Ancient History & Civilisation


Aperçus—instinctive insights.

Bizarreries—strange or extravagant expressions or actions.

Bourgeoisie—the middle classes.

Cujus regio ejus religio—the religion of the region must be that of the ruler.

De nobis fabula narrabitur—about us the story will be told.

Deus ex machina—the god from the machine.

Élan—spirited vitality.

In medias res—into the middle of things, or into the heart of the subject.

La Parisienne—The Parisian Woman.

Mater Dolorosa—The Sorrowful Mother.

Mise en scène—the surrounding situation.

Nouveaux riches—the newly rich.

Oikoumene (sc. ge)—the inhabited world.

Pace—despite, begging the pardon of.

Pinakotheka—picture gallery.

Plein air—open air.



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