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Henry Clay: The Essential American

Henry Clay: The Essential American

The epic life and times of one of the most important political figures in our history.

He was the Great Compromiser, a canny and colorful legislator and leader whose life mirrors the story of America from its founding until the eve of the Civil War. Speaker of the House, senator, secretary of state, five-time presidential candidate, and idol to the young Abraham Lincoln, Henry Clay is captured in full at last in this rich and sweeping biography that vividly portrays all the drama of his times.


Chapter 1: The Slashes

Chapter 2: “My Hopes Were More than Realized”

Chapter 3: “Puppyism”

Chapter 4: The Hawk and the Gambler

Chapter 5: Uncompromising Compromiser

Chapter 6: “I Injured Both Him and Myself” + Photo Insert 1

Chapter 7: A Thousand Cuts

Chapter 8: Losing the Bank, Saving the Union

Chapter 9: Whig

Chapter 10: “I Had Rather Be Right than Be President”

Chapter 11: Three Campaigns + Photo Insert 2

Chapter 12: Four Letters

Chapter 13: “Death, Ruthless Death”

Chapter 14: The Last Gamble

Chapter 15: “What Prodigies Arise”

Chapter 16: “The Best & Almost Only True Friend”