked the C.I.A. ( here MEAMIC) as the same thing as the mob. Both made money off of international corporations and Wall Street, and both desired a continual global influence. One of those operation directives were ?expansion.? So MEAMIC, the mob, and anti-Castro peasants formed an alliance, mainly behind normal U.S. government channels. When Kennedy and Khrushchev were to end the Cold War , both were diametrically opposed to hardliners in their respective parties, the MEAMIC and the Mob had a common enemy now in John F. Kennedy.

(black mail): The Mob set about working with MEAMIC and often warring over eachother to bug and get 'sensitive' information to use as blackmail against top U.S. leadership positions. Nixon was obsessed with high bug technologies. Nixon was obsessed with high bug technologies. Today, a man sued N.S.A. for six years, and a judge ruled in his favor, because we found out the N.S.A. fraudulently creates fake emails, puts your name on them, then frames you as a typical Mob racketeering operation. They found this out in court, because N.S.A. did this to Obama. However, like during J.F.K?s period and today, MEAMIC does not care if you know they are Satan?s army or not, they careless, no one does anything to them at all. They have carte blanche to kill, maim, destroy, and rape humans and resources all across the Earth and each year 75% of the Entire U.S. Budget funds these operations.  The most compromising was the still anti-homosexual practices of the U.S.A. people. This forced transvestite J.E. Hoover to remain in the closet and be blackmailed by Jimmy Hoffa. The Mob exploited this because Hoover loved the power of being chief F.B.I. more than political activism for his sexual cause. Therefore the mob could blackmail Hoover into Killing Kennedy, which of course happens.

Santos Trafficante

Allen Dullas linked  ( worked with)  to Santos Trafficante: John Roselli publically talks about this and is killed for talking.

DCI Walter Bedell Smith called for Guatemalan Coup D??tat. This Model Used to Kill Kennedy almost textbook! He begins the  Military White House Complex and a small group of the Pentagon to rule America by Military Fiat.

PBSUCCESS, authorized by President Eisenhower in August 1953, Richard Nixon is directly involved:  CIA installed Castillo Armas in power and then set about last stage of PBSUCCESS called for "roll-up of Communists and collaborators," rounded up humans and slaughtered them, perhaps for perversion emotions? Since that coup d??tat which mirrors the J.F.K.'s , human rights groups estimate that repressive leaders have killed around 100,000 innocent deaths which had occurred because of the interference by the U.S.A., data to the 1990s.  Even under Ronald Reagan, the interference continued. -- May 23, 1997 Government releases a few hundred of many thousand still classified documents, C.I.A.

UNIONS TO CASINOS:  Mobs Role in U.S. Politics and Agency.

FBI and legendary Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau claimed, Lansky kept accounts in other people's names, but owned the people, thus they could perhaps use some of it but if he asked, he would get whatever he had in them. He may have fiend poverty toward the end of his life, but later investigations turned up loads of off-shore accounts. One of his sons was handicapped and he treated him like a piece of trash, he died for a lack of medical bills. The Kennedy family expressed and practiced love and affection for the handicap. So one can see the contrast; because in the 1970s, Lansky transferred some $15 million to one of his family members. He had hidden accounts. Just like the illegal U.S. President Barack Obama and his 2012 challenger, Mitt Romney, both admitted live on Television during the presidential debates, they do not pay taxes on off-shore accounts in the Cayman islands, while others, may not  be possible today, placed their robber-funds out of U.S. tax authorities in Swiss Bank accounts, like Bill and Hillary Clinton. These MEAMIC members hide their monies while ?ordering? the common poor to pay their taxes, thus these criminals live-off the backs of the Poor. The Mob first came into prominence, not for bootlegging, but for latching on to F.D.R.?s unions, exploiting them, raping their funds, putting fictitious people on pay-roll(s), and this was one of the reasons that Jimmy Hoffa was going to be sent to Prison. It is the U.S.A. public?s money that built the Mob and MAEMIC hangouts, across the globe. The Kennedy?s were cracking down on this, and after they leave influential positions others take up the course of action against the Mob. The mob then has to figure out how to keep up their rich lifestyles and that is where the casino and gambling ideas come from after the U.S. begins to kick out the parasite mobs from public unions. This conversion is happening while Cuba is becoming a revolutionary island.


  • Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX. or nearby!

Nixon, Eisenhower?s vice president was in on the know. He is privy to the top secret CIA assassination program called "Operation 40" that was aimed at killing Fidel Castro, but it is just a model used to get rid of undesirables, according to Satan?s army.

George Herbert Walker Bush ( .

Click To Enlarge Nixon In DallasRichard Nixon's Confession, he always knew, told ( ?) The people who killed Kennedy were "Texas oil men."

Richard Nixon ( Congressman  and arch opponent of J.F.Kennedy, losing to him in a close race in the 1960 general election).  Conflicting accounts, to hide where he was is a fact! Ironically Dullas prosecuted Watergate to kick Nixon out of office. The same Military Complex, Warren Commission figures with the age-ol' sayi' of Serpent eating its own head(s).

Click To Enlarge Nixon In DallasRichard Nixon's embraced  the Southern Strategy of White Supremacy Military Complex. He uses the Military Complex ( C.I.A. Team) to attempt to eradicate Asians for planet Earth. Richard Nixon helps us know the minuet details of the John F. Kennedy Coup D??tat Model. Ironically Dullas procecuted Watergate.

Nixon incredulously told aide H.R. Haldeman on the infamous Watergate tapes to tell CIA Director Richard Helms to tell the FBI to "back off" the ongoing Watergate investigation or "the whole Bay of Pigs-thing" [he means the J.F.K. assassination]  was going to be exposed.

Edward Lansdale: Architect of the Vietnam War. In 1953 Lansdale was sent to Vietnam to advise the French on how to turn over Vietnam to the control of the U.S.A.; Edward Lansdale, working undercover as an assistant air attache at Saigon's U.S. Dallas Cops in Halloween Police Consumes, carrying shot-guns  ( the Dallas Police Department officers do not carry shot guns). He used the standard Angleton approved coup d??tat model on Guatemalans' leader, and used it on Kennedy.   These photos were taken in High Definition by professional Press Photographers about 1.5 Hours after  after the Kennedy Kill Shot. So what is the archetype of the Vietnam War doing walking with an expression that nothing happened with a brief case at the scene of the crime?

Ed Landsdale was identified walking past ?the three tramps? (center) by no less authorities than L. Fletcher Prouty, the liaison between the Pentagon and the CIA for covert activities?who was the basis for the figure, ?Col. X?, in Oliver Stone?s ?JFK?, and Victor Krulak, former Commandant of the Marine Corps, both of whom knew him well. (vt)

Time 2:00 p.m. 22 Nov. 1963 Dallas L.M.T.

William King "Bill" Harvey was known as "America's James Bond", a tag given to him by Edward Lansdale.

–David C. Martin‚ Washington Post‚ 10 October 1976‚ The CIA´s “Loaded Gun”.

Fake Dallas Cops ( they do not carry shot-guns!!!!!!) escort three unknown persons who acknowledge Edward Lansdale, no reports of these people exist, wiped from the record. These three well dressed men, the Military Complex media deemed them as poor tramps -- false narrative -- were apprehended hiding in a box car near the railroad tracks by the scene of the crime.

click for larger photo fake Dallas Cops + Landsdale

front arrestee: Charles Rogers a sharp shooter. He later gruesomely murdered his family, and rumors are he was involved in the Martin Luther King assassination. He was a member of the Navy intelligence corps N.S.A. 55. He was proficient in spanish and russian.

blondie is Charles Harrelson ( jfk arrests 2) ( Woody Haeerlson's father) Charles Harrelson b. July 23, 1938 in Huntsville, Texas. He is pointed out by Feds. in the Doolittle murder in Corpus Christ.

Older arrestee: Chauncey Holt an accomplished painter. He was also a good shooter, and knew or worked for the mob and C.I.A. Confessed to participating.

Time 2:00 p.m. 22 Nov. 1963 Dallas L.M.T.

Lois Gibson, the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest crime solving rate based on composite sketches. , worked for Houston Police Department . Findings: seven pictures taken by three different photographers.

It's just a coincidece that they are in Dealey Plaxa, and being arrested by the faux police officers after Kennedy was shot.

Fake Dallas Cops click for larger Since no record of their arrest or locations after this photo, we deemed them being escorted in front of everyone but out of the crime scene, thus the undercover operation of a faux police march gives us a mode of operation to securely  transfer them out of Dallas.

Chauncey told J.F.K. assassination investigators they [ these three criminals] were walked to the police department and then they were let go, out the back door. The case was closed at 2:00 p.m., Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, although Oswald was never charged in the crime.

He admitted he was involved, so the MEAMIC shut him up in prison. He specialized in forged Secret Service IDs. 

Chauncey Holt  was a career CIA operative who worked for the agency during the Bay of Pigs invasion as a documents expert, was incarcerated in Federal Prison when he began talking in 1991.

David Atlee Phillips ( C.I.A. head of The French Connection, Mexico City). He has Ruby ( and perhaps Oswald) running carcanos ( cheap Italian-French World War II rifles, yes they lost the war due to crap munitions)  to the U.S. Mexican boarder, in Texas and moving them to Miami to be shipped to Guatemala where a secret C.I.A. Military Team is training anti-Castro forces for an imperialism project.

Jack Leon Rubenstein ( Jake Ruby, a.k.a. ?Sparky?) photographed five to seven minuets after the assassination standing next to the Texas School Book Depository. In a few minuets, because G.W. H. Bush is on the phone to Huston?s F.B.I. department will come out and help secure the DTCBD. This photo presented by Mark Lane on Merv Griffen in late 1966 A.D. changes the course of America. No longer does the U.S.A. public trust in the U.S.A. government or people that support the U.S.A. government. Old footage of Mark Lane on the Merv Griffin show arguing with David Susskind.
In this footage, Lane shows a photo of someone he thinks is Jack Ruby taken  outside the school book depository. If it's Ruby, that's a problem. The photo remains in many archived Mark Lane interviews with the photo held up and pointing to the Warren Commissions? same photo but cropped Ruby out of the photo. This photo has been the most suppressed of them all.

Chief Justice Earl Warren interviewed Jack Ruby and all Jack told him was someone forced him to kill Oswald. But he would only tell Warren in front of the U.S.A. Congress in fear of being tortured and killed in prison. Later he named that person in his final letter.

The last letter of Jack Ruby, the Oswald killer, who accuses President Lyndon B. Johnson. (

Jack Ruby?s importance came less the 48 hours after the assassination, he assassinates the patsy. This sparked ( pardon the pun) a European onslaught of ?conspiracy theories?! How could a secured basement of the Dallas Building where they held Oswald, and of the most wanted man in the world, be accessed by anyone to kill the President?s alleged assassin? Almost all the Dallas Policemen knew Jack Ruby, so why say they thought he was a Secret Service Man? This made Europeans very angry because they had been tricked by their governments in the past; they knew instantly this was a lone-shooter conspiracy by the organs in the U.S.A. government and now supported by Media and Hollywood -- thus they too work for the U.S.A. Military Complex, thus having no morals and kill for excitement..

Jacob Leon Rubenstein; (b. March 25, 1911 Chicago ? January 3, 1967, parents Polish Jews). In his only jail confession, Ruby stated a secret force ordered him to kill Oswald. But would only disclose this information in front of the U.S.A. Congress citing fear for his life. He was denied and died rather quickly of some cancer agent that was supposed to be used on Castro. A day before Kennedy was assassinated, Ruby went to Joe Campisi's restaurant.[17] At the time of the Kennedy assassination, Ruby was close enough to the Campisis to ask them to come see him after he was arrested for shooting Lee Oswald.[18]. The Warren Commission attempted to reconstruct Ruby's movements from November 21 through November 24.[31] The Commission reported that he was attending to his duties as the proprietor of the Carousel Club in downtown Dallas and the Vegas Club in the city's Oaklawn district from the afternoon of November 21 to the early hours of November 22.[31]. During the shooting Ruby stated he was six blocks away getting ready more prostitutes for the Dallas Police Dept, regular patrons to his Sex whore Mafia-wanabee  Club. The Warren Commission, full of NAZI employees and murderers, stated Ruby was handing in receipts for his illagal sex club but many of the Dallas Police and Mafia used this club for hookers and escorts. Apparently corruption of the youth and adults at Dallas was a solid reality!

James Hicks, the "communications man." He has Walkie Talki, like C.I.A. unbrella man's scouter. He had a two-way radio in the man's left hip pocket with a wire dangling down. This wire is an antenna. The Warren Commission claimed Hicks was a fictional character, and Dullas claimed we need to put this man into an insane asylum, before he talks.

James Hicks, the "communications man."James Hicks, the "communications man."

moments after the assassination, seen running the last man to the front right of this photo. To the right is a profile of James Hicks.

Warren Commission claimed Hicks was a fictional character, and C.I.A. Dullas claimed we need to put this man into an insane asylum, before he talks.

False Secret Service people confiscating Cameras reported all over Dallas That day.

David Ferrie: Oswald's mentor.

Lyndon B. Johnson, two cars behind Mr. Kennedy : while President Kennedy, a person near a curb and John Connolly are being assaulted by bullets flying everywhere, Johnson is smiling in total bliss, waving to a scattering-screaming crowd as if to say, Thank-You, Thank-You my people! Jack Ruby was one of Lyndon Johnson's boys , and had a code name for the club of good ol' boys. 

