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King Arthur: Man or Myth

King Arthur: Man or Myth

This book differs from the usual Arthur theories in that it favors no particular theory simply analyses and clarifies the evidence presenting it all in chronological order.

The book is an investigation of the evidence for King Arthur based on the earliest written sources rather than later myths and legends.

The evidence is laid out in a chronological order starting from Roman Britain and shows how the legend evolved and at what point concepts such as Camelot, Excalibur and Merlin were added.

It covers the historical records from the end of Roman Britain using contemporary sources such as they are, from 400-800, including Gallic Chronicles, Gildas and Bede.

It details the first written reference to Arthur in the Historia Brittonum c.800 and the later Annales Cambriae in the tenth century showing the evolution of the legend in in later Welsh and French stories.

The work differs from other books on the subject in not starting from or aiming at a specific person. It compares the possibility of Arthur being purely fictional with a historical figure alongside a list of possible suspects.

The evidence is presented and the reader is invited to make up their own mind before a discussion of the Author’s own assessment.


Chapter 1. Roman Britain

Chapter 2. The End of The West

Chapter 3. Contemporary Sources

Chapter 4. Gildas, going to hell in a hand cart

Chapter 5. The Venerable Bede

Chapter 6. The Historia Brittonum

Chapter 7. The Welsh Annals

Chapter 8. The Anglo-Saxons

Chapter 9. Archaeology and Other Evidence

Chapter 10. Timelines

Chapter 11. Saints’ Lives

Chapter 12. The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth

Chapter 13. The French Romances and Welsh Legends

Chapter 14. The Brittany Connection

Chapter 15. Genealogies and Kings

Chapter 16. Arthur, the name

Chapter 17. Final Evidence


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