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Cromwell, Our Chief Of Men

Cromwell, Our Chief Of Men

No Englishman has made more impact on the history of his nation than Oliver Cromwell; few have been so persistently maligned in the folklore of history. The central purpose of Antonia Fraser's book is the recreation of his life and character, freed from the distortions of myth and Royalist propaganda.

Cromwell was a man of contradictions and surprising charm. This decisive and ruthless commander was also a country gentleman and a passionate connoisseur of music. Of Cromwell's fitness for high office, this fascinating biography leaves no doubt. Under his rule English prestige abroad rose to a level unequalled since Elizabeth I, yet his campaign in Ireland has cast a shadow over his reputation.

Antonia Fraser displays great insight into this complex man and reveals a totally unexpected Cromwell, far removed from the received stereotype.

Author’s Note

Calendar of Events in the Life of Oliver Cromwell

Preface for the 2008 edition

PART ONE: The Government of Himself

Chapter 1: By Birth a Gentleman

Chapter 2: His Own Fields

Chapter 3: Growing to Authority

Chapter 4: Grand Remonstrance

PART TWO: War and Peace

Chapter 5: Noble and Active Colonel Cromwell

Chapter 6: Ironsides

Chapter 7: Happy Victory

Chapter 8: Falling Out Among Themselves

Chapter 9: The Game at Cards

Chapter 10: The Mischievous War

Chapter 11: Providence and Necessity

PART THREE: The Commonwealth of England

Chapter 12: All Things Become New

Chapter 13: Ireland: Effusion of Blood

Chapter 14: Scotland: The Decision of the Cause

Chapter 15: A Settlement of the Nation

Chapter 16: At the Edge of Prophecies

PART FOUR: Lord Protector

Chapter 17: Grandeur

Chapter 18: Briers and Thorns

Chapter 19: At Work in the World

Chapter 20: Jews and Major-Generals

Chapter 21: A Royal Sceptre

Chapter 22: Old Oliver, New Ideas

Chapter 23: The Great Captain

Chapter 24: Cromwell’s Dust


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