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JFK: History in an Hour

JFK: History in an Hour

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, America’s youngest President, was assassinated barely one thousand days into his Presidency. In the fiftieth anniversary of his death, this is the story of the man who brought an aspirational new approach to American politics.

Born into the glamorous cast of Kennedys, JFK was propelled to political success despite family tragedy, disappointment and pressure. He engaged in a Space Race, averted the Cuban missile crisis and showed solidarity with the fledging civil rights movement. Throughout all he maintained a charismatic public image as son, brother and husband, despite his concealed personal failings and the chronic illness that beset him.

Chapter 1: From the Old World to the New

Chapter 2: Early Life

Chapter 3: War Service

Chapter 4: Triumph to Tragedy

Chapter 5: Passing the Baton

Chapter 6: Political Beginnings

Chapter 7: Onwards and Upwards

Chapter 8: When Jack Met Jackie

Chapter 9: A Small Setback

Chapter 10: The Right Man for the Job?

Chapter 11: Presidential Campaign

Chapter 12: The Birth of Camelot

Chapter 13: The Bay of Pigs

Chapter 14: Space Wars

Chapter 15: East vs West

Chapter 16: ‘Eyeball to Eyeball’

Chapter 17: A Moral Crisis

Chapter 18: Vietnam

Chapter 19: Farewell to Camelot

Appendix 1: Key Players

Appendix 2: Timeline of JFK