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A. Lincoln: A Biography

A. Lincoln: A Biography

Through meticulous research, utilizing recently discovered Lincoln letters, legal papers, and photographs, White depicts Lincoln as a person of intellectual curiosity, comfortable with ambiguity, and capable of changing his mind


Chapter 1: A. Lincoln and the Promise of America

Chapter 2: Undistinguished Families 1809–16

Chapter 3: Persistent in Learning 1816–30

Chapter 4: Rendering Myself Worthy of Their Esteem 1831–34

Chapter 5: The Whole People of Sangamon 1834–37

Chapter 6: Without Contemplating Consequences 1837–42

Chapter 7: A Matter of Profound Wonder 1831–42

Chapter 8: The Truth Is, I Would Like to Go Very Much 1843–46

Chapter 9: My Best Impression of the Truth 1847–49

Chapter 10: As a Peacemaker the Lawyer Has a Superior Opportunity 1849–52

Chapter 11: Let No One Be Deceived 1852–56

Chapter 12: A House Divided 1856–58

Chapter 13: The Eternal Struggle Between These Two Principles 1858

Chapter 14: The Taste Is in My Mouth, a Little 1858–60

Chapter 15: Justice and Fairness to All May 1860–November 1860

Chapter 16: An Humble Instrument in the Hands of the Almighty November 1860–February 1861

Chapter 17: We Must Not Be Enemies February 1861–April 1861

Chapter 18: A People’s Contest April 1861–July 1861

Chapter 19: The Bottom Is Out of the Tub July 1861–January 1862

Chapter 20: We Are Coming, Father Abraham January 1862–July 1862

Chapter 21: We Must Think Anew July 1862–December 1862

Chapter 22: What Will the Country Say? January 1863–May 1863

Chapter 23: You Say You Will Not Fight to Free Negroes May 1863–September 1863

Chapter 24: A New Birth of Freedom September 1863–March 1864

Chapter 25: The Will of God Prevails March 1864–November 1864

Chapter 26: With Malice Toward None, with Charity for All December 1864–April 1865


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