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"The Hitler biography of the twenty-first century" (Richard J. Evans), Ian Kershaw's Hitler is a new, distilled, one-volume masterpiece that will become the standard work. From Hitler's origins as a failed artist in fin-de-siecle Vienna to the terrifying last days in his Berlin bunker, Kershaw's richly illustrated biography is a mesmerizing portrait of how Hitler attained, exercised, and retained power. Drawing on previously untapped sources, such as Goebbels's diaries, Kershaw addresses crucial questions about the unique nature of Nazi radicalism, about the Holocaust, and about the poisoned European world that allowed Hitler to operate so effectively.

Reflecting on Hitler

Chapter 1: Fantasy and Failure

Chapter 2: Drop-out

Chapter 3: Elation and Embitterment

Chapter 4: The Beerhall Agitator

Chapter 5: The ‘Drummer’

Chapter 6: Emergence of the Leader

Chapter 7: Mastery over the Movement

Chapter 8: Breakthrough

Chapter 9: Levered into Power

Chapter 10: The Making of the Dictator

Chapter 11: Securing Total Power

Chapter 12: Working Towards the Führer

Chapter 13: Ceaseless Radicalization

Chapter 14: The Drive for Expansion

Chapter 15: Marks of a Genocidal Mentality

Chapter 16: Going for Broke

Chapter 17: Licensing Barbarism

Chapter 18: Zenith of Power

Chapter 19: Designing a ‘War of Annihilation’

Chapter 20: Showdown

Chapter 21: Fulfilling the ‘Prophecy’

Chapter 22: Last Big Throw of the Dice

Chapter 23: Beleaguered

Chapter 24: Hoping for Miracles

Chapter 25: Luck of the Devil

Chapter 26: No Way Out

Chapter 27: Into the Abyss

Chapter 28: Extinction