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The Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian

The Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian

The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome once dominated the world, and they continue to fascinate and inspire us. Classical art and architecture, drama and epic, philosophy and politics-these are the foundations of Western civilization. In The Classical World, eminent classicist Robin Lane Fox brilliantly chronicles this vast sweep of history from Homer to the reign of Hadrian. From the Peloponnesian War through the creation of Athenian democracy, from the turbulent empire of Alexander the Great to the creation of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Christianity, Fox serves as our witty and trenchant guide. He introduces us to extraordinary heroes and horrific villains, great thinkers and blood-thirsty tyrants. Throughout this vivid tour of two of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, we remain in the hands of a great master.


Hadrian and the Classical World

Part One - The Archaic Greek World

Chapter 1. Homeric Epic

Chapter 2. The Greeks’ Settlements

Chapter 3. Aristocrats

Chapter 4. The Immortal Gods

Chapter 5. Tyrants and Lawgivers

Chapter 6. Sparta

Chapter 7. The Eastern Greeks

Chapter 8. Towards Democracy

Chapter 9. The Persian Wars

Chapter 10. The Western Greeks

Part Two - The Classical Greek World

Chapter 11. Conquest and Empire

Chapter 12. A Changing Greek Cultural World

Chapter 13. Pericles and Athens

Chapter 14. The Peloponnesian War

Chapter 15. Socrates

Chapter 16. Fighting for Freedom and Justice

Chapter 17. Women and Children

Chapter 18. Philip of Macedon

Chapter 19. The Two Philosophers

Chapter 20. Fourth-century Athenians

Part Three - Hellenistic Worlds

Chapter 21. Alexander the Great

Chapter 22. Alexander’s Early Successors

Chapter 23. Life in the Big Cities

Chapter 24. The New World

Chapter 25. Rome Reaches Out

Chapter 26. The Peace of the Gods

Chapter 27. Liberation in the South

Chapter 28. Hannibal and Rome

Chapter 29. Diplomacy and Dominance

Part Four - The Roman Republic

Chapter 30. Luxury and Licence

Chapter 31. Turbulence at Home and Abroad

Chapter 32. Pompey’s Triumphs

Chapter 33. The World of Cicero

Chapter 34. The Rise of Julius Caesar

Chapter 35. The Spectre of Civil War

Chapter 36. The Fatal Dictator

Chapter 37. Liberation Betrayed

Part Five - From Republic to Empire

Chapter 38. Antony and Cleopatra

Chapter 39. The Making of the Emperor

Chapter 40. Morals and Society

Chapter 41. Spectator Sports

Chapter 42. The Roman Army

Chapter 43. The New Age

Part Six - An Imperial World

Chapter 44. The Julio-Claudians

Chapter 45. Ruling the Provinces

Chapter 46. Effects of Empire

Chapter 47. Christianity and Roman Rule

Chapter 48. Surviving Four Emperors

Chapter 49. The New Dynasty

Chapter 50. The Last Days of Pompeii

Chapter 51. A New Man in Action

Chapter 52. A Pagan and Christians

Chapter 53. Regime Change, Home and Away

Chapter 54. Presenting the Past

Hadrian: A Retrospective



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