Ancient History & Civilisation


Plate 1. Simone Martini, frontispiece to Petrarch’s copy of Virgil. From Francisci Petrarcae Vergilianus codex [facsimile] (Milan, 1930).

Plate 2. Joseph Wright of Derby, Silius Italicus in the Tomb of Virgil.

Plate 3. ‘Sieve Portrait’ of Elizabeth I.

Plate 4. Peter Paul Rubens, The Voyage of the Cardinal Infante Ferdinand of Spain from Barcelona to Genoa in April 1633, with Neptune Calming the Tempest, 1635.

Plate 5. James Gillray, Emma, Lady Hamilton (‘Dido, in despair!’).

Plate 6. Pietro da Cortona, Neptune calming the storm. Palazzo Pamphilj, Rome.

Plate 7. G.B. Tiepolo, Aeneas presenting Cupid in the guise of Ascanius to Dido.

Plate 8. Sir Joshua Reynolds, The death of Dido.

Plate 9. Henry Fuseli, Dido.

Plate 10. François Boucher, Venus and Vulcan.

Plate 11. N. Poussin, Landscape with Hercules and Cacus.

Plate 12. Claude Lorraine, The Landing of Aeneas at Pallanteum.

Plate 13. J.M.W. Turner, Dido building Carthage.

Plate 14. J.M.W. Turner, The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire.

Plate 15. Thomas Cole, Course of Empire: The Consummation of Empire.

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