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Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story

Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story

The Secretary of State is America's face to the world, and in Dr. Rice, the world will see the strength, grace, and decency of our country...I've relied on her counsel, benefited from her great experience, and appreciated her sound and steady judgement. And now I'm honoured that she's agreed to serve in my cabinet. - President George W. Bush, in his official statement nominating Condoleezza Rice as the next secretary of state. What (Condi)...articulates and lives in a personal faith that strengthens her in her demanding and controversy - laden calling. - Christianity Today. Sheds light on the personal and political history of one of Washington's most powerful figures. - New York Daily News. A well-written, highly readable portrait. It's hard to resist the story of a black woman born in segregated Birmingham, Alabama in 1954, who broke down every barrier to excel in an arena dominated by white men ...thorough and engaging.


Chapter 1. Coaching the Candidate

Chapter 2. An American Legacy

Chapter 3. Twice as Good

Chapter 4. Chopin, Shakespeare, or Soviets?

Chapter 5. The Scholar

Chapter 6. Professor Rice

Chapter 7. Bush I

Chapter 8. Room at the Top

Chapter 9. Portals of Power: Bush II

Chapter 10. At War and Under Fire

Major Events in the Life of Condoleezza Rice - National Security Advisors, 1950-2005


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