The Johnson/Hoover talk of Nov 29: a very bizarre set of questions.

"Lyndon B. Johnson: How many shots were fired? Three?
J. Edgar Hoover: Three.
Lyndon B. Johnson: Any of them fired at me?
J. Edgar Hoover: No.
Lyndon B. Johnson: All three at the President?

William Greer ( Driver)  slows down, and looks back at the U.S. President. The first look, a bullet does not kill the U.S. President, and so Greer will turn back to the road and then slam on the breaks and look back again ( 2nd look back) and wait for the kill shot to be delivered. People will say this was an innocent mistake, not likely. Any disturbance, these drivers are said to be ordered to slam on the accelerator and speed away, and therefore this did not happen at all; in fact just the reverse happened.

So what is the truth?

The lead car in Kennedy?s limo is driven by two young MEAMIC Dallas Private ARMY Intel personal. They are stopped by another ARMY Intel personal at the Triple Overpass. This forces Greer to slow down, and nearly stop, so that the shooters have a more stable target, which was exactly the plan and it worked.

 The Gun seen by some in W. Greer's hand is actually Roy Kellerman's head being moved by Greer's slamming on the breaks so the roof and knoll shooters can operate. It looks because of the sunshine, a gun in the hand of Greer, but this is the reflection off of Kellerman's head. A suggested technical clarity for Kellerman?s head reflection to 'Not' look like a Gun: screen res. 1920x1200, 239 dpi.monitor , advanced video card, and use a digital copy from the reproduction of Zapruder film, even if it is the Warren Commission Re editing version.  .

  • People on knoll

Howard Hunt, Jr,  he is the Watergate Burglar. Claims L.B.J. was responsible.

d'Orlando Bosch Avila C.I.A. Contract Terrorist: next to unbrella man that pumps his unbrella in protest as the limo passes by to signal the roof and knoll shooters.

  • People at Texas School Book Depository

David S?nchez Morales: Top C.I.A. Military Teem hit man seen on Roof of Dallas Texas School Book Depository Building during that morning and just before the parade.

Malcolm "Mac" Wallace, L.B.J. long-time murder-man, heavy set, brown jacket, little balding. with hat, seen at Top floors with a brown looking man ( Moralas?)  prior to the passing of the motorcade. Wallas seen exiting the rear door running half of a block and jumps into a get away vehicle. This fingerprints identified to exist to earlier police fingerprint files but the Warren Commission refused this as any testimony.). Mac Wallace ( did not admit and arguments against his involvement)  Wallas bungled the job on Henry Marshall horribly. Tried to set it up as a carbon monixide suicide but left a gash in Marshall's head, turned off the truck after the "suicide" and shot the victim 5 times with a bolt action rifle. He might have killed a lot of people for Johnson in Texas but I don't think he'd be trusted with anything of national scope? The solution was to have multiple shooters, so Wallace indeed could be added in as a 'very,very' trusted insider. Mac Wallace was filmed at Sam Rayburn's funeral in November of 1961  and he came to scope out John F. Kennedy. ( external link). This photo is a single frame clip from Lyle Sardie's video: LBJ - A Closer Look, video work Scott Myers.

The Malcolm Wallace obituary (Dallas Times Herald

Friday, January 8, 1971 - The Dallas Times Herald

Funeral arrangements for Malcolm E. Wallace, 49, of 610 Tennison
Memorial Drive, a former employee of Ling-Tempco-Vought, are pending at
Smith-Bates Funeral Chapel in Mount Pleasant.

Mr. Wallace died in an automobile accident near Pittsburg, Texas
Thursday. He had recently returned to Dallas from Fullerton, California.
He was a long time resident of Dallas and was graduated from the
University of Texas at Austin, where he was president of the student
body in 1947. He had served in the Marine Corps. and was a member of
St. Johns Episcopal Church in Dallas. He had been with LTV more than 15
years as an administrator.

Survivors include his son Michael Wallace of California, two daughters,
Ms. David Nix of Mount Enterprise and Miss Elaine Wallace of California;
four brothers, Jim Wallace, David Wallace, Jerry Wallace and Bruce
Wallace, all of Dallas; a sister Mrs. James W. Phillips of Kansas;
father A.J. Wallace of Dallas; and one grandchild.

January 10, 1971 - The Dallas Morning News

Obit. headline: ?M.E. Wallace Services set for Sunday?

Funeral services for Malcolm E. Wallace, 49, of 610 Tennison Memorial
Drive, who was killed Thursday night in a traffic accident in Pittsburg,
Camp County, will be held at 2:00 p.m. Sunday in the Nevils Baptist
Church in Mount Pleasant, Titus County. Burial will be in the Nevils
Chapel Cemetery there.

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that Wallace was killed
about 7:35 p.m. Thursday when his car ran off the road 3.5 miles south
of Pittsburg on U.S. 271.

A native of Mount Pleasant, he had lived in Dallas for 30 years. before
moving to California about 10 years ago. He had recently returned to
Dallas. He was formerly manager of the purchasing department of
Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc.

He was graduated in 1947 from the University of Texas, where he served
as president of the student body during that year. He was a member of
St. John Episcopal Church and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

D. Harold Byrd at the Assassination Party, he has the keys to the Dallas Texas School Book Depository. He had leased the building in 1963. His father is the leader of the infamous Klu Klux Klan.

F.B.I. ( Hoover and L.B.J. have a sit down meeting the night before to confirm conspiracy) agents find gun, find gun sack, find bullets, and ID Oswald with no proof of who he was or if he owned a gun, less than 30 minuets after the event. No photos were taken or any proper proceedures, such as disturbing the crime scene. Oswald thatOswald is watching the assassination from outside at the door and he too hears the bullets knows he is being set up almost instantly because some of these sounds come from windows at the top floors of his job, but remains calm. He does not get jittery and flee until he hears his name spoken as he is outside speaking to his boss about taking the day off because of the event. Oswald was set up because he was an asset and was mentally vulnerable.

George W. H. Bush ( junior member of C.I.A., seen blocking off the Book Building entrance with other C.I.A., F.B.I. Dallas officials.).

Lee Harvey Oswald  F.B.I. informant, Miami Counter Intelligence, Mother went to C.I.A. when her son was in Russia to get his address, they complied within six weeks as positive location and all knowledge. Warren Commission claims they had no idea Oswald existed before 22 Nov. 1963. Oswald was holding shower curtains at Z 189 as shots reign down on U.S. President, at the Door way, top step and outside  of the  Dallas Texas School Book Depository ( see Original Altgens AP, James 6 in Military Complex  b , in U.S. government secret archives, unaltered version!, still being kept from the U.S.A. public!   

J. Herbert Sawyer in charge of security activity at Dealey Plaza. He orders the coup detat cover-up C.I.A. Angelton Ambiguity spectacular. There are two faux policeman Marvin Wise and Billy Bass carrying shot guns; the Dallas Police by Law are not allowed then to have carried shot guns, will do a Hollywood enactment by marching these men in front of reporters, a part of how to pull-off a coup d??tat. William Allen, George Smith, and Jack Beers of the Dallas Times Herald, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and the Dallas Morning News, took several pictures of them. some of these photos have Military Complex and Coup D??tat Modeler Edward Landsdale carrying an important brief case of Oswald fakeries. None of these pictures were seen by the Warren Commission because Lyndon B. Johnson on his buddy's counseling ( Hoover F.B.I. tyranny Military Complex) explained to him this is a part of the coup d??tat.   

Other assasins in other cities:

Astrologer Jean Dixon predicted Kennedy?s assassination based on public rumors of three cities and three C.I.A. assassin teams. She claims to have warned the President. These hit teams comprised  of Miami, Chicago, and Dallas.

Thomas Edwaed Beckham, C.I.A. protected him Omaha.

Two gunman arrested and pardoned by the C.I.A. in Chicago.

Shots Fired:

  • F.B.I.: 2 hits / 1 miss

  • Warren Commission: 3 hits / 0 miss.

  • U.S.A. House Select Committee on Assassinations (1979): more than 4 shots fired.

  • Visual Evidence? 1976 The U.S.A. government was livid that Abraham Zapruder's motion film of J.F.K. assassination was leaked. It shows a very different story than the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. Warren Commission. Each frame is .62 seconds.

    • a bullet wounds a person James Haze, next to a curb, never discussed but well documented.

    • z189 windsheild caught in Altgens AP photo sixth.

    • Four Shots: z222 ( back throat, breaks spine) behind Stemmon's sign in Zapruder.

    • z313 Back of head from Roofshot. Pushes head forwards!
      z316 level shot to right side of temple, pushes head backwards! The head falls to the left into Jackie's lap.

    • a second shot striking him in the back at Z-225. ( Guns of Dallas,

      Windshield not splash, it would be if shot came from back or behind. Jacqueline and Connolly?s wife are the only ones to claim to have blood and body parts, so the shot came from the knoll or pergola.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Soul departed Earth at 12:30.08:10 Local Mean Time, Dallas, TX, U.S.A. 22 November 1963.   

Assassination Party

Jim Garrison helped Americans and the World to Understand the Assassination Party Held the Night Before the Coup d??tat.

Where was the party? Clint Murchison North Dallas mansion. Big, Big, Oil.

Murchison does not need to be home or in the country for his buddies to host a party.

Madeleine Brown guest list included John McCloy, Richard Nixon, George Brown, R.L. Thornton and H.L. Hunt. Also, Lyndon B. Johnson, his lawyer, the white supremacist, but not the owner.

Dave Perry April 9, 2004 incorrectly argues that a owner of a home must be on premises to host a party, even a large party. I live in the Valley, mainly around North Hollywood, Los Angeles, at least in my adult years, and I have been at, hosted too while house sitting, multi-multi-million dollar mansions ( Hollywood Hills) parties where the owner was in Texas, New Orleans, Chicago or New York. Sure they have valuables that can be stolen or broken, but these people are so famously rich, they careless ? it is the hosting of the party that gets them the street creeds or the Washington D.C. in-circles. The source is Lyndon B. Johnson?s 21 year-long mistress, and she has been consistent except for moving the times of the party to early start times.

According to a chauffeur interview, Dave Perry argues ?Sometime between 1959 - 1960 Clint Murchison, Sr. moved to his Glad Oaks Ranch near Palestine, Texas after suffering a stroke.? So, the party cannot ever have happened, because only parties happen when the owner is home. Dave Perry claims this is scientific. However, I have never seen any scientific data so he must be lying on this issue.  David Perry?s proof that L.B.J. did not have Kennedy killed.  "On the day of and at the time of the assassination he was having lunch with his neighbor Woffard Cain. Earlier in the morning Warren [chauffeur ] had given him a ride in the car. "

Also, knowing the human condition, and being at a MEAMIC school, U.C. Berkeley, they throw parties for anything, all the time. So the later or after assassination parties, even decades later, is not an illusion. The Killing of Kennedy allowed for trillions of dollars to change hands, and the killings of millions of innocent people.

Clint Murchison's vast ranch estate is 110 miles to the Northwest of Dallas. If you drive 60 m.p.h., that is about 1.8 hours or 1 hour and 52 minuets. My dad grew up when people drove usually 70-90 m.p.h., so  this means one could get to the party in a little over one hour, about 1 hour and 10 minuets. It takes today, because of a mass of humans and cars and small roads, some 3 hours to go 20 miles in Los Angeles, during one of the many rush hours.  

If you watch the after assassination film footage of someone following around the lonely and dejected ( no one really liked this guy but Military and Capitalist Greedies) Lyndon B. Johnson, he looks absolutely dead tired, and this is at lunch time. It seemed someone was up late at night?

Who was at the Party?

J. E. Hoover, the African American transvestite, Anti White European, pro secular Latin, brown to light-skin secular Arab and pro Brown secular Jews.

Lyndon B. Johnson, L.B.J.'s lawyer, in case he is fingered immediately, like what to do? Many Claimed Richard Nixon showed up during the early hours of the party but left. This the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, F.B.I. He was pro- brown skin color social climbing and immigration, and was anti-Religious, hated these Kennedys for his Catholic Convictions, his crack down on his brown or Arab friends, the Sicilian Mafia and the Arab secular Jews that started Hollywood, proper, Meyer, Goldwin and Fox. They hated whites so much they made up stories on the Klu Klux Klan. Both Hoover, and Johnson killed 10 times the amount of innocent humans then the entire second wave of the KKK ( ~10 people). What Hoover wanted was a liberal pro- brown or light skinned foreign government and to kick out all the whites, eventually as is taking place today.

Hoover (even Ronald Reagan, as a film actor) battled the Klu Klux Klan, at that time for expressing anti-immigrant sentiments; Hoover's heritage is African, so he is also an immigrant ( as opposed to northern European white migrations)! Hoover was half black and has D.N.A. from many sides of ancestral of Africa. He helped raise the Mafia up, never prosecuting them, so he hated John and Robert who were on a crusade to end organized Crime. This becomes important because motives are 'emotionalized' in heads of leadership and Lyndon B. Johnson was not a very bright man; he was like a community organizer too, and so immigrants could use these issues of " I'm more patriotic or democratic, I fled my country (#Italy) to come here and I believe the country was founded by Brown people.' more effectively but never broadcasting it.

