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Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization

Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization

The bestselling author of The Sign and the Seal reveals the true origins of civilization. Connecting puzzling clues scattered throughout the world, Hancock discovers compelling evidence of a technologically and culturally advanced civilization that was destroyed and obliterated from human memory. Four 8-page photo inserts.

Part I - Introduction: The Mystery of the Maps

Chapter 1. A Map of Hidden Places

Chapter 2. Rivers in the Southern Continent

Chapter 3. Fingerprints of a Lost Science

Part II - Foam of the Sea: Peru and Bolivia

Chapter 4. Flight of the Condor

Chapter 5. The Inca Trail to the Past

Chapter 6. He Came in a Time of Chaos

Chapter 7. Were There Giants Then?

Chapter 8. The Lake at the Roof of the World

Chapter 9. Once and Future King

Chapter 10. The City at the Gate of the Sun

Chapter 11. Intimations of Antiquity

Chapter 12. The End of the Viracochas

Part III - Plumed Serpent: Central America

Chapter 13. Blood and Time at the End of the World

Chapter 14. People of the Serpent

Chapter 15. Mexican Babel

Chapter 16. Serpent Sanctuary

Chapter 17. The Olmec Enigma

Chapter 18. Conspicuous Strangers

Chapter 19. Adventures in the Underworld, Journeys to the Stars

Chapter 20. Children of the First Men

Chapter 21. A Computer for Calculating the End of the World

Chapter 22. City of the Gods

Chapter 23. The Sun and the Moon and the Way of the Dead

Part IV - The Mystery of the Myths: 1. A Species with Amnesia

Chapter 24. Echoes of Our Dreams

Chapter 25. The Many Masks of the Apocalypse

Chapter 26. A Species Born in the Earth’s Long Winter

Chapter 27. The Face of the Earth was Darkened and a Black Rain Began to Fall

Part V - The Mystery of the Myths: 2. The Precessional Code

Chapter 28. The Machinery of Heaven

Chapter 29. The First Crack in an Ancient Code

Chapter 30. The Cosmic Tree and the Mill of the Gods

Chapter 31. The Osiris Numbers

Chapter 32. Speaking to the Unborn

Part VI - The Giza Invitation: Egypt 1

Chapter 33. Cardinal Points

Chapter 34. Mansion of Eternity

Chapter 35. Tombs and Tombs Only?

Chapter 36. Anomalies

Chapter 37. Made by Some God

Chapter 38. Interactive Three-Dimensional Game

Chapter 39. Place of the Beginning

Part VII - Lord of Eternity: Egypt 2

Chapter 40. Are There Any Secrets Left in Egypt?

Chapter 41. City of the Sun, Chamber of the Jackal

Chapter 42. Anachronisms and Enigmas

Chapter 43. Looking for the First Time

Chapter 44. Gods of the First Time

Chapter 45. The Works of Men and Gods

Chapter 46. The Eleventh Millennium BC

Chapter 47. Sphinx

Chapter 48. Earth Measurers

Chapter 49. The Power of the Thing

Part VIII - Conclusion: Where’s the Body?

Chapter 50. Not a Needle in a Haystack

Chapter 51. The Hammer and the Pendulum

Chapter 52. Like a Thief in the Night


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