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David Crockett: The Lion of the West

David Crockett: The Lion of the West

His name was David Crockett. He never signed his name any other way, but popular culture transformed his memory into "Davy Crockett," and Hollywood gave him a raccoon hat he hardly ever wore. Best-selling historian Michael Wallis casts a fresh look at the frontiersman, storyteller, and politician behind these legendary stories. Born into a humble Tennessee family in 1786, Crockett never "killed him a b'ar" when he was only three. But he did cut a huge swath across early-nineteenth-century America—as a bear hunter, a frontier explorer, a soldier serving under Andrew Jackson, an unlikely congressman, and, finally, a martyr in his now-controversial death at the Alamo. Wallis's David Crockett is more than a riveting story. It is a revelatory, authoritative biography that separates fact from fiction, providing us with an extraordinary evocation of a true American hero and the rough-and-tumble times in which he lived.

Personal Introduction


Chapter 1: “Kilt Him a B’ar”

Chapter 2: Born on a Riverbank in Franklin

Chapter 3: The Crocketts Arrive

Chapter 4: Over the Mountain

Chapter 5: On the Nolichucky

Chapter 6: A Boy’s Learning

Chapter 7: Coming of Age

Chapter 8: The Odyssey

Chapter 9: Rise Above

Chapter 10: Lovesick

Chapter 11: Polly

Chapter 12: Finley’s Gap


Chapter 13: Kentuck

Chapter 14: “Remember Fort Mims”

Chapter 15: “We Shot Them Like Dogs”

Chapter 16: Riding with Sharp Knife

Chapter 17: “Root Hog or Die”

Chapter 18: Cabin Fever

Chapter 19: A Tincture of Luck


Chapter 20: “Itchy Footed”

Chapter 21: “Natural Born Sense”

Chapter 22: Gentleman from the Cane

Chapter 23: Land of the Shakes

Chapter 24: In the Eye of a “Harricane”

Chapter 25: A Fool for Luck

Chapter 26: Big Time

Chapter 27: “The Victory Is Ours”


Chapter 28: Man without a Party

Chapter 29: Trails of Tears

Chapter 30: Lion of the West

Chapter 31: Bear-Bit Lion

Chapter 32: Go Ahead

Chapter 33: Just a Matter of Time

Chapter 34: Gone to Texas

Chapter 35: Time of the Comet

Chapter 36: El Alamo



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