Medeline Brown, LBJ's girlfriend for 21 years, spoke about that night: "When Lyndon arrived they all went into a conference room and you could just feel the atmosphere. When Lyndon came out... he was red in the face... he took my hand and said, 'Those god damned Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That's not a threat. That's a promise!'" Years later, Madeline after hearing all the rumors L.B.J. had J.F.K. killed she confronted her long time boyfriend, Lyndon B. Johnson.  After a long bought of expletives and yelling, he confessed to her: "you know the people I know... the big oil and the CIA." Medeline Brown claimed she was surprised to see Lyndon B. Johnson at the party later that night, knowing she believed he was not on the official guest-list.

D. Harold Byrd, leased the Texas Dallas School Book Depository in 1963. He had keys to let people into the building at the dead of night. He is at this Assassination Party. His son is the infamous U.S. KKK Congressman Robert Byrd that famouly switched to the Democratic Party to hide his past of being the leader of the racist group, Klu Klux Klan. Byrd had purchased the land in 1924.

H. L. Hunt was likely the richest American in 1963. His estimated worht was about 5-billion dollars. He was especially interested in preserving the Oil Depletion Allowance and disliked the social programs proposed by the Kennedy administration. He told the gathering of compatriots that the only way to get Communists like the Kennedy brothers out of office is to "shoot 'em out."

Governor James Allred: a  long time L.B.J. friend said Edward Aubrey Clark lawyer for big oil, he comes to the party. Allred was known to the spook community as "arranger." He bragged a few years after 1963 A.D. he was involved in the J.F.K. assassination. Allred was born San Augustine, Texas on 15th July, 1906. He obtained his first degree from Tulane University in New Orleans. In 1927 Clark married Anne Metcalfe of Greenville, Mississippi, and heir to the largest cotton plantation system in the South.

Clark received a law degree in 1928 from the University of Texas. After leaving law school, Clark became a county attorney in San Augustine. In 1932 he moved to Austin and served as assistant attorney general of Texas ( Dan Eden for Viewzone) . It is the F.B.I. office in Austin that G.H.W. Bush calls seven minuets after 12:30 p.m. 22 Nov. 1963, just before he appears outside of the Texas School Book Depository and is photographed.

The White Supremacist narrative vs. John F. Kennedy?s global peace for all colors of people is in stark contrast here, at the Assassination Party.

Significance of Assassinatin Party:

Significance? This is where the "go ahead." was agreed upon from a long time planning on three different cities, this one deemed the safest for a coup d??tat, because much of the Military Complex originated from Texas at this time.There were at least three cities for this assassination to take place, one of the reasons Astrologer Jean Dixon was confused on the exact date for her warning to the U.S. President. The rumors were public. The central planner was Edward Aubrey Clark, who also is at The Assassination Party.

The last decision comes during the late morning on 22 Nov. 1963. If the limo?s hood is down due to rain, it was raining before 11:30 a.m. that morning at Dallas, and it rained after words, seen in all T.V. broadcasts of reporters talking to civilizations, then that would have stopped the coup d??tat.

Mentally Challendged Bullies

Carlos Mossello (New Orleans Mafia head who is seen with Oswald while Oswald was separated from Marina and working in New Orleans) he publically states over and over to get the U.S. government off of the Mafia's case, the U.S. President must be killed, he is only referring to John F. Kennedy.

Parland Hospital War to Cover Up Crime By Lyndon B. Johnson

Do not allow autopsy to be finished, grab the body and run with the body ( which is on film, very disturbing tug-o-war with body, throw it into a hearse and refuse Jackie Kennedy's request for an autopsy at the correct National Facility, Instead it was taken to Navel ( N.S.A.) Intel Bethesda, and performed by two autopsy persons who never witnessed a body with bullet wounds. All photos were confiscated by the Secret Service.

The President's Body Thrown like a trash bag by L.B. Johnson into Hearse

Lyndon B. Johnson ordered John F. Kennedy?s body to be thrown like a trash bag into a hearse causing a mini War at Parkland Medical. A tug of war over the transferee casket was brutal with Three Secret Service Agents or C.I.A. stealing the body of Kennedy and the Doctors, Nurses, and employees were trying to hold on to the casket and bring it back into the hospital. A tug of war ensued, and the Secret Service started to hit U.S. citizens. Johnson claiming lies that John would rise from the dead if he is left here for an autopsy ordered Jacqueline Kennedy into the hearse and driven quickly away. This war was spoken about on live Dallas T.V., and it makes many documentaries. This is one more point that Johnson and his best friend, the Transvestite, Hoover had this all planned out. This is called treason. The only safety would be to L.B.J. himself, who could have left the body and flown himself back to Washington D.C. if he was concerned about his own self and some conspiracy. But this was not the case. Once at Bethesda, Secret Service Agents forced two autopsy people who never viewed a corpse with any bullet wounds to do exactly as they were told.

The Bethesda autopsy photos said to be real of the back of John F. Kennedy?s head to show an entrance wound in his back has no 3 cm hole near right ear, clearly recorded at Parkland by the doctors examine him as they were trying to resuscitate him as well as a 10 cm. missing portion at the top of the skull. There are no holes or missing portions in Kennedy?s head from the Bethesda autopsy photos. This concurs with reports by these two novice Bethesda practitioners that the Secret Service destroyed all photos by others coming into the autopsy room to make a record of the account.

There are three separate caskets at Bethesda, two were real human bodies with measurements? for Kennedy autopsy, already preserved for the conspiracy. When the shoots were known, these bodies then were manipulated to appear what was known then, and therefore photographed for the James Angelton ambiguity? C.I.A. practices.

Who Blocked the Evidence on the Contrary? Life Magazine, B.B.C., Washington Post, New York Times, Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC corporations.

The Abraham Zapruder 26 second film was suppressed by the U.S. government and most of the U.S.A.  media because it is the only moving pictures of the assassination of a human on a perch overlooking the limo as the shots ring out.  The leaking of this evidence, known well by the public by 1976 A.D. sparked a House Committee and subsequent assassination committees and even a Hollywood Blockbuster movie, J.F.K. These findings discounted the F.B.I., C.I.A., Media. and Warren Commission, and concluded there are more than one shooter as evident in the clear film footage of the assassination. At the Warren Commission, Lyndon B. Johnson by EO denied the U.S.A. people or the Congress or House to debate the assassination. L.B.J. had the most to gain by F.D.R.'s early demise.

At the 1976 investigations, the Warren Commission response was in fact it did cover up this film and re arrange and tamper with the evidence.  The lone shooter conspirators may be too mentally incapacitated to acknowledge simple forms of critical thinking, used in all sciences.   

Abraham Zapruder, a Dallas local women?s clothes dealer filmed the entire assassination with a brand new state of the art 8mm camera film. This footage was used by Life Mag. a week later publishing only a select frames, and used in the Warren Commission but it was denied public access until it was leaked 12 years later. This film gives us a timeline to all photographs and witnesses statements of the events of Dealey Plaza. This film sparked off a real search for multiple shooters. It proved the Warren Commission was basically a C.I.A. government biography of events and actions and the suppression of this film can be understood that it contradicted the narrative of the U.S. government findings. The reason they never wanted this film to surface because captures the kill shots at close range and it shows his entire top and back of his head being blown off, which was suppressed in the Warren Commission. This meant that an exit would was from the back of John F. Kennedy?s head. This led to Oliver Stone and most Americans questioning the continuing lies of the U.S.A. government.  

  • THE KILL SHOT:  LIFE MAG. TOOK OUT FRAME 313 Claimed a Zapruder request because he was having nightmares about people complaining of the gory film depicting a U.S. President's head be blown off and shown on Time Square ( a frequent nightmare according to Abraham Z.). This is because there is a separate shot at z 316, and the committees and commissions already claimed three shots were fired by z 313. This then would be a forth shot!

Proceedure at Daeley Plaza by U.S.A. Government. Just the Facts.

  • It was a Proceedure to have L.B.J. car with four secret service men surrounding his car during assassination to keep him protected.

  • It was a Procedure  to have no Secret Service protecting the U.S.A. Despised President by the leftwing wackos ( Democratic Party).

Who were on scene or in Texas and visted Dallas in the last two days and were caught on film or photograh?

One of the knoll shooter(s) + composite

The knoll: Nostradamus by 1557 A.D. had already put out the entire details of the events surrounding the American coup d??tat. Not only does he mention specifically the crime is a coup d??tat, but he claims that the guilty was hidden in the pruned garden ( taillis, old Gaelic/French for some type of grassy knoll!).

Charles Nicolleti

This is a youthful photo of Charles ?Chuck? Nicolleti. He is claimed by many who knew him to be one of the best ?expert? shooters at that time. He worked for a mob, mainly a large stretch with Sam Giancana, yet many others, including James Sutton tried to link their names to him, for posterity and, for prosperity.

Charles Nicoletti wasn't the only man with mob ties or suspicious intent in the area that day.

Witness: The witness? Malcolm Summers is hitting the ground on the grass just south of Elm Street as the limousine continues toward the Triple Underpass. He is caught on film by Abraham Zapruder.

He had just finished his morning mail deliveries, and so he came to see the parade. You can see below he is looking directly at the shooter!

Nostradamus , at least by 1557 A.D. Europe, C. 6 Q. 37, the guilty hidden in a pruned garden. Malcolm Summers looks directly at a man profied as Chucky the racist Nicolleti.

Charles Nicolleti Composite, the knoll shooter by a person who is living and was one of the closest people alive at that time. You can see him ducking on the Mall lawn in the final frames of the Abraham Zapruder film. He claims people were arrested behind the picket fence of the grassy knoll just after the events but nothing ever was heard of these people again. (source: Hail of bullets 11 22 1963)

Composite of Knoll Shooter, by very close eye witnesses.

Malcolm Summers, 39-year-old, nearly bumped into Charles Nicolleti behind the picket fence of the grassy knoll, just after the shooting of President Kennedy!

MAEMIC Threatened Summers Numerously.

Right off the proto type line, a new Remington Fireball pistol ( acts like an M16) with a huge kickback, and some smoke- but nothing of the smoke from a rifle. The advantages is it is much smaller, thus easily to conceal, than any military long rifle. The Remington Fireball pistol he had used just had come-on-line, to those who favor these gun magazines and gun show enthusiasts. Charles Nicolleti was a contract hit man who worked mainly for Sam Giancana, but in general, he was considered the best ?shooter? on Earth, from their perspective. Nicolleti would be linked to John Roselli (n?e Filippo Sacco; July 4, 1905 ? August 9, 1976)  who was Lyndon B. Johnson's good buddy. Before August of 1976, John Roselli publically talks, and claims that Allen Dullas used / worked with Santos Trafficante in the Assassination. For his concern, He was stuffed in a 55 gallon oil drum.

This is then linked to Melba Christine Marcades who we recall is picked up hitchhiking by two men coming from Florida to Dallas and bragged they are going there to be a part of killing of a U.S. President. MEAMIC kills her so researchers or authorities cannot contact her.

However, a better shooter is to have been said to have taken the shot. That person is perhaps a legendary ?expert? shooter, Lucian Sarti, Corsican, Marseille contact port, connected heavily to the French Connection (Today?s French Connection?s lucrative trade are the British Military and U.S. Military in Afghanistan. They distribute top-grade growing soil to native poppy growers for the opium trade harvests. These documentaries, they are real, can be seen on National Public Television and discussions on NPR.).

Oswald Finger Prints Never Found at Snipers Nest: Warren Commission. Then whose Finger Print Was That?

Also, usually assassin teams are recruited as non-ethnical identical or in any way linked directly to the MAEMIC. However, Corsi and other believe that MAEMIC could not fully trust the Mob, so one of theirs is perched at Dealey Plaza. The sixth floor open window, the patsy window, the West Window, clear photo 3.5 seconds after the kill-shot and no one there, the Warren Commission star witnesses to seeing a rifle nozzle,  Howard Brennan ? this area was discovered, ?wiped? clean but one obscure finger print. Every employee and persons associated to the building was profiled, Oswald included, but the print went un-matched, the Warren Commission said it is unknown. Then some kid went into the Library, got a copy and then went on to get an official copy, linked a 14 point match ( usually 7  or more matches are permissible in court) linking it to a man who is in some of the many photos behind these windows ( thus new technologies, such more powerful computers have led to much greater ?view? studies) that appears to match the complexion, the general facial spatial to the sixth floor of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository  (DTSB Depository). The wiped clean area now had one partial finger print matched and that was to Lyndon Baines Johnson?s personal assassin, Malcolm Wallace, Tire-one University trained.    

This was never a lone gunman but an assassination team, doing what is called a text book triangulation.

So some enthusiast, not the U.S.A. government, said how about before they all die I record for John F. Kennedy's sake all the surviving witnesses of Dealey Plaza. This was how Malcolm Summers was finally contacted.

Malcolm Summers collapsed on the floor in fear of the onslaught of firepower, a "hail of bullets" rained down on the motorcade.

Malcolm?s Dallas Sheriff dept. recorded statements dated November 23, 1963 and it does not say anything about a knoll person. However, this is the same Sherriff office that took in the three criminal tramps and pushed them out the back door, and that is the last we ever heard of them. "About two months later, men from the Secret Service visited him in Dallas and took his story again. They told Malcolm that he didn't see anyone behind the pergola because they didn't have anyone up there at that time." On C-SPAN , Malcolm recounted his story on May 7, 2002, to Gary Mack for the Sixth Floor Museum oral history program. Summers claims that he in fact did tell the authorities about the mysterious man behind the picket fense.

