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Brown Neon

Brown Neon

A meditation on southwestern terrains, intergenerational queer dynamics, and surveilled brown artists that crosses physical and conceptual borders.

Part butch memoir, part ekphrastic travel diary, part queer family tree, Raquel Gutiérrez’s debut essay collection, Brown Neon, gleans insight from the sediment of land and relationships. For Gutiérrez, terrain is essential to understanding that no story, no matter how personal, is separate from the space where it unfolds. Whether contemplating the value of adobe as both vernacular architecture and commodified art object, highlighting the feminist wounding and transphobic apparitions haunting the multigenerational lesbian social fabric, or recalling a failed romance, Gutiérrez traverses complex questions of gender, class, identity, and citizenship with curiosity and nuance.

Section I: Llorando Por Tu Amor

Chapter 1. On Making Butch Family: An Intertextual Dialogue

Chapter 2. A Butch in the Desert

Chapter 3. Stuck in the Adobe

Section II: Difficult Terrains

Chapter 4. Do Migrants Dream of Blue Barrels?

Chapter 5. Behind the Barrier: Resisting the Border Wall Prototypes as Land Art

Chapter 6. Art in the Time of Art-Washing

Section III: La Mano Obra

Chapter 7. Vessel Among Vessels: Laura Aguilar’s Body in Landscape

Chapter 8. Memories of the Skin: Shizu Saldamando’s Portraits

Chapter 9. Do I Love San Anto?

Chapter 10. Baby Themme Anthems: The Werq of Sebastian Hernández

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