It wasn't until 25 years later that Malcolm was persuaded by his two sons to tell his story.  He had said the reason he didn't talk to anyone about it was his fear of testifying in a lengthy trial or some investigation would take him away from his mailing business. So in 1988, Malcolm told his story in the PBS program "NOVA--Who Shot Kennedy?," narrated by Walter Cronkite. But although the NOVA program was widely viewed he didn't tell his story in print until the 1998 book, "No More Silence--An Oral History of the Assassination of President Kennedy," by Larry A. Sneed. Sneed, a researcher, had taken on the monumental task of tracking down the key eyewitnesses to the assassination who were in Dealey Plaza that day. His mission was simple. He wanted an oral history before they all died. He found Malcolm living in Dallas still running Summers Mailing Company. (source: Hail of bullets 11 22 1963, accessed 4 dec. 2013.).

F.B.I. had a full biography file on Oswald, as became evident but repressed from public consumption.

The first the Dallas police heard about Oswald's past was at 2:50 p.m.

The first the Dallas police heard about Oswald's past was at 2:50 p.m. after Oswald's arrest from FBI agent William Hosty. Jack Revill, Dallas Police Lieutenant Criminal Intelligence Section filed this memo with Captain W.P. Gannaway, Special Service Bureau, Dallas Police Department after he met Mr. Hosty in the basement of the Dallas City Hall:

"Special Agent Hosty related that the Subject was a member of the Communist Party, and that he was residing in Dallas...Agent Hosty further stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was aware of the Subject and that they had information that this Subject was capable of committing the assassination of President Kennedy."

  • Bobby Baker linked to Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Jimmy Hoffa linked to Marylyn Manrore ( he records J.F.K. planning to fire Hoover, in bed).

  • L.B.J. linked to Marcello ( south lands of America, New Orleans) & Malcom Wallace.

  • Nixon linked to  Ruby & Lansky ( note his special relationship to Henry Kissinger, also a hebrew).

  • Kennedy linked to Giancana ( Joe apperently asks for him to vote for his son John).

  • Giancana  linked to sub relationships to Hoover and Johnson.

  • Allen Dullas linked to Santos Trafficante who is linked to world renown 'expert' shooter Lucian Sarti. ?? \

  • Melba Christine Marcades gets a ride with two men coming from Florida w/ connection to coup d??tat.

  • Edward Landsdale linked to George H.W. Bush and Allen Dullas. 

Dal Tex Building

Warren Commission Two Day testimony:  ( TESTIMONY SEALED FOREVER ) : Eugene Hale Brading: a two-day behind closed doors, his records are sealed forever, the MAEMIC decided that his Earl Warren Commission evidence was a threat to national security, so his stuff will never be released. An elevator man in the Dal Tex building noticed a suspicious man, so he pointed this man out to Sheriff Deputy, Lummie Lewis, who took Braden in, took his statement, and then released him with no criminal record. However, what was not known was Eugene Hale Brading changed his name to Jim Braden at the D.M.V. two weeks before the coup d??tat.

Jim Braden/Eugene Hale Brading was spotted less than one mile from the Ambassador Hotel where Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

Jim Braden/Eugene Hale Brading stayed at the Cabana Hotel, the same that James Sutton/Jim Files claims Charlie 'Chuck' Nicolleti ( in other statements Roselli [sp/])  stayed at before the coup d??tat.

Jim Braden/Eugene Hale Brading changes his name at the D.M.V., perhaps from a government form for a factious business name/license to that of Jim Braden -- two weeks before the coup d??tat!

LOCATIONS: On 21st November, 1963, Brading arrived in Dallas with a man named Morgan Brown. They stayed in Suite 301 of the Cabana Motel. Later that day Brading visited the offices of Texas oil billionaire Haroldson L. Hunt. It is believed that Jack Ruby was in the offices at the same time as Brading.

Eugene Hale Brading (also known as James Lee and Jim Braden, age 49 in 1963 A.D.) used a name of Jim Braden to the Dallas Police and this person below, not him, had indeed developed a long criminal record and ties to Big Oil companies, The Syndicate, the Cleveland Mob and Lansky's organization, thus Hebrew (Jack Ruby is also Hebrew, Nixon favored them, 'Kissinger;' Ruby had worked for Nixon). His identity did not come to surface until 1969. His two day testimony to the Warren Commission was behind closed doors, and his statements and discussions are sealed by the U.S.A. government forever, they do not want anyone to know his involvement.

Jim Braden mug-shot

 He resurfaced in 1968 when he was questioned by Los Angeles police regarding his whereabouts at the time of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination.

"Jim Braden was arrested minutes afterwards coming out of the DalTex Building across the street from the Texas School Book Depository. Police reports said he was acting "suspiciously." Braden, who said he was from Los Angeles on business, said he met with Nelson Bunker Hunt just prior to the assassination. Hunt's office was located in the DalTex Building. Braden was briefly detained but released after having no prior arrests. His sworn testimony before the House Select Committee on Assassinations is textbook intelligence-ease on how to say much about nothing without implicating yourself."(source: Hail of bullets 11 22 1963, accessed 4 dec. 2013.).

Eugene Hale Brading

DAL TEX ARRESTED & Let Go b/c No Criminal history, b/c he changed name two weeks prior!

He is arrested immediately for acting suspicious, location coming out of the Dal. Tex. building, which is across the Street from the DTSB Depository. It was not found out to much later that Eugene Hale Brading gave Dallas Police and other government officials a fictitious name of Jim Braden!

However, Jim Braden was a real mob man, who had a rap sheet a mile long, and was questioned by Los Angeles Police for Robert Kennedy's assassination.

The La Costa Country Club ( very expensive to go there) was built by the Cleveland Purple gang vet, Las Vegas resident, Moe Dalite, with the Teamsters pension fund.

It is with this name that he introduced himself when he was arrested and questioned as he was found with no valid reason in the Dal-Tex Building on November 22, 1963.
He was released after telling the police that he was in Dallas for oil business and had entered the building to give a phone call.

Though he says he got in the building after the assassination, some witnesses claim they saw him inside when the shots were being fired.

What he had done on the day before is strikingly resemblant to Ruby's acts. Like Oswald's murderer, Braden visited Texas oil millionaire Lamar Hunt. The two men also happened to be in the same Cabana Motel at the same time on that night.(jfk org)

Dal Tex Ballistic Bullet Trajectory

(1) J.F.K. back-spine-mid-throat-windshild. Ballistic Trajectory Dal Tex Bld.

(2) overshot, Secret Service men's heads were in the way, so this shot ricochets downfield, a third person is injured by this second Dal Tex bullet.

Published by the Saturday Evening Post on the weekend of November 23-24, 1963, as the Shooter's possible position. ( source for photos John. F. Kennedy for truth. ).

The neck shot which breaks Kennedy?s spine, ricochets downward toward his lower body, and exits his mid- throat and this bullet perhaps hits the windshield and cracks it, caught on Associated Press Photo Click 6 by Algens, James.


At Zapruder z 312, after a bullet hit, noticed by Marilyn Sitzman and by Gayle Newman ( of the closest humans) ,explaining John is holding his right ear, the wife embraces her husband, John. F. Kennedy's head is turned leftward about 40? ( vantage from this photo at ~ 220?)  degrees and tilted downward about 51? degrees. This photo shows The President's head at 180?. This is not what the shooter sees! The President sits upward on a raised seat, he has on a secret back brace that only an inside jobber would have known, and so his head is much higher than this photo crosshairs! The photo is near the z 313 kill-shots ( sound audio less than 0.5 seconds apart) and so look at the front white top car, bottom right, and see that this is the trajectory of the back-spine-mid-throat-windshield bullet trajectory.





In 1961 Wallace killed Henry Marshall who was investigating LBJ, and MAEMIC said this was just a normal  suicide: a man "committed suicide"  with 5 rifle shots?

Over the decades rare photos of Malcolm Wallace stalking John F. Kennedy at public events helps explains why Oswald?s fingerprints were never found near the sniper?s nest, but that Lyndon B. Johnson?s personal assassin ( e.g. hit man) had been discovered by a concerned private citizen. One day, a man went to the Dallas Library archives and retrieved a copy of the lone finger print found after the coup d??tat, the sniper's nest as it was called for the commission;   once he matched it at a 14 point  ( most U.S. courts admit 7 or higher) to the infamous George W. H. Bush Skull & Bones buddy, Malcolm Wallace. Hoover's neighbor Johnson and Wallace all were buddies, like school chums.  After this revelations, the man went to the proper archives to retrieve a copy from the original archived file, and while he was doing this no one knew to try to sabotage the effort as we have seen over the decades, people unnecessarily killed to cover up a group of individuals in the U.S.A. that took over controls of the government. Government?s role has been apprehensive, people involved and on Dealey Plaza that day, and are today very public figures are still alive and some 80% polled of those who were living when this happened consistently realize that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a MEAMIC. Yet, still some revelatory document dumps have occurred and the latest has included Jacqueline Kennedy?s most authoritative statement on the assassination.   She had understood Lyndon B. Johnson ordered or had called for the assassination. And it turns out that this may be true and after all of the researches, almost all from private avenues over the decades, perhaps billions and billions of hours of research so that one day our children can live in peace and harmony.

Two Star Witnesses See D T S Book Depository Assassins.

Facts: Only one Witness Claimed to have seen a dischard rifle, and here is one star witness for The Warren  Commission  and one star witness for The John F. Kennedy truth.

The lone finger print belongs to him

Modes of escape from multiple assassination crimes = a station wagon.

An outspoken supporter of the American Socialist Party, at The University of Texas in Austin. Note John F. Kennedy is about Democracy, so there is a conflict in ideologies already.

While he was working on his doctorate at Columbia University, he adjuncted ( student professor) at the University of Texas, one of three adjunct teaching programs he instructed during his doctorate period; there he meets Lyndon B. Johnson, he will eventually date L.B.J.?s sister before L.B.J. has her too assassinated.

<-GUNFIRESEEN---------------6 th Floor Dallas T S B Depository----GUNFIRE NOT SEEN->


Sixth Floor DTS Book Depository, 12:30 p.m., 22 Nov.1963

Only Gunfire To be seen by only one witness.

East Window: a man holding a rifle Fired a second sounding Shot, discharge seen!  Amos Euins testimony. Military Complex member, Arlen Specter said, Yo! You did not see that! Get it? (2H209).

medical student Willam A. Harper pointed out q Skull Fragment, dubbed the Harper Fragment, flown later to Bethesda, the arc or trajectory of a projectile runs a near cord to the Dallas Texas School Book Depository west column windows.

    Warren Commission (R63).     Sixth Floor DTS Book Depository, 12:30 p.m., 22 Nov.1963

No Gun Discharge Seen.

West Window: Howard Brennan: Saw man point a rifle, heard shots like everyone else, no discharge seen.

Mr. McCloy: Did you see the rifle explode? Did you see the flash of what was either the second or the third shot?
Mr. Brennan: No.
Mr. McCloy: Could you see that he had discharged the rifle?
Mr. Brennan: No . . .
Mr. McCloy: Yes. But you saw him aim?
Mr. Brennan: Yes.
Mr. McCloy: Did you see the rifle discharge, did you see the recoil or the flash?
Mr. Brennan: No.
Mr. McCloy: But you heard the last shot?
Mr. Brennan: The report; yes, sir. (3H154).

Carcanos' admit a small amount of smoke (26H811) and manifests a recoil (3H451). Brennan claims he only saw a man point a rifle.

Malcolm Wallace finger print found.
Lee Harvey Oswald?s fingerprints found a day after Military Complex retrieved body at Morgue in front of the staff, apparently they had no concern about them, tampered by - hand to gun, hand to cardboard pieces as was reported. By one week all the tampering was complete, according to Hoover?s conversation to Lyndon B. Johnson, 29 Nov. 1963.

            Fifth Floor DTS Book Depository, 12:33:30 p.m. local Dallas Time, 22 Nov.1963

West Window: Two black employees hear shots,

Not sure of where, these two also said they heard three shells dropping ( most likely placed into the narrative, or the captured audio by Military Complex, 6 gunshot sounds)  the Warren Commission tells them it comes from above them. Other Witnesses see a dark complexity man in the west windows of the fifth or sixth floor, and after, one runs after a man and he had brown skin toned, a dark jacket and ran into a get away car .     

Amos Euins,
a 16-year-old whose who had a difficult time with the pressure of the Military Complex lawyers and panel claimed to have seen a rife come from the far east window ( e.g. the closest to the scouter 'kill shot' area). c.f. man holding a rifle in the southeast-corner sixth-floor window & said he saw the Depository gunman fire the second shot (2H209).

There were plenty of Eye- Witnesses that Did Not See Oswald but Saw others in the 6 th floor window and then saw after the kill shots these people are fleeing the Book Depository right afterwards. Oswald is seen outside talking to his boss after he exists the building, asking if everyone is allowed to go home, and the boss said yes. Oswald next talks to Newsman Robert MacNeil, who had come from the Triple Overpass corner of the north knoll, at banister, seen in photo, thus Owald did not flee the scene as the Warren Commission tries to mislead you to believe.

What James Worrell saw and heard
Headline: (front page of the Times Herald on "Friday evening, March 6, 1964")
Dallasite Says Man Fled From Assassination Site

By DARWIN PAYNE, Staff Writer

"I heard four shots, I don't care what they say," he said.

He said he ran around the depository on Houston Street and crossed
the street to rest against a building after his dash.

"I saw somebody strike out of the back door ... I just saw his back
and couldn't say who it was. He came out and bolted alongside the
building parallel to Elm and then he cut to his right," the youth said.

"He was sure running like everything," Mr. Worrell said. He said the
man disappeared from sight while running toward Pacific Street.

He estimated he was about 200 feet from the man. The youth said no
one else had reached the rear of the building at that time.

"To me he looked about 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 10," he said. "He looked
like he weighed from 155 to 165 pounds and he had dark hair, a dark
sports coat.
I don't know if it was blue, black or brown, but it was dark."

The man carried nothing and did not look around in his dash, Mr.
Worrell said.

The youth said he then returned home by bus. Next day, he said, he
called Farmers Branch police, who questioned him. "Then the Dallas
police came out and got me and took me downtown. I told the FBI and
another policeman what I had seen."

Mr. Worrell said he wasn't contacted again until Wednesday when a
Secret Service agent notified him he was requested to testify before
the Warren Commission.

A 20-year-old Dallas native, James Worrell,  was directly below the 6th floor window of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository during the shots. He watched a dark complected man fire twice, it was not Oswald!

Not Oswald Running from the scene but someone else. This is also a Warren Commission entry.

"Then I looked up again and saw it fire a third time. I was `moving
out' by then and didn't see where it hit," he said. The youth,
currently unemployed and no longer enrolled at Thomas Jefferson High
School, also claims he heard a fourth shot as he ran around the corner.

"I heard four shots, I don't care what they say," he said. ( the sixth floor ).


The Surveillance, Drone killings, Imperialistic Wars, the shiny new toy complex, e.g. unfit rulers in the positions of power, and the monetary corruption has left the 90% of the U.S.A. people ashamed to be an American.

John F. Kennedy Scared Many in the World Because of his Program of Conflict Solutions between the U.S.A. and the World.  

The Famous Head gowing forward before Violentlhy Backwards and downward to the left is actually the back of the head coming completely off!

Testimony all Parkland Doctors.

This was due to an exploding bullet & multiple shots.

How to Cut-&-Paste Carcanos for Mom's Arts and Crafts Afterschool Activities for the world?s  children, so they can be as murderous as the U.S.A.'s Military Complex!

Lee Harvey Oswald had no scare near his mouth, nor anywhere on his face. This is the official Warren Commission photo said to be retrieved at Marina's residence, R.Paine's storage complex. Marina, a K.G.B. agent, and adopted N.S.A. assets, claimed she took these photos. The House in the background was not hers but the back alley of  Major General Edwin Anderson Walker's home. This is because the N.S.A./F.B.I. Dullas as C.I.A. had been setting up Oswald as a patsy for Dallas, and two other Patsies in other cities, one in Tampa, and one in Chicago.


?Plausible deniability? was sanctioned by the June 18, 1948, National Security Council directive NSC 10/2. ?Since NSC 10/2 authorized violations of international law, it also established official lying as their indispensable cover.


NUMBER 27.* These two photos are enlargements of the two photos found in the garage. The line where Oswald's real head was glued onto the two photos of another man's body at the chin line can be seen. A whole series of mistakes was made by the team who did this work. One of the most obvious is the way the shadow under Oswald's nose in the two photos tilts with his head. This shows that the same head photo was glued on at two different angles. These fake photos taken with a camera that didn't belong to Oswald were accepted as totally valid by the Warren Commission and the FBI. Marina Oswald was forced by the assassination team to testify that she took these two photos. ( daveus rattus , c.f. Guns of Dallas, 1975. 

The U.S.A. Military Intel ( at this time it is a part of the new N.S.A., so it remains linked to Navy Intel, showed up to Marina' Oswald's home, and threatened her to turn over key evidence to a person, they described as her estranged husband, because he was in a world full of trouble. Not knowing the specs of the carcano, the photo of Oswald taken by Marina, the fraudulent and dishonest F.B.I. story was a part of the Angelton, Hoover, Edward Lansdale ( filmed and photographed 1.5 hours at Dealey Plaza, most investigations have referenced, produced the film and photos but the Warren Commission did not want any part of the ?three tramps? photos or films ), model of a coup d??tat. Marina Oswald was perfect because she was from the Soviet Union, and the K.G.B. already had her as an agent, and so Angelton?, his specialty, could manipulate her and off-her but she cooperated.

?Plausible deniability? was sanctioned by the June 18, 1948, National Security Council directive NSC 10/2. ?Since NSC 10/2 authorized violations of international law, it also established official lying as their indispensable cover. All such activities had to be ?so planned and executed that any US government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons, and that if uncovered the US government can plausibly deny any responsibility for them.??[2]

In time, National Security Council Directive 10/2 and its descendant, NSC 5412, also known as the Special Group 5412/2, a subcommittee of the National Security Council, was employed by Allen Dulles to develop and operate clandestine operations world-wide.[3]

C.I.A. Superspook: James ?Jesus? ( e.g. miracle worker) Angelton was the top counter intelligence N.S.A. or Navy-Army Intel who wrote his Yale Thesis on war ?ambiguity? a style of covert disinformation in the media and creating chaos or too much information as a way to hide the facts.

John F. Kennedy Kill - Shots are at 12:30:08 - 12:30:24 p.m. Dallas police Officer Baker talked to Oswald at 12:31:43 p.m in the lunch room of the Texas School Book Depository.

12:33:30 p.m. local Dallas Time ( 3.5 seconds after z 316) to black Dallas Texas School  Book Depository Employees look out of fifth floor window, where witnesses claimed to have seen a dark skinned man pointing a rifle and then fleeing out the back door, and running and getting into a get-away-vehicle. There is also a black couple on the colonnade Mary Stizman, she is holing Zapruder?s arm to steady the film-camera, testifies breaks a bottle at the exact moment of the rapid shots. These are the two places indentified first as the sniper?s positions. Witness Arnold Rowland saw a man [ not Oswald] in a sixth floor window with a rifle at 12:15 pm. but this window is to <------ otherside of the building, where the birds flew off the roof at the sound of the automatic gunfire.

12:30:10.5 p.m. local Dallas Time, 22 Nov. 1963 Dallas Texas School Book Depository, leasee Byrd. He is at the Assassination Party the night before the coup d?tat.

NUMBER 31. This enlargement of the Dillard photo was used by the Warren Commission in connection with the testimony of the black men in the fifth-floor windows. However, the Warren Commission did not realize that the photo was taken within 3.5 seconds after the fatal head shot and therefore showed that the witnesses?who said they saw a rifle sticking out of that window after the fatal shot?were imagining things. Nor does the original Dillard photo show any rifle or anyone holding a rifle in any window of the building 3 seconds after the last shot.

Richard Nixon At Eisenhower Meeting PBSUCCESS to assassinate Guatemalan leader, 1997 Document released under Republican Congressional Requests, allowed by Bill Clinton, sent by the C.I.A., here is one of them. Most researches intend Richard Nixon goes to the John F. Kennedy Assassination Party, where all the U.S Military Complex enjoyed John?s last night by completing the coup d??tat model used o Guatemalan coup d??tat ( c.f. Jerome Corsi, Harvard College 2013) and the John F. Kennedy assassination. Nixon is photographed in Dallas the Day before, Pepsi Cola came to sell sodas to the East, and this will take place under the Nixon Administration.  The U.S. Military Academic, Entertainment, Media Industrial Complex have many key or top members out in the public open.



On October 22, 1951, Malcolm Wallace was arrested in Austin, Texas, for the cold-blooded murder of John Douglas Kinser. He was tried and found guilty of 1st degree murder, but NEVER went to prison! Photo courtesy of the Austin Police Department. This is Lyndon B. Johnson's personal hit man, and John F. Kennedy was about to put Johnson into Prison. At the time of the assassination, the U.S. House and U.S. Congress was addressing Lyndon B. Johnson's criminal ties and looking to put him into federal prison on election tampering and murder to cover - up his election fraud. J.F.K./M.W. Biblical comp pro Brookline, MA = & astroid ,  projected to N. Pole ecliptical degree. PED. ? 2? . = beta persei (severed head of medusa), called Satan in Hebrew, al Ghoul ( the demon in Islam, they have no word for Satan).

As early as 1961, Malcolm Wallace had been filmed tracking the events and showing up to. John F. Kennedy public events. He usually spoke Spanish to disguise his Americanism. sixth floor .

The reason that Whistleblowers ( like Edward Snowden)  against massive U.S.A. Government corruption exist is the lies and the innocent deaths. The MEAMIC says, we cannot discuss conspiracies because it upsets the Kennedy family. This is a lie. The families are millions upon millions that these long-gunman conspiracy nuts miss out on the point.

The motive is nothing for Oswald: unlike Hinkley (a  two week investigation)  and other U.S. presidential attempted assassinators, Oswald had no clear motive, he  was fingered and case closed just four hours after the event, which sparked the Patsy proclamation by Oswald , and the media claimed he just wanted to be known to the world. Who does not want to be known to the world?  Hinkely wanted to wed Hollywood lesbianite Jodi Foster, and live in the white house. But the White House already had an occupant, Ronald Reagan;  so to get the occupant to move out, the best way was to kill the occupant. That is a mentally ill person ( this was based upon F.B.I. too, so I would be careful!). Well, so did Lyndon B. Johnson who wanted to become president ( thus to be known to the world) since he was a little boy. He assassinated 12 people before Kennedy, those that stood in his way to be known to the world.  


At a May 29 press conference in Dallas, researcher and author Walt Brown said that the fingerprints belong to Malcolm E. "Mac" Wallace, a convicted killer with ties to Lyndon Baines Johnson. The fingerprints have been officially unidentified since President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.  Brown presented data showing a 14-point match between Wallace's fingerprint card, obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the previously unidentified print, a copy of which was kept in the National Archives. The match was made by A. Nathan Darby, an expert with certification by the International Association of Identifiers. The Texas researchers forwarded their findings to the Dallas Police Department, who passed it on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Copies have also gone to Assassination Records Review Board, the federal panel created to oversee the identification and release of records relating to the JFK assassination. ( , Text by John Kelin; photograph Copyright ? 1998 by Mike Blackwell). In court you only need a 7 or more point of matches to be admissible, in most jurisdictions. Malcom Wallace was arrested in 1951 for suspected murders and had his fingerprints already on file. 

The Oswald Ring

The Oswald Ring and Can we get back together note. In the lone shooter conspiracy nuts corner, they claim that Oswald went to Marina's home ( actually Ruth Paine's) on the morning of Friday and left his wedding ring, some money and a note. This was said to be the goodbye note of the crazy commie lover. The real story is Oswald spent weekends at Marina's to visit his two children, this was a regular routine. He was going to be there after work on Friday, and tried to make up with her before hand to come home. The boarding room is rather a cubicle of smallness. The note does not express ?I?m leaving forever,? it expresses that Oswald wants Marina to take him back into her life.


  • Malcolm "Mac" Wallace's fingerprints found in DTSBD and left out of the Warren Commission.

    Here is a photo of Malcolm "Mac" Wallac and 41 st U.S. President and C.I.A. chief of U.S. Military Complex, George H. Walker Bush. He is photographed at Daeley moments after the assassination. Bush claims for over 50 years he had no idea where he was on this day. It is like saying George W. Bush had no idea where he was on the day of 11 th September 2001 A.D.

    Finger Prints a Mystery at Warren Commission: In an attempt to identify this print, officials took the prints of everyone who worked at the Book Depository, including the main suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald. They also compared this print to police and FBI agents who had access to the crime scene, but the print remained an enigma ( photo and source). Malcolm E. "Mac" Wallace was arrested in 1951 for killing a golfer who was said to be dating Lyndon B. Johnson's sister. This was how the U.S. people got his finger prints to do a match!

    "Hoover wrote about a meeting he had with “Mr George Bush of the CIA” ? a memo which irrefutably links Bush with the CIA operating under cover as an “independent oil man from Houston.” ( Craig, Corsi, Michael).



"Investigators scoured the scene for fingerprints but the rifle and the boxes had apparently been wiped clean. The only forensic element that could possibly identify the killer was a partial fingerprint that was lifted from one of the cardboard boxes." ( L.B.J. killed J.F.K. ).

George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12, 1924) is an American MEAMIC stongman and politician who served as the 41st President of the United States (1989?1993), vice President under Ronald Reagan, and before this was in the C.I.A., became directed in 1976 because MEAMIC trusted him to keep sensitive secrets like Let's us go kill Asians so Democrats can vote in more stop drilling on USA lands for oil and energy -- so let us kill any President that is against this kill gook policy! The white rich liberal leftists love and adore the Bush families, even thought the poor class of Democratics usually try to link the Bushes' to ?all? evils in the Universe. The Rich liberals in power like Obama, like Pelosi, like Reid, like Feinstein, and like Boxer make sure that the truth of killing J.F.K. never comes out because it is too much fun, they intend, to kill Asian children and women and destroy families of foreign countries and make that money.

George Herbert Walker Bush al ghoul at MC at birth to Lake of Fire

2009 A.D.,  C.I.A. dump, approved by Washington D.C. officials, and the document reveals George H. W. Bush was a rising member in the C.I.A. He had denied this for many decades. So he should be there on scene, as he was seen in this photo: but Bush Sr. claims he has no recollection on what he was doing on this day. Cannot remember. If he cannot remember where he was on one of the most important days in American history, he needs to go to jail because he is too stupid to be an American or just too criminal for a human to exist on planet Earth.

CIA Devision Cheif at Daeley Plaza 1963 & Director in 1976

Bush leaves with Lansdale after Patsy Arrested! Iran's 1953 Coup led by Lansdale, 9/11/01 Attacks by Iran for pay back to Bush's Meddling in Iranian Politics.

NYTimes + Fox Media all know this and keep it hidden because they swore allegiance to Satan.

About seven minuets after the President was shot police and the FBI stormed the Texas Book Depository and located multiple rifles, one by the staircase, one near an open window. Cardboard boxes used to fill books were arranged for hiding inside of the building and for supporting a rifle. The scene was cleaned of all fingerprints, save one partial index finger, which was never identified by the Warren Commission. All the employees, including Oswald after his arrest were compared and this finger print did not match anyone working in the building. Since no one could identified this print, and Oswald was framed as the lone shooter based upon his actions after the event, the case went cold. However, over the years the ?I do not believe the Government? movement erupted and private Fingerprint expert Nathan Darby ( Certified Latent Finger Print Expert) began to nose around in the local archives where he discovered this file on the finger print and then knowing Lyndon B. Johnson?s hit man was to be an expos? by John and Robert Kennedy in a major magazine in December 1963, we retrieved Malcolm Wallace?s arrest fingerprints, on file, and compared them. This finger print matched more than twice its qualification. This meant a person that did not belong in the Texas School Book Depository was in that building, and at the 'sniper's nest!'

Lone Gunman Theory Held In Faith By  White Supremacists & Greedy-Warmongers

Lee Harvey Oswald Watches Assassination with shower curtains over left sholder!

Oswald told Detective Officer Fritz in a Dallas holding room I was outside at the door watching the parade. Altgens AP, James. for  original release, full scan.

Lee Harvey Oswald, as secret F.B.I. documents show, Lee Harvey Oswald is looking directly at President Kennedy during these shots ringing-out and kill the 35 th U.S.A. President. This collage was done by another J.F.K. investigator, so please give credit due to them. You can see in this real Altgens? AP photograph ?6? of a doctored Oswald, with Shower curtains over his right shoulder, whited- out.

Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune Refused to run this photo in any of their newspapers because the C.I.A. deal was ad revenue of monster proportions for killing ?gooks?,  their language of Asians, to be broadcasted live on nightly Television for sexual perverted pleasure.  This is the only reason this photo was never run, and for the fact that a bullet hole in the windshield of the President's limo is also present.

Lee Harvey Oswald "Never" told his neighbor who drove him to work this day of any  brown bag has shower rods for his new curtains for his boarding room. He then said, well Oswald called me the night before, asking if he could have a ride because of shower curtains. The Ruth Paine/Marina Oswald neighbor always claimed to have seen a brown bag, after the authorities told him, well Oswald must have brought a brown bag with him, right?

Billy Lovelady drew an arrow in Warren Commission on this photo; it was in the white section (Disregarding orders by Warren)  points to him but is above Oswald's head causing confusion. The line of the arrow points to Bill and not Lee.

Racism & John F. Kennedy.  Civil Rights

  • The Majority that support the Oswald Lone Gunman Theory Are White supremacists!  This includes the B.B.C., Washington Post, New York Times, Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC corporations.   John F. Kennedy was despised by the leaders of the C.I.A., F.B.I. and military academic industrial complex who worked, related, did business or desired for the same biological determinism of the NAZI regime. John F. Kennedy fought for people of all color and all over the world, and Oswald was an easy way to excuse white supremacy. The Only purpose in life was to kill Asians, poor Asians that lived in bamboo huts and the white supremacists that supported Oswald as a lone shooter believe in killing Asians because they do not  look like them. John Kennedy performed a secret law ( Executive Order) to remove one half of the U.S. Vietnam Troops and bring them all home by 1965. The White Supremacists and the believers in Oswald as a lone gunman theory desired to kill Asians for sexual excitement. The Russians and U.S. were in secret talks with Kennedy to end the Cold War farce started by F.D.R. and Stalin on a secret agreement at Cairo, to which Extreme Marxist Major General Joseph Warren Stilwell and Chiang ( Jiang) kai skek (KMT leader of Democratic Movement) witnessed first hand and recorded separately in their personal diaries. F.D.R. turned over Manchuria to the Russians, and then Stillwell was ordered to U.S. supplies over the Burma hump over to Mao Tse-tung?s Red-rebel armies. Lone gunman conspirators use only 17% of the evidence, and call anyone that does not believe in their conclusions mentally disturbed. Major General Joseph Warren Stilwell  later authord The Directive of the C.I.A. based upon Mao Tse-tung's little Red Book.

    The Directive orders the C.I.A. to put into place presidents that will agree with all C.I.A. world domination plans and operations. This includes the practices of the C.I.A./N.S.A. today. This is called the Military Complex, and these complexes have been historical in almost all cultures and time periods ( argued in Platos multilog, Laws, 2,300 years ago), so it is not unique to the United States of American nor is it unique to modernity.

    U.S.A. Military Industrial Complex: In 1949 The N.S.A. ( never admitted it existed until 2007 A.D.) took over the role of C.I.A. and the C.I.A. became a black budget paramilitary tied at the hip to the U.S.A. government by indomitable death threats. In 1961 it had 35,000 members, a full paramilitary with tanks, planes, trucks, weapons, rifles, ammo, rockets, bio chem, and endless amounts of American tax dollars, as well as private corporate ventures under 'front' names. Its role is to give a press conference each day at the Pentagon and given to the White House (1/16 th of each day), in a dictatorial manner, where the U.S. President and Joint Chiefs of Staff are told what this secret military is doing around the world. The U.S.A. Military Complex was started during World War II by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his very incorrect version of Christianity. When Allen Dullas and the Dullas brothers took control of the U.S. military industrial complex ( the C.I.A. paramilitary, John Kennedy fires him over this) the World Council of Christian Churches, a unique sub branch of Protestantism, was the focal point for the spread of western culture at the formation of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. Even when Eisenhower warned the U.S.A. citizens in an open speech, the term already well in use, he  ironically tied the sub-branch of Protestantism to the C.I.A. Military Industrial Complex, first formulated under F.D.R.?s global vision of the future.  This led to Masonic conspiracists  believing in a myriad of weird one world government scenarios.  

    Aboard Air Force One during the administering of the oath of office is Jack Bascom Brooks, former UT classmate of Malcolm Wallace. (1943) Brooks and Wallace were both members of MICA as well as members of the executive council at UT. Like Horace Busby that followed him, Brooks was editor of the Daily Texan, a UT newspaper. He went on to  become a U. S. Congressman.

    Assassination plan:

    Lyndon B. Johnson (L.B.J.) demanded a parade in Dallas three weeks before event. Roy Kellerman's job was to set up the parade and steal the body, he succeeded in both. Roy Herman Kellerman (March 14, 1915 ? March 22, 1984) U.S. Military Complex, C.I.A. and Secret Service. Roy who in the front of the Presidential limo in the passenger seat next to replaced driver Greer.

    L.B.J. demanded parade go through Daeley Plaza with a 270? turn, and Kennedy protested and was denied and John Connolly ordered the president to follow L.B.J.'s every words.

    L.B.J. met with his lawyer and F.I.B. cheif, H. Hoover the night before the assassination and by a rumer, his 21 year mistress, also at the most wealthy in the world party, overheard Johnson claim the Kennedys would no longer be in his way after tomorrow ( loose paraphrase).

    L.B.J. rushed into the Hotel room of J.F.K. and Jackie the morning  (22 Nov. 1963) of the event and demanded John Connolly switch seats and ride with the V.P., John was heard yelling at L.B.J. beliving this human was some animal or barbarian.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Orders the Crime Scene Destroyed ( this happens over a year before the Warren Commission investigation, and it was planned.). This is called Treason, a Coup d??tat.

F. Vaughn Ferguson, White House Technical Service Representative

[White House Technical Service Rep. F. Vaughn] Ferguson, whose involvement with the limousine before and after the shooting is well-documented, writes in part: ??The leather is from the automobile in which John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, was assassinated in on November 22, 1963?Four days after the assassination the White House upholsterer and I removed this leather at the White House. The light blue leather is from the center of the rear seat?The spots on the leather are the dried blood of our beloved President John F. Kennedy.? Then the media and military complex sells piece of the blood stained fabric 2010 A.D. from the limo to auctioneers as if to say please help celebrate this tremendous day of the American coup d??tat.

click for large photo auction of Limo peices sickening

Blood Spatter Matters in an Investigation, it was ordered by L.B.J., the demon, to erase evidence of multiple shooters by visual of blood spatter. A.B.C., et. al. media cover this up to support world genocide, the model of Lyndon B. Johnson?s Great Society.

2013: ?The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ,?

Roger Stone  (Italo-Hungarian, b.Norwalk, Connecticut, 1952) waited on orders by Richard Nixon not to publish the Wallace as the 6 th floor shooter until almost all have died, but the Bushes and that Nixon employeed Jack Ruby as a Congressman.  Stone actually knew Lyndon B. Johnson, some of the Texas oil men he mentions, Richard Nixon, Jacqueline Kennedy and many others, often worked on Republican tickets but not always, but was forced to wait because the issue was hot and just as John F. Kennedy proclaimed, the C.I.A. has all the power, more than the U.S.A. President or its people to kill at will. This is the reason Snowden exists, and others like I.  It tells the U.S. President what to say and what to do, daily for the last 50 years or so, coming form Pentagon meetings. The Pentagon was built in the shape of Satan?s symbol, and this is how it operates.

Satan did not want to share power with God, so Satan formed an army ( military complex, 1961 C.I.A. has its own 35,000 person military army with all equipment of a modern era military, Oswald was an arm of the N.S.A. counter Intel, in Russia with wishes to first work in China with Mao) that we today call the U.S. Military industrial Complex or 'Military Complex' for short.


Edward Aubrey Clark

Austin headquarters for three decades ran .B.J. Murder Inc. F.B.I.

( Not HUSTON).

political lobbyist for the oil industry

In 1948 Clark was appointed as Lyndon Johnson's legal counsel.

Clark opposed the Democratic Party policy on civil rights ( he hated John F. Kennedy).

In 2003 Barr McClellan, Clark's former legal partner, published Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK. In the book McClellan argues that Clark and Lyndon B. Johnson were involved in the planning and cover-up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

McClellan later claimed that the killing of Kennedy was paid for by oil millionaires such as Clint Murchison and Haroldson L. Hunt. McClellan claims that Clark got $2 million for this work. The death of Kennedy allowed the oil depletion allowance to be kept at 27.5 per cent. It remained unchanged during the Johnson presidency. According to McClellan this resulted in a saving of over $100 million to the American oil industry. Soon after Johnson left office it dropped to 15 per cent.

Wallace went to work for Harry Lewis and L & G Oil. In 1970 he returned to Dallas and began pressing Edward Clark for more money for his part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to Barr McClellan it was then decided to kill Wallace. "He had to be eliminated. After driving to see his daughter in Troup, Texas, he went by L & G's offices in Longview, Texas. There his exhaust was rigged for part of it to flow into his car."On 7th January, 1971, Malcolm Wallace was killed while driving into Pittsburg, Texas. He appeared to have fallen asleep and after leaving the road crashed his car. Wallace died of massive head injuries. (John Simkin, September 1997 - December 2013, in Famous Crimes , Malcolm (Mac) Wallace : Biography American History The Assassination of John F. Kennedy , "Spartacus Educational," accessed 16 Dec. 2013, available online, this this link also for Darby's intensive historiograghy on the M. Wallace Print Match).

One of the great contributions of the Oswald was not the lone shooter conspirators was how very afraid the top political people in the Nation were of the N.S.A./C.I.A./F.B.I. Even President Nixon was deathly scared of them. The 36 th U.S.A. President at first was confident he beat the influence of the F.B.I. C.I.A. after assassinating J.F.K. with their cooperation. But as time passed, he too understood the head of the snake was like hydra, the 100 headed serpent Hercules must slay with the Medusa?s head on his second labor. If you cut off one of the Hydra heads, two more grow. Lyndon B. Johnson stepped down from running for re election, the snake turned on L.B.J. too and he died of a massive stroke.

Clark Kerr (May 17, 1911 ? December 1, 2003) was an American professor of economics and at one time a University of California President with the help of the U.S.A. government, U.C. Berkeley and other California Universities under its system began the age of information or age of communication studies. This sparked Nixon's interest, set Steve Wozniak to  write the original code for Apple Computers,  but had long been a desire of the Military Complex for total control of all information, based on the model of Lenin and Stalin that forged photos and information to re write history. Oswald went to Russia with authority by the N.S.A. to gather information on the very , very secret Soviet Union. His own mother found this out by traveling to the C.I.A., as she claimed.  Oswald was not that bright, which is what the C.I.A./N.S.A. looks for, they look for robot troubled individuals because they can pass them off as mentally insane. This practice has long been used in history, going back to 2,000 B.C. No one goes to the Soviet Union and gets all expenses paid, top secret clearances, no passport or paperwork needed to return home and with a Soviet wife who is the K.G.B.?s version of Oswald as a spy. Long before camera phones or the Internet and Satellites, Oswald was the information portal into the world of The Soviet Union.

A Close assassination witness, Rosemary Willis (her name was incorrectly HSCA written as "Rose Mary Willis"), in her November 8, 1978 statements to investigators for the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations. Rosemary?s statements were buried in the HSCA?s last volume, number 12, on page 7, and are also documented and readable within the Internet link provided for you here, "Presence of Possible Gunmen on the Grassy Knoll."[] . C.F. The Rosemary Willis  study was conducted and presented by Donald Roberdeau, 2,001 A.D. accessed 19 Nov. 2013.


Cross Dressing Transvestite BlackMailed To Kill Kennedy

Lyndon Baines Johnson's Best Friend and Neighbor was a Cross Dressing Transvestite F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, the Boss, the head of the U.S.A. Intel Department.

J. Edgar Hoover, a cross dressing transvestite, was pissed that John  F. Kennedy did not ask him on a date. Perhaps?

Roy Cohn possessed a photograph of Hoover in drag, which he used to blackmail the FBI director into denying the existence of the Mafia.

In 1993, Anthony Summers, in his book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, also claimed that Hoover did not pursue organized crime because the Mafia had blackmail material on him. In support of that, Summers quoted Susan L. Rosenstiel, a former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel, chairman of Schenley Industries Inc., as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing in front of her then-husband and Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy. ( Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover).

Womanizing a False F.B.I. tale : Hoover, the head of the F.B.I.  . was getting incorrect information from Angelton about J.F.K.'s so-called womanizing that even Evelyn Lincoln and Jackie laughed off at some of these charges. Most of these stories dictated to L.B.J. by Hoover were false and the motive was to get L.B.J. on board for an assassination because John F. Kennedy wanted to save colored people from the white supremacist military complex.

According to Kennedy's personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, both Bobby and John Kennedy were extremely upset about the decision.

In the room at the Biltmore Hotel... they were huddled together closely, on the bed, discussing about LBJ... Bobby would get up, look out the window and stare. John would sit there and think. It was an intense 30 minutes... How to maneuver to get it so he (Johnson) wouldn't be on the ticket..."

It was blackmail... the malicious rumors were fed to LBJ by J. Edgar Hoover about his (Kennedy's) womanizing... LBJ and Hoover had boxed him into a hole." ( Dan Eden for Viewzone. ) .


John Cofer, L.B.J.'s lawyer during his election rigging period.

LUCEAN SARTI DEALEY PLAZA NORTH KNOLL| PICKET FENCE SOMEWHERE KNOLL \, first spot decision, banister, triple overpass [ TRAFFICANTE  | DULLAS via NIXON, ANTOINE GUERINI, Nixon will have Sarti Killed to Silence him ]

Christian David's Narrative Contains Field Mistakes. There was no one on the overpass above the streets; these were blocked off by two officer men. And Christian only told his story to get money for a lawyer in return. So very suspect.

Lucien Sarti (born circa 1931 in Corsica, died April 27, 1972 in Mexico City) was a drug trafficker and killer-for-hire involved in the infamous French Connection heroin network. He was named on the television series The Men Who Killed Kennedy as one of the men who shot U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The series aimed to critically analyze the evidence in the assassination and attacked the official government conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone in killing Kennedy.


So Far 2/3ds of the story proven false: These two men were not involved, nor was it solely  a Corsicana-Franco matter, as other claimed shooters Sauveur Pironti and Roger Bocognani had solid alibis.


Christian David claimed  -- offered contract in South of France.

Antoine Guerini?s club on the old Port of Marseilles: mid Spring 1963:

David said, "Who?s the contract on?"

 Guerini said, "an American politician."

 David asked, "Well is it a congressman, a senator?"

And Guerini said, "higher than that... The highest vegetable."

David asked where at? After that David declined, ?too much danger.?

Stephen Rivele, transcript from The Men Killed Who Kennedy (1988).

next, the contract was offered to Lucian Sarti.  

In one of the late episodes of the series, aired in 2003 on The History Channel, French prisoner Christian David named Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to carry out the assassination of Kennedy on November 22, 1963, when he was interviewed by author Anthony Summers. David's account was corroborated by Michele Nicoli, a former associate of David's who is currently in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's witness protection program. Sarti was the only man David explicitly named, as he had been killed by police in Mexico City in 1972. The trio had all been working for heroin trafficker Auguste Ricord, a known client of the Marseilles underworld, at the time of Kennedy's death. ( Noam Chomsky, J.F.K. webblog).

J.F.K. Sarti historiograghy

The Corsican assassination theory first came to light when the BBC television series The Men Who Killed Kennedy aired in 1988. Produced by Nigel Turner, one episode of the series dealt with one man's search for Kennedy's assassins. [part 9, later taken out because of conflicts of facts, this is the Sarti part].

The man in question was Stephen J. Rivele, a California based writer (who is now a successful Hollywood screenwriter). Rivele's research began in 1984. Through his research he came into contact with Christian David, a former member of the Corsican heroin connection and the Latin drug network. Imprisoned at the time in the United States on a charge of drug trafficking, David agreed to give Rivele a certain amount of information regarding what he knew about the assassination, in return for Rivele's help in finding him an attorney. (The Corsicon Connection, accessed 12 oct '13).

The source for L. Sarti had sparked an F.B.I. investigation

"[R]ivele agreed to hand over all he knew about the assassination to the FBI. Unfortunately the FBI took no apparent action on the material whatsoever. Rivele?s research was dismissed by the public when The Men Who Killed Kennedy aired, due to the fact that the two other men named (Sauveur Pironti and Roger Bocognani) came forward and provided solid alibis." (The Corsicon Connection, accessed 12 oct '13).


Christian David: Lucian Sarti called by Antoine Guerini - to -TRAFFICANTE [ story is Giancana's men pick him up at the Mexican boarder of Brownsville, Texas ] and wisked - off to a safe-house, where he connects to Dullas, and Dullas informs Nixon, Nixon is on the plan since his meetings with Eisenhower for MEAMIC plan to rape, kill Asians, and dominate East. John F. Kennedy stands in the way!

Hoover who is heavily tied to cooperating and working alongside the criminal element, and he needs Kennedy assassinated so Hoover does not wind-up in prison for conspiracy to work with the Mob, as Marilyn Monroe found out before Hoover had her killed. So Hoover is totally in on all aspects, he just does not have access to the ?best? shooters.  This is why the mob is brought in, and it helps to do the coup d??tat model of ?break the chain of command.? The U.S.A. media would never believe that the U.S. Secret Military would be working as brothers with the criminal element, the organized global crime of the Italianesque mob.

Corsican Mafia at Marseilles Spring 1963 Makes Call for Expert Shooter, Criminals to apply for sensitive assassination job, three positions are open: Crier: Antoine Guerini, South of France, Italian  South of France Mafia head. He calls all U.S. Politicians vegetables, and calls John F. Kennedy a 'the head vegetable.' as if he had any brains at all!

  • Leavenworth Penitentiary Interview of French Connection Convict,'Christian David'. David told Rivele that he turned down the contract because it was too dangerous. After David turned down the contract offer, he said it was accepted by Lucien Sarti, another Corsican drug trafficker and killer, and two other members of the Marseilles mob, whom he refused to name (Noel Twyman, Bloody Treason (1998).

  • So Far, according to investigators, Christian David had never given the government false or misleading information.

  • Christian David did not name the two other shooters most people identify now after decades of leaked files and research; it appears to me he did not clearly know. We are for sure Malcom Wallace was involved in the Book Depository.

  • Christian David Unique Perspective: two floor level shooters, only one from on high.

  • There are plenty of stories of Sarti in the NAZI districts of South America ( note his boss liking for the National Socialist Movement) where a narrative claims Sarti?s role in the assassination was paid for by bushels of Opium. I find that hard to believe, because cash would be preferable, and for such a dangerous mission. However, since legal proceedings since 1925 A.D. in the U.S.A. Opium was being heavily restricted for public consumption. So there was this market need for the addicts.

Nixon's public declaration in June 1971 of his war on heroin was to assassinate Lucien Sarti so he could never link Nixon to the plot. Lucien Sarti worked for the French-Corsican heroin trafficker and convicted Nazi collaborator, Auguste Joseph Ricord. It was claimed by the journalist Stephen Rivele, that Antoine Guerini organized the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

France's leading newspaper, Le Monde reported that the killing of Sarti was the result of a "close Mafia-police-Narcotics Bureau collaboration" in the United States to "shatter Corsican influence in the worldwide narcotics traffic, and create a virtual monopoly for the U.S.-Italian Mafia connection, whose key figure was Santo Trafficante." Richard Nixon, due to the sensitive nature made sure that the Media did not pick up on this.

Peter Dale Scott perceptively points out in the introduction to The Politics of Heroin (Alfred W. McCoy): "If the Washington Post and the New York Times, the supposed exposer's of Watergate, had picked up on stories like the one in Le Monde, then the history of Watergate might have been altered... for the history of Nixon's involvement in Watergate is intertwined with that of his personal involvement in drug enforcement. Nixon's public declaration in June 1971 of his war on heroin promptly led his assemblage of White House Plumbers, Cubans, and even hit squads". Henrik Kruger argues in The Great Heroin Coup that the "remarkable shift from Marseilles (Corsican) to Southeast Asian and Mexican (Mafia) heroin in the United States... was a deliberate move to reconstruct and redirect the heroin trade... not to eliminate it."( John Simkin, September 1997 - November 2013, sparticus, sarti accessed 10 Dec 2013).

About two weeks before the assassination, Sarti flew from France to Mexico City, from where he drove or was driven to the US border at Brownsville, Texas. Sarti crossed at Brownsville where he was picked up by someone from the Chicago mafia. This person drove him to a private house in Dallas. He did not stay at a hotel, as not to leave records. David believes that Sarti was traveling on an Italian passport. David said the assassins cased Dealey Plaza, took photographs and worked out mathematically how to set up a crossfire. Sarti wanted to fire from the triple underpass bridge, but when he arrived in Dealey Plaza the day of the assassination, there were people there, so he fired from a little hill next to the bridge. There was a wooden fence on that hill, and Sarti fired from behind the wooden fence. He said Sarti only fired once, and used an explosive bullet. He said Kennedy was shot in a crossfire, two shots from behind, and Sarti's shot from the front. Of the two assassins behind, one was high, and one was low. He said you can't understand the wounds if you don't realize that one gun was low, "almost on the horizontal." The first shot was fired from behind and hit Kennedy in the back. The second shot was fired from behind, and hit "the other person in the car." The third shot was fired from in front, and hit Kennedy in the head. The fourth shot was from behind and missed "because the car was too far away." He said that two shots were almost simultaneous.

David said that Kennedy was killed for revenge and money. He said the CIA was incapable of killing Kennedy, but did cover it up. He said the gunmen stayed at the private house in Dallas for approximately two weeks following the assassination, then believes they went to Canada, that there were people in Canada who had the ability to fly them out of North America. (

On 23 June 1967, two masked motorcyclists pumped eleven bullets into Antoine Guerini at a Marseilles gas station.

Trafficante maintained close ties with Antoine Guerini via a Corsican

criminal base. Trafficante is the crazy-hater of humans and a racist that really desires to have Kennedy killed. Dullas the key MEAMIC crystallizer began to openly work with Trafficante, although behind the legal seams; His economy slows with a Free Cuba. He wanted nothing more than the U.S. to annex Cuba and then allow him total financial corporate reign on the Caribbean Island. Dullas wanted the same. David claimed the reason for Guerini?s reason to kill Kennedy was for ?revenge? ( not annexing Cuba) and money ( MEAMIC is tied directly to international corporations and Wall Street to fund illegally their covert military). So at least the motive was correct in this narrative.

Opium Trade & Kennedy's Demise.

Today, the U.S.A. and British control 80% of the global Opium Trade, and even PBS, a very leftwing government sponsored propaganda machine claims this is totally permissible by the U.S.A. government, and perhaps the reason that Bush went to war with Afghanistan in late 2,001 A.D.  On these television shows U.S. and British Soldiers are seen hauling in prime-soil to grow Opium stronger and faster, and helping to bushel it for transportation. We are then told this is the only economy for native Afghanistan?s therefore it is permissible for two Superpowers to intervene and take control of the narcotic drug trade. During Vietnam, Lyndon B. Johnson, who called directly for the murder of President Kennedy, as new documents released have Jacqueline Kennedy claiming thus, he and later Nixon will run Air America, a C.I.A. sub-operation to move large amounts of Opium to the U.S.A. and by-passing Marseille. This surely would have made even Antoine Guerini incensed and furious.

  • The drugs are just the product & the key to understanding this is the multi-trillions of monies made from these decades of MEAMIC operations, and the massive murder machine used to operate this thrift.

HERO of the People of Peace and Justice: Jim Garrison political and cultural significance.

Jim Garrison, a young, tall, flamboyant but strait well known District Attorney of New Orleans took to court businessman Clay Shaw and lost. Garrison was discredited by the media industrial military complex.  However, Garrison's significance help point out the real killers and their supporters. While the transvestite ( Hoover) and the Barbarian ( L.B. Johnson) were meeting 12 hours before the assassination, to which the mistress said, Johnson would never have another problem with the Kennedy brothers, the most wealthiest humans in the world, most from Texas were at the party that hosted the Assassination meeting. Jim Garrison who was featured in the film, J.F.K., actually has a significance.  He brought to the attention the intense amount of money behind movers and shakers of the U.S. military complex.

Jim Garrison brought the idea that the Industrial Military Complex is run ?also? by businessman in cahoots with the F.B.I./C.I.A. [ today?s N.S.A.] and the military-academic establishment. Most of the establishment was laughing at Garrison but Garrison perhaps is having the last laugh.

At the Party the night before the Kennedy assassination, Richard Nixon, came earlier, and other socialists and all the whose ?who in global businessman were there with the transvestite ( F.B.I. head) and the Barbarian ( L.B.J., who came late as usual). It was a festive mood and the celebrations were for the death of a human that posed the most threat to their global dominance.

Clint Murchison was an oil millionaire whose wealth was made in the wildcat oil business, nurtured and preserved by the Oil Depletion Allowance. He owned about 500 different companies and controlled just about everything and anything in Texas. He extended his influence to Washington DC and other powerful venues through a very special hotel that he ran -- the El Charro Hotel -- in La Jolla, California ( The Del Charro -- a melting pot of evil ) . The frequent guests at the  El Charro Hote were all power figures like J. Edgar Hoover (Director of the FBI), Carlos Mossello (New Orleans Mafia head), Richard Nixon (who lost the 1960 presidential election to Kennedy), Bobby Baker (Johnson's right hand man and secretary of the US Senate) and a wealthy man named D.H. Byrd (the owner of the Texas Book Depository).

With a partner named Sid Richardson, Murchison also owned the Del Mar Race Track. Since Hoover was fond of gambling, Murchison set him up with a box seat at the finish line. He also let Hoover invest in his oil ventures and would give him his money back if a well didn't strike oil. Jim Garrison helped push the spirit to things known in Biblical interpretation called, 'connect the dots.'


United States of America Academic Entertainment, Media, Military Industrial Complex members post 1945: orign members.

DCI Walter Bedell Smith called for Guatemalan Coup D??tat. This Model Used to Kill Kennedy almost textbook! He begins the  Military White House Complex and a small group of the Pentagon to rule America by Military Fiat.


The Men and Women Who Incriminate Lyndon Johnson
 the guilty men, Dave Perry April 9, 2004, I added on to this list below. This list is  from The Banned Film, The Men Who Shot Kennedy.
Name (Alphabetical)   On Screen Title
Bartlett, Phyllis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parkland Switchboard Operator
Brown, Madeleine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LBJ's Mistress
Brown, Prof. Walt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JFK Assassination Expert
Burnham, Gregory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JFK Assassination Expert
Crenshaw, Dr. Charles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Surgeon
Darby, Nathan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fingerprint Expert
McClellan, Barr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LBJ Attorney
Newman, May . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seamstress and Companion
Sample, Glen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Co-Author with M. Collom) The Men on The Sixth Floor
Tatro, Ed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JFK Assassination Expert
Turner, Nigel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Writer, Producer and Director of The Guilty Men

The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a United Kingdom ITV video documentary series by Nigel Turner about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Section ?9? is usually taken out in the U.S. states version, because it named Lyndon B. Johnson as the person that orders the assassination and it also has Lucian Sarti and Marseille connection, which came from a prisoner, David Christians, whose other two shooters, he claimed he did not know their names in the first interviews, eventually some names came up, but they turned out to be false due to solid alibis.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a United Kingdom ITV video documentary series by Nigel Turner about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Originally broadcast in 1988 in two parts (with a subsequent studio discussion), it was rebroadcast in 1991 re-edited to three parts with additional material, and a fourth episode added in 1995. The addition of three further episodes in 2003 caused great controversy, particularly in the final episode implicating Lyndon Johnson, and the withdrawal of these additional episodes.

After document dumps over the years, since 1988, we now have a greater list of names, some are of the heaviest weight, such as Jacqueline Kennedy who implicates Lyndon B. Johnson as the person that orders the assassination of her husband. E. Howard Hunt, he implicates Lyndon B. Johnson, directly responsible, the head honcho. Lyndon B. Johnson, personal lawyer writes a book and claims he has insurmountable proof that L.B. Johnson was the head of the killing Kennedy operation.

Kennedy, Jacqueline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wife of John F. Kennedy, two children.
Hunt, E. Howard. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A set of confessions to his son, knowing he did not have long to live.

Stone, Roger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . waited on orders by Richard Nixon not to publish the Wallace as the 6th floor shooter until almost all have died; Stone personally knew most of the Wash. political people in 1960s.
Jack Ruby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . He Tells Earl Warren He Will Tell the World Only In Front of the Congress For Public Protection; denied, leaves last note before he dies and implicates L.B.J.
Nixon, Richard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Minuets of the Missing Watergate Tapes (classified) , Nixon threatens to spill the beans on the Democratic Party, L.B.J.'s involvement.
McClellan, Barr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  former attorney of Lyndon B. Johnson.


Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States from  1953 until 1961. He was a five-star general in the United States Army and he had Richard Nixon in the know. What he says in his final farewell speech is to watch out for [him and Richard] the U.S.  Academic Military Industrial Complex. You can read the speech yourself. This is not just about the military or private capitalistic business on the Industrial end, it is also or a very prominent claim to the Academic system itself.

Robert Allan Caro (born October 30, 1935)  Princeton University ( MEAMIC) claims Lyndon B. Johnson did not kill Kennedy, or more accurately he could not find any evidence. He also is a Nieman Fellow. There is evidence that Caro is infatuated in a platonic love way and desires a total appreciation to L.B.J. When I was at U.C. Berkeley, there the graduate professors would teach the undergrads, a type of unique system. I was around all the Tier 1 staff and professors, and they all say that the Democratic Party is 100% moral and ethical and the Republican Party is 100% unethical, corrupt, and full of racist and haters. This intends these people are not even human, and have the mental capacity of a dead corps or are in fact robots with no minds of their own. The earth does not need these people or their D.N.A. or offspring.

What can be said as true on all accounts is that in 1950s, the Federal Government tied themselves explicitly to the Tier I Universities and Colleges. What I found out by reading the archive files on Provosts of Cal and U.C.L.A. during the formative years and before the 1950s was a different set of principles, of justice, arguments for ethics. By the Time the Federal Energy Commission (MEAMIC) takes over the physics department at Cal, these world views change by these professors or the new crop of them, and they began to put on double faces. Behind the scenes they support MEAMIC and racism and on the public personal, they are cow-towing to the F.D.R. MEAMIC script that Republicans are the causes of all problems. So the lesson was once the Federal Government starts to shove money into their system, free studies and humanities goes out the window and propaganda 101 commences. The significance of World War II? U.S.A. involvement was to show the world of Democracy?s triumphant, but MEAMIC turned America into a World Bully, that destroyed billions of people?s families and lives for greed and sexual pleasure.

Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory began in 1947 when the U.S.A. Federal Government took over the Public University because one of its Professors, in 1938,  discovered 'Plutonium' a transmutation element; it does not occur naturally in nature. Advancement for killing weapons were discovered and sought after on U.S. college campuses. The U.C. to Fed. deal was we will fund you, give you nearly unlimited amounts of cash for your general University programs but you now work for us and of most of your secret stuff it will be passed to us first, and if we deem it to our liking, we keep it secret and take it from you. Today, no new nuclear bombs are being made, these are outdated. U.C. Berkeley?s MEAMIC division is creating killing lazars ( star-wars laser guns?), I had a Chemist Graduate my first year as one of my housemates, and he told us about it, that was in the fall of 2005 A.D.

I looked over only a few of the 28,700 manuscripts (pertaining too 300 Million Electron Volt Synchrotron)  but there in the archives were documents that tied 'the mind' to the ?material operating? Government, starting in 1947, the same year that our modern F.B.I., modern C.I.A. and the previously Navel Intel became the N.S.A. This was the founding of the crystallized portion of F.D.R. ?s secret Operation 40 plan, the revised more secret version. The transneptune object, with two moons, so it is indeed a planet, Pluto albeit smaller than the Earth?s Moon conjoined alpha cancri (the Bayer cat. Star for the zodiacal constellation of Cancer; and since Pluto is a higher octave of Mars, the non-loyal destroyer, and Cancer since very ancient times was always associated to the mother and home, in 1947, MEAMIC destroyed the mother lands of Earth and destroyed families all across the Earth).


Confessed to participating: Chancey Holt, Robert Morrow,

Acarcha Smith and the Rose Cheramie suspects.

Assassin Perches:

D. Harold Byrd at the Assassination Party, he has the keys to the Dallas Texas School Book Depository.

One of the Dallas County Court House Building office with a window over looking the Elm assassination zone was Earl/Earle Cabell, brother of the very Charles P. Cabell that JFK had kicked out of the CIA.

There are more F.B.I., C.I.A., and N.S.A. personnel in Dealey Plaza than anywhere in the world at this time in history.

Shooters Identified by Witnesses.

Sixth Floor DTSBD west end window, scoped gun, dark skinned complextion,  moments before shots. witness Arnold Rowland. 12:15 p.m. 

Sixth Floor DTSBD east end window, caucasion with no gun/rifle. witness Arnold Rowland. 12:17 p.m. 

Un identified man seen in many photos on colonnade pathway of Grassy Knoll, side of Pergola where Mary and Abraham have their positions. White, fat, baled, hat. There is a black ruffled bag that looks like a dog, and a sack brown paper lunch bag near the bench, and a bottle that later was claimed smashed at the moments of the shoots, Mary Stizman had testified.

Sixth Floor DTSBD east end window James Worrell. 12:30 p.m.,  5 feet 7 to 5 feet 10," he said. "He looked like he weighed from 155 to 165 pounds and he had dark hair, a dark sports coat. He hears or see three shots from this window, and then claims he hears a fourth, not from this window. The F.B.I. use this evidence to say Oswald, case closed. However, while the Warren Commission used James Worrell's testimony to close the case on Oswald, they leave out that this man is dark completed, dark hair and flees into a get away car, the witnessed trailed him by 200 feet -- and this was reported by the witnesses to the Dallas Police, but these specifics were never revealed to the U.S.A. or the world.

Herod the Great: A madman who murdered his own family and many rabbis mirrors Lyndon Baines Johnson's life narrative.

Lyndon B. Johnson was like Herod who killed his own family members and was preoccupied with only his fame and power-control. This was more than a narcissist but a pathological psycho who could act normal and blend into a crowd. By the time John F. Kennedy was assassinated Lyndon B. Johnson had killed and covered up 12 people, including killing his own sister. He was already an old pro at this type of murderous Satan-star ways.

Lyndon B. Johnson?s personal assassination biography gives him an expertise in Angelton?s ambiguity cover-ups. Johnson was a murderer, even his own sister, and had a long experience in conspiracies.

Lyndon B. Johnson murdered his sister and friends, about 12 of them using a single Hit Man. John F. Kennedy hated L.B.J. The Military Complex supporter forced himself on to the 1960 Presidential Ticket by blackmailing J.F.K. who was suffering from Addisons' disease ( auto immune disease, like AIDS but not from homosexual sex). and had a brief one night trist with a Eart German female spy, Robert K. had off handedly offered  L.B.J. the V.P. job and he immidialty accepted at L.A. First John offered a Missouri  Congreesman  who had turned down the V.P. offer.  L.B.J.  lived in Texas, and the ranch where Kennedys were to stay on the night of the assassination;  so L.B.J.'s fan base was there and Jack Ruby from his jail cell claimed, honestly, if L.B.J. was not born be alive today. Ruby implied he was forced to Kill Oswald, and the only way he would tell his whole story would be in front of the U.S. Congress. He was repeatedly denied. His fear was predictable, you tell the truth in a private jail, you will be silenced and tortured by the Military Complex that is doing experiments on humans at this time.  The cancer toxin said to be used to spike food for Castro was instead tested on Ruby.

George H. Walker Bush ( C.I.A. Chief) was pictured with L.B.J.'s personal hit man or assassination man in a club of Yale Called Skull & Bones.

Hoover and L.B. Johnson were best friends and neighbors. They hated Kennedy because Kennedy was fighting for civil rights of non White Europeans. L.B.J. reacted and said  let us kill Asian slant-eyes. The Great Society said to be Johnson's legacy only improved the lot of the white poor.

Why the Academics will never tell you the truth?

Eisenhower in his Industrial Military Complex Speech cited a  main apparatus of this Secret Military Team was the academics and scientists that come out of academia.  The academic text books claim a commie Oswald lowlife did it alone, and was killed in a state of passion by Jack Ruby.

World War I begun by Yugoslavian and Turkish Secret Military using mentally ill youth to assassinate European world leaders to get countries to go to war. It worked, it sparked The Great War.  This is a long standing fact. This model was used by Hoover, L.B.J. and Angleton in the assassination plans. It was not only Oswald, but three mentally confused youth, one in Miami, One in Chicago, and One in Dallas ( Oswald). Two gunman were arrested at Chicago and an assassination of Kennedy was thwarted